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  • Kate 22:42 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Some law-talking types, including La Goldwater, are planning to contest the city’s animal bylaw.

  • Kate 20:38 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    TVA calls it a Christmas present: Quebec’s Bill 121 accords Montreal special metropolitan status including more money and more choices over how to handle social housing and deal with bad landlords. Schedules for retail opening hours and alcohol sales will also become the city’s preserve. Here’s the English version of Bill 121 (PDF).

    • Robert J 11:48 on 2016/12/09 Permalink

      This is huge! No more grocery stores closing at 11 and hopefully longer bar hours! Just like a real city!

    • Blork 13:10 on 2016/12/09 Permalink

      Are you sure this is real? I’ve never seen a government document use BodidlyBold for its article numbering before. ;-)

    • Kate 17:47 on 2016/12/09 Permalink

      Seems to be a knockoff of Poster Bodoni. The National Assembly ought to buy its fonts.

  • Kate 20:26 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Warren Allmand, longtime Liberal MP for NDG, has died at 84. After his federal career Allmand later sat as a councillor for Loyola in the west end.

  • Kate 13:03 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Metro’s Marc-André Carignan inquires into what happened to the pedestrian-cyclist overpass promised over the Turcot and finds the buck is being passed.

    • Chris 00:20 on 2016/12/09 Permalink

      Simple: greenwashing.

    • dwgs 10:44 on 2016/12/09 Permalink

      Rumour has it the overpass was there as a sop to the local population to get people on board. Once things were underway, oops, sorry there’s no money for that nice thing you wanted.

  • Kate 12:43 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Toula Drimonis writes in defence of the “ugly” Christmas tree down by Complexe Desjardins.

    Gotta say, the city’s starting out this season with some solid viral mockery, between the tree and the sliding crash down Beaver Hall Hill.

  • Kate 12:18 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Terrific piece on Ricochet by Guillaume Legault analyzing the process of gentrification and what can be done to make it more fair for everyone. A must-read.

    Footnote here: Mike Ward is supporting Ricochet in its defence against Richard Martineau’s case.

  • Kate 12:08 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Strange little tale in Rosemont, where the Molson Park gazebo is being rebuilt: a man who placed his wedding cake figurines in the gazebo, on purpose, has shown up and reclaimed them.

  • Kate 11:53 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    The bouncers at Foufounes are facing accusations of brutalizing customers – not assault charges, but grilling by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux.

    • Ian 12:37 on 2016/12/08 Permalink

      This is news? In the 90s some of the bouncers at Foufs were literally nazi skinheads. Even in the 80s they would regularly throw people down the stairs.

    • Kate 12:52 on 2016/12/08 Permalink

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • Kate 11:50 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    The STM’s 747 line has received a lot of complaints this year, which they’re blaming on unavoidable roadwork detours. The delivery of new buses to use on that line has been delayed.

  • Kate 10:37 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    The bill for police overtime this year, covering lots of officers getting more than $60/hour for directing traffic, is growing fast. The police brotherhood is fighting a pilot project to use cadets for this role.

    • SteveQ 10:56 on 2016/12/08 Permalink

      So the police brotherhood is acting more like a corporate entity than anything else. Their goal is not for the good of the city and/or the population but rather for their own pockets! Interesting but no surprise there.

    • Kate 11:23 on 2016/12/08 Permalink

      Well, the purpose of a union is to stand up for its members first. That’s not wrong in itself. But the police brotherhood should have a more balanced sense of how the public views its activities. It should consider whether this is a hill it wants to die on. Most Montrealers will never make $60/hr and most will question whether it’s necessary, at that rate of pay, to have a fully trained police officer directing traffic. Some concession needs to be made here on both sides.

    • SteveQ 12:42 on 2016/12/08 Permalink

      Standing up for its members when it’s necessary and when the employers is taking advantage of them is ok….but it’s not the case here and rarely the case when the employer is a goverment.

      I don’t think both sides needs to make concessions. It’s clearly up to them to make this obvious concession here.

    • mare 12:44 on 2016/12/08 Permalink

      Cadets have no legal status and can’t ticket anybody, so every pedestrian is going to ignore their stop signs, like they do when the cadets are practicing on St. Catherine.
      Especially when the cops let pedestrians wait for 5 minutes like the cops regularly do now, even when there’s hardly any car traffic. I have problem standing for that long (walking is much easier) so I got in an argument with one of the cops. She totally ignored me. If it had been a cadet I’d have jaywalked.

    • Frankie 12:45 on 2016/12/08 Permalink

      I work in a building on the corner of Peel and Sherbrooke, so I have had plenty of opportunities to witness the police directing traffic on that corner since May. At first I questioned the need for 3 (count’em, 3) at that corner and pretty much every corner affected the construction. I have to say that it has been tough enough for the cops to get drivers and pedestrians to obey them and the traffic signals, so I doubt they would listen to anyone not wearing an actual badge. I don’t get why they have to be paid overtime. Can’t they just coordinate the shifts so that they are not working overtime?

    • Kate 13:05 on 2016/12/08 Permalink

      Frankie, in the article it says the police chief needs their regular shift of work out of them before sending them on less demanding work directing traffic.

      mare, cadets maybe don’t have the power, but this is a legal fiction. A new category of fiction could be created, creating some kind of limited police deputy powers, if the political will existed.

    • Ephraim 18:26 on 2016/12/08 Permalink

      Shouldn’t use cadets at all. They should hire people who have specifically taught to direct traffic, watch for handicapped people who need to cross, etc. No need to put someone with any police authority on the corner, it’s not like they actually follow the law, or they would be handing out tickets all the time instead of directing traffic.

    • Kate 20:37 on 2016/12/08 Permalink

      Well, maybe not cadets. But if Green Onions can issue tickets without being full-fledged police, surely they can create a similar category for traffic wardens and pay them half what an overtime cop makes.

    • Ephraim 09:25 on 2016/12/09 Permalink

      Exactly, but certainly we can save a LOT of money and have a lot more of them. Then the police could do their real job… well, feign doing their real job.

    • Kate 10:41 on 2016/12/09 Permalink

      Ephraim, what would you like to see police doing that they do not do?

      There are a lot of reasons this city has a low crime rate. Policing is not the only one, but it is a factor.

  • Kate 10:29 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Metro has photos of this year’s Luminothérapie installation in the Quartier des spectacles: Loop.

  • Kate 10:27 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    A Franco-Algerian man from Marseille has won the contest to become the city’s ambassador for its 375th anniversary.

  • Kate 10:23 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    National Post has a terse version of the saga concerning the waterfront condo project and the mob. The old refrigerated warehouse building is not quite the luxury transformation we might have thought.

    • Tim 11:03 on 2016/12/08 Permalink

      What engineer and what engineering firm signed off on the shoddy workmanship?

      The article briefly mentions ” 23 other individuals and companies that played a part in the construction”. The engineering firms and individuals need to be named.

  • Kate 10:20 on 2016/12/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Ste-Justine is asking people not to use its emergency ward Thursday because it’s busy transferring 154 hospitalized patients to a new wing.

  • Kate 19:53 on 2016/12/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Denis Coderre has announced the creation of a committee on homelessness to be led by Serge Lareault, already named as the homelessness advocate earlier this year.

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