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  • Kate 21:18 on 2017/07/21 Permalink | Reply  

    Richard Bergeron has been going around distributing free tickets to the Formula E race, which Projet’s Alex Norris is condemning as unfair electioneering using public money.

    • ant6n 12:19 on 2017/07/22 Permalink

      Bergeron has really gone to the dark side, eh.

    • Kate 10:13 on 2017/07/23 Permalink

      It seems he has. I still wonder what happened there.

    • ant6n 15:02 on 2017/07/23 Permalink

      What’s weird is how he pretends to not get the difference between the city sending some goodies (like free tickets to encourage the use of transit), vs him personally going from door to door handing out tickets for an expensive event, 4 months before an election.

  • Kate 19:07 on 2017/07/21 Permalink | Reply  

    The caleche drivers’ course proposed by the city won’t include any work with horses, but focuses on customer service.

    • mare 20:51 on 2017/07/21 Permalink


      Uniform maintenance
      Carriage safety and maintenance
      Poop removing
      Topography and maps
      Road rules
      Language (French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Japanese, Catalan, English)

    • ant6n 12:00 on 2017/07/22 Permalink


    • Kate 10:15 on 2017/07/23 Permalink

      ant6n, I can’t prove it, because I never took any screen shots, but there was a period early in the development of the web when the Quebec government had some of its sites up in French, English and Catalan. It was the weirdest thing. I thought maybe it was a statement in solidarity with Catalan separatism, but if so, it was kind of obscure.

  • Kate 07:10 on 2017/07/21 Permalink | Reply  

    After months of strike actions – mostly involving putting stickers on their vehicles – paramedics have reached a tentative deal with Urgences-Santé.

    • Bill Binns 09:42 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      Putting stickers on *our* vehicles.

    • Kate 10:10 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      No. Urgences-Santé is not a public body.

    • Ephraim 11:23 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      Kate – It is a crown corporation, as far as I know. See the bottom of for clarification.

    • Taylor C. Noakes 15:32 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      I think it was a private company that has an agreement with the province to provide an exclusive public service, and then it became a full on public corporation. It evolved into a public agency, AFAIK.

      Everywhere outside of MTL & Laval it’s all just private companies though. And those guys are in a very bad situation. There’s only one overnight ambulance serving the entirety of the Lanaudiere region, as an example.

      That’s like Rosemere to the Outaouais river.

      A few months back they had three operating during the day: one transporting a patient to a hospital in Hawkesbury, another responding to a multi-vehicle crash in Laval (both outside their territory) and then just one serving the whole region during the day. A guy slipped and broke his leg, took four hours for a response.

      Why the province hasn’t made all ambulance/paramedic services public services is beyond me. This is literally why we can’t have nice things. Private enterprises cut corners for private profit, and the people get the shit end of the stick. Private ambulance companies use vehicles well past their prime and occasionally equipment that’s not up to par. The voting base of MTL/Laval doesn’t see the worst of it because Urgences Sante is public(ish). The difference in service is practically first to third world once you cross the Riviere des Milles-Iles.

      Food for thought: don’t hurt yourself/get sick outside of Montreal. A paramedic told me this.

    • dwgs 08:15 on 2017/07/22 Permalink

      What Taylor said. And more. Every three years I have to refresh my first aid / CPR certification, the course is usually taught by an ex Urgences Sante staffer (not always the same one) and the stories they tell about the availability of ambulances (even in Mtl) are eye opening to say the least.

  • Kate 07:07 on 2017/07/21 Permalink | Reply  

    In addition to the other closures and annoyances caused by the race route, Bixi has to move several stations to make room for Formula E.

    • 08:41 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      Is there a reason they couldn’t use the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve?

    • Kate 08:51 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      I suspect it may be an effort to differentiate the event from Formula 1, by the city’s choice or by the event owner, I don’t know which.

    • thomas 12:23 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      so the formula is: Formula E = Formula 1 + greater inconvenience – the parties. ?

    • Kevin 12:31 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      Formula E often runs on city streets, although if you look at the maps for other cities you see they’re nowhere near as disruptive as this.

      Many races are held in parks, near docks, or in quasi-industrial locations.

    • Bill Binns 17:54 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      Where is all the outrage for the multitude of other events that close city streets? Everything from giant puppets to bicycle races occurring on top of the plague of orange barrels have caused “closures and annoyances” recently.

      I was ready to abandon my little Car2Go in the middle of Rene Levesque on giant puppet day.

    • Ian 18:17 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      Oh, if only there was some way to know that giant puppet day was going to happen and you shouldn’t try to drive on RL that day :D

      I feel sorry for businesses for this kind of thing but drivers? Come on, put some effort into it ;)

      Road closures due to construction though, yeah, it’s annoying. But this is what happens when you don’t take care of infrastructure for decades. Frankly I’m surprised it’s not worse.

    • Bert 18:44 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      There are a couple of reasons why the circuit was not an option. As stated earlier, F-E want to be in city centers. They wan the buildings and to run on streets. Though often it makes for crappy circuits.

      The other issue is that F-E circuits are on the order of 2km. Because of the limited range this put cars in front of spectators more often. Circuit Gilles Villeneuve doesn’t really have an option to cut the track down to 2km (from 4.3km). The only other F-E races held on existing circuits are Mexico and Monaco and both of those tracks are shortened from their normal length.

  • Kate 07:02 on 2017/07/21 Permalink | Reply  

    TVA has some notes on weekend driving problems as the construction holiday begins. The Journal totted up the vacation pay going to thousands of workers in advance of the two-week break.

    Further notes on weekend driving annoyances from Radio-Canada.

  • Kate 23:13 on 2017/07/20 Permalink | Reply  

    Local writer-illustrator Elise Gravel has made a donation enabling the McCord Museum to acquire the Great Antonio’s personal archive.

    • SMD 06:57 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      Wonderful! Bless her heart. Her book for kids about him is inspiring and touching while staying silly and fun. Can’t wait to pursue this archive.

    • SMD 10:31 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      (puruse — dang you, Autocorrect!)

    • Daisy 10:59 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      Peruse, actually.

    • Ian 18:19 on 2017/07/21 Permalink

      We have Gravel’s Great Antonio book and many others. She is very much a favourite chez nous. It’s heartwarming to see that she is a philanthropist, too!

      My youngest is kind of obsessed with meeting her one day, we’ll have to go to the next book launch event at D&Q…

  • Kate 19:30 on 2017/07/20 Permalink | Reply  

    Chicago Tribune has a nice piece about the origins of Montreal cuisine, looking at some of our oldest establishments.

  • Kate 19:10 on 2017/07/20 Permalink | Reply  

    June’s amnesty on late fines from the city library network brought back 4,327 documents. The CBC rounds this story off with an account of fines at the BAnQ, which isn’t relevant, since the city library network is not the same institution as the BAnQ.

    • rue david 20:42 on 2017/07/20 Permalink


  • Kate 13:11 on 2017/07/20 Permalink | Reply  

    Four men were found in a shipping container in the port, Thursday morning. They’re in hospital, two at least suffering from dehydration and other problems.

    TVA’s account says the men originated in Georgia but the container was shipped from Hamburg. TVA link plays a video report.

  • Kate 07:33 on 2017/07/20 Permalink | Reply  

    Agent 728 is at the police ethics commission this week. Seems there’s no shortage of people with stories about her excesses when she was still police.

    The real question to ask is why other police never spoke up. Patrol police have partners, they don’t act alone. Other cops must have known about Stéfanie Trudeau’s disorderly behaviour.

    • Frederic Cardin 10:02 on 2017/07/20 Permalink

      “She’s one of our own”, we hear that often enough in all of the gazillion CSI shows out there. Well, that’s the way they honestly think. They protect their partners. Any kind of denounciation by another cop is very badly looked upon. Mentalities have to change, but this is very hard.

    • Blork 10:07 on 2017/07/20 Permalink

      I agree with Frederic Cardin. The fraternity of cops (I don’t know of a gender-neutral word that has the same sense) should not be underestimated. It’s a vicious circle, because the more we denounce bad cops and their fraternity, the more they are inclined to tighten it up.

      I see this (to some extent) first-hand in FB, where I have a few cops in my list (childhood friends, etc.) The extent to which they unquestioningly rally behind any cop in the media is a bit unsettling.

    • Michael Black 11:47 on 2017/07/20 Permalink

      They think they are doing the right thing, so no reason to speak up.

      The time the undercover cop wanted to beat me up, or at least make it known, the other three or so disappeared so he could do what he wanted without witnesses. At that point, the police could no longer give the illusion of protecting me. I was the victim of crime, and it was the cops doing it.

      This is why what goes on at demonstrations is not the same thing. It’s a different experience, and anyone claiming it’s the same is dismissing those who have experienced it. I don’t think the murdered and missing women can be understood without grasping that once you experience that police abuse as you walk down the street, it’s hard to deal with the cops.


    • Ian 11:50 on 2017/07/20 Permalink

      This link isn’t about Montreal, but is relevant to the conversation:

      “A former deputy warden within Canada’s prison system has told a trial examining the use of solitary confinement about a code of secrecy known as “the blue wall,” in which guards cover up for their colleagues.

      Mr. Clark, who retired in 2009 and recently authored a memoir on his three decades working in Canada’s prison service, told the court correctional officers have an unwritten code and cannot “rat” on each other.”

  • Kate 07:30 on 2017/07/20 Permalink | Reply  

    The old Shriners hospital on the side of Mount Royal is apparently about to be sold but nobody seems to know to whom, or what plans they have for the building. Unlike the other abandoned hospitals, it’s not public property.

  • Kate 07:15 on 2017/07/20 Permalink | Reply  

    Some notes on the 2017 Rogers Cup event next month in Jarry Park. It’s the men’s tennis this year.

  • Kate 07:07 on 2017/07/20 Permalink | Reply  

    Portraits of 14 prominent Montrealers will be appearing on bus shelters as of next week. My anonymity as a blogger meant I had to turn down the very kind offer to appear.

    • Blork 15:57 on 2017/07/20 Permalink

      For once, a decent mix of people. According to my quick calculations, out of 14 people:

      Anglos: 6
      Visible minority: 4
      Male-to-Female ratio: 1:1

      Bloggers: 0

    • Ian 17:24 on 2017/07/20 Permalink

      That’s pretty cool that you were invited, Kate.

    • Kate 18:02 on 2017/07/20 Permalink

      That was, ahem, somewhat fake news.

    • Ian 18:10 on 2017/07/20 Permalink

      Haha well you’ll always be a prominent Montrealer to us :D

    • rue david 20:48 on 2017/07/20 Permalink

      I remember talking to you once somewhere, but gravenor’s “your first apartment” bit is when your anonymity really went out the window.

    • Kate 21:35 on 2017/07/20 Permalink

      rue david, I have no idea who you “really” are so I don’t recall meeting you. I used to go to the old YULBlog things sometimes, so I’m not really anonymous. I’ve met a handful of the regular commenters here – Blork and mare from YULBlog; Ian and I have friends/acquaintances in common; I met CE one time, during some kind of experimental group walking exercise; I talked to jeather once about WordPress; I peered at Kevin once over a cubicle wall. Anyway, I think it was Kevin. I have no idea who remembers me from anything else.

    • Viviane 22:45 on 2017/07/20 Permalink

      Kate, I remember you from the mtl.general newsgroup but I’ve never met you. It make sense to put recognizable people on the bus shelters. Congrats on being offered a spot anyway.

    • Blork 22:47 on 2017/07/20 Permalink


    • rue david 18:18 on 2017/07/22 Permalink

      Kate – can’t remember where, some public event several years ago, just remember you “hey, I read your blog!” Might have been in griffintown, at new city gas during the first devimco rezoning plans. Not so important, just was thinking that I remember gravenor’s notable montrealers’ first apartments piece a lot more distinctly.

  • Kate 22:36 on 2017/07/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Residents living near the Formula E route are not happy: they’re blocked from their usual access to the area and their bus routes have been truncated.

    • Chris 23:48 on 2017/07/19 Permalink

      but race cars! :)

    • Anon 23:50 on 2017/07/19 Permalink

      Oh I totally missed that was happening. Just bought some tickets. Thx :)

    • Kate 08:21 on 2017/07/20 Permalink

      Hi Denis!

  • Kate 22:31 on 2017/07/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Ricochet has a good piece by Will Prosper on the police shooting of Pierre Coriolan: “Neighbours who had peered through their doors while the scene was unfolding reported that “it was like an execution.” […] “He was on his knees and wasn’t moving and they shot him,” said one neighbour. […] One resident […] reports they were told by police to “get inside your home if you don’t want the same thing to happen to you.” ”

    • Ian 12:06 on 2017/07/20 Permalink

      Wow, that’s awful. Talk about falling through the cracks, that poor man.

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