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  • Kate 21:37 on 2017/10/05 Permalink | Reply  

    Possibly useful list of what’s open and closed around the long weekend. It’s going to be a warmish weekend, but with some rain. CBC’s list of road closures and related stuff and open-and-closed list.

  • Kate 21:31 on 2017/10/05 Permalink | Reply  

    The Globe previews Return to Park Ex, to be shown on CBC Sunday night.

  • Kate 06:30 on 2017/10/05 Permalink | Reply  

    Metro reveals that guests invited to city hall by Denis Coderre don’t have to sign in, meaning there’s no record of who’s been visiting him over the last four years.

    • ant6n 14:55 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      Coderre quote:” “You don’t have to worry about it – I didn’t come to Montreal’s mayoralty to play games, We’re open and transparent and there are cameras everywhere.”

    • Chris 18:43 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      and the camera footage is easily available to the public online, right? ha.

    • TC 21:15 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      Is Coderre’s schedule of meetings, and who attends, a public record? What records must he maintain and share by law?

    • Jim 23:02 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      Received a robo call from his team today. Is that even legal?

    • ant6n 02:55 on 2017/10/06 Permalink

      Just don’t worry about it.

  • Kate 06:23 on 2017/10/05 Permalink | Reply  

    Restaurant owners around Prince Arthur have good words to say about recent renovations to the streetscape.

    • CharlesMtl 22:17 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      A Journal de Montréal piece that has something good to say about a decision made by the Plateau administration? I never through I’d see the day.

    • Yves 12:54 on 2017/10/06 Permalink

      I personnally hate the new Prince Arthur. I thought the fact there is now only 2 narrow passages on each side would stop cyclists, but it is not the case, they make it even more dangerous than before by swerving in a narrow lane to avoid pedestrian. Montreal could make such a nice profit if they posted a few police to tickets cyclists riding illegally on Prince Arthur (and yes, there is obvious signs at each corner showing you are not allow to ride a bike on this street). I know that cyclist will hate me and insult me, but we all share the road, and the laws also apply to them.

    • ant6n 13:10 on 2017/10/06 Permalink

      I was very critical of the space, and I remember sitting there one one nice afternoon, eating ice cream and complaining about it with friends; but it was still very nice; like an outside living room.

      The cyclist situation is rather frustrating. Prince Arthur is sort of a missing link in the network of Montreal (connecting Prince Arthur Bike Path and Cherrier). Cyclists can either detour via Sherbrooke or Pine+St-Denis, which have no bike paths, lots of traffic, and well, are just detours. So many just blast through Prince Arthur.

      Maybe if they add a protected bike path (Maisonneuve-Style) from Prince Arthur, along Pine and St-Denis to Cherrier, then cyclists might take the detour.

    • Blork 13:11 on 2017/10/06 Permalink

      Prince-Arthur has had signs indicating you must walk your bicycle for many years, and every now and then there has been an effort to enforce it. But it was less of an issue when the street was wide and generally bereft of pedestrians.

      But as Yves points out, it’s a whole other game now. With only two narrow channels for pedestrians — and hopefully more pedestrians to fill them — there is absolutely no room to ride a bicycle.

      Unfortunately, that is (or at least was) the best choice for someone wanting to bicycle between St-Laurent and St-Denis at that level. The other options are Ave. des Pins and Sherbrooke, neither of which is very bicycle-friendly.

      I’m all for enforcing the no cycling rule on the remodelled Prince-Arthur because we don’t really have a choice; bikes and pedestrians simply cannot co-habitate that space. And that points to the biggest flaw in the design.

      Personally, I think they should have created a cycling lane right down the middle of the street, and marked it off with low barriers (concrete curbs a few inches high, along with planters, etc.) to prevent pedestrians from aimlessly wandering into the bike path. (If you have to step over the barrier you will be aware that you are crossing into a bike path.) There could be breaks in the barriers to accommodate wheelchairs, plus each intersection would be free of the barriers, making for easy go-around.

      That would leave either side free for pedestrian ambling, terraces, million-dollar concrete stumps, or whatever.

      BUT IT’S TOO LATE NOW isn’t it?

  • Kate 06:18 on 2017/10/05 Permalink | Reply  

    A new group has come up with a plan for the Empress Theatre in NDG.

    • Taylor C. Noakes 15:30 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      And without saying one word to the group that’s been quietly working on this for years, seemingly completely oblivious to our very existence.

      McQueen organizes the whole thing, doesn’t let any of us know about it, makes sure PM candidates are present, blames his opponent for ‘bungling the file.’

      I have a poor opinion of politicians to begin with; this stunt cost PM a vote and a dedicated supporter.

      I might add, McQueen always showed up to Cinema NDG events, and supported our project up until Elaine Ethier became his opponent. I asked him to leave us alone, keep out of our business as we’re not political, and haven’t been helped one iota by any politician or any party.

      McQueen has done nothing to help our effort to revive this building, and now he takes a steaming dump on the work a bunch of concerned citizens. I feel duped for having ever supported him or Projet.

    • ant6n 15:43 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      So you had a group that quietly worked on the Empress project, but apparently there wasn’t much progress. Now one of the group joined Coderre, and the “Equippe Coderre” site presents her as the Empress person (

      Clearly you’re very upset about this. But from an outside perspective, it seems like your group became political. And this is an election.

    • Taylor C. Noakes 15:52 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      Who’s the arbiter of progress?

      We’ve done more to move this forward than any other group. No one has $15M sitting around ready to invest. And on top of that we need to figure out a way to balance the public interest with business reality. We’ve worked our ass off, we’ve managed to bring this project forward and McQueen’s pulling a stunt for his own benefit.

      Ms. Ethier is not part of our board (she rightfully resigned); on top of that, Cinema NDG and the Empress theatre Foundation are two distinct groups.

      Who she runs with is her business. The board and the associated committees represent many other people, none of whom are involved in her campaign.

      We’re all Coderre supporters now?

    • suz 19:01 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      Certainly sounds like a good plan- creating a pleasant albeit transitionary space where the community can start experiencing the building as something with potential rather than a crumbling eyesore.

    • dwgs 19:28 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      McQueen is an empty vessel driven solely by self preservation.

    • Taylor C. Noakes 19:32 on 2017/10/05 Permalink


      Sure it’s not a bad idea per se, but it would have been nice to have been consulted.

      Also, I’m not entirely sure (and it wasn’t clear from the presentation) a) how it’ll be paid for, and b) who will pay the insurance.

    • suz 09:43 on 2017/10/06 Permalink

      Taylor. Yes the funding is unclear. The funding for the $9 000 000 revised edition of Empress Theatre Foundation’s plan is also unclear ( there are no financials on the website). A fundraising thermometer display on the infrastructure in question as well as plaquards informing passersby of what is going on would be engaging.
      Not criticising you, just giving perspective as a passerby

  • Kate 06:16 on 2017/10/05 Permalink | Reply  

    Radio-Canada has a series of short audio interview with Montrealers, Chacun son Montréal.

  • Kate 06:14 on 2017/10/05 Permalink | Reply  

    A cyclist has died on the Camillien-Houde descent on Mount Royal because an SUV driver made a sudden illegal U-turn.

    • Seb 06:43 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      This is sad and unfortunate story. I see cars pulling illegal u-turns almost daily and it drives me insane. When did this become acceptable? Realize you are going the wrong way? Too fucking bad! Put your big boy pants on and DON’T recklessly put others in danger!

    • Jack 11:57 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      I really hate this lede.”An 18-year-old cyclist has died of his injuries after colliding with an SUV on Mount Royal, Montreal police confirmed.” Seriously someone driving a car tank makes an illegal u turn at high speed and kills this 18 year old kid….this sentence makes it sound so innocuous, banal.

    • Blork 13:01 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      Well, the headline is “Young cyclist dies after SUV makes illegal U-turn on Mount Royal,” which isn’t very banal.

    • Alex L 14:43 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

    • ant6n 15:27 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      Block driving on that road.

      cycle race track in summer, ski piste in winter. :D

    • Chris 18:55 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      And as usual, there will be no punishment for the driver.

    • Ephraim 20:10 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      This is Quebec, there is no responsibility for anything. The police get paid days off for anything they do. Not a single engineer is in jail for what they have done. Do we need to go through a full list? It has nothing to do with the car, the cyclist, etc. It’s a sick societal norm.

    • Jack 23:24 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      Just found out that that kid was a friend of my daughters. She is travelling in Bolivia and is heartbroken. She said this guy was born to bike and was happiest when he was cycling, now he is dead, he was 18 years old.

  • Kate 21:13 on 2017/10/04 Permalink | Reply  

    One hundred and sixty St-Luc patients will be moved to the CHUM on Sunday as the new superhospital kicks into gear.

  • Kate 21:11 on 2017/10/04 Permalink | Reply  

    Valérie Plante wants to negotiate with McGill to enlarge the Mount Royal protected zone including reviving the disused swimming pool up behind the old Royal Vic.

  • Kate 07:04 on 2017/10/04 Permalink | Reply  

    Watch out for the Centraide charity march downtown Wednesday midday.

  • Kate 07:02 on 2017/10/04 Permalink | Reply  

    A Place Nadia Comaneci has been announced at the Olympic park, breaking nonbinding rules against naming things for living people.

    • Ephraim 09:50 on 2017/10/04 Permalink

      Irony…. her medal wins were at the Forum, if I remember correctly.

  • Kate 07:01 on 2017/10/04 Permalink | Reply  

    The Canadiens have arrived at a starting roster for the season, and Steve Faguy explains how to watch the matches on TV.

  • Kate 22:39 on 2017/10/03 Permalink | Reply  

    Leaves have been late to change this year after an exceptionally warm September; TVA predicts a warm and summery October (video plays).

    • Blork 10:20 on 2017/10/04 Permalink

      I had noticed that. I usually spot the first tinges of red on the mountain in mid- to late August, but this year it was well into September. Even now, the first week of October, the leaves are barely turned in some places.

      …which is odd, because I thought it was the shortening of the days that triggered the turn, not the change in temperature.

      I recall a few years ago we had an unusually warm autumn, and the leaves were somewhat slow to turn, and they never really turned to the blazing yellows and reds we so look forward too. They mostly just turned brown. I fear the same will happen this year.

  • Kate 22:24 on 2017/10/03 Permalink | Reply  

    Denis Coderre is promising four free transit weekends during big events and has promised Lachine a sports complex. Jonathan Montpetit analyzes Coderre’s campaigning methods.

    Valérie Plante talks to Global about her vision for the city and free transit for students and seniors.

    I despise the Gazette sometimes and not least for rounding up Dan Delmar to tell people they’re quite right to stay home and not vote.

    • ant6n 22:29 on 2017/10/03 Permalink

      For the Formula E weekend kerfuffle I tried to crunch some numbers, apparently each free weekend costs about 1.1M$ in lost revenue.

    • Daniel 05:26 on 2017/10/04 Permalink

      That Gazette article is infuriating.

    • Blork 10:24 on 2017/10/04 Permalink

      @antn, I’m curious about your revenue numbers. Is your calculation based on lost revenue specifically from per-use ticket sales, or is it based purely on the number of rides taken divided by the ticket price per ride? (Clarification: I use a monthly pass. If I take a ride during a free weekend, is that counted as lost revenue, or do you only count the people who didn’t plunk down cash for single or short-term passes?)

    • PO 10:35 on 2017/10/04 Permalink

      Just saw a pressure washer crew taking off the bike path paint on the Atwater sidewalk. The election is heating up.

    • DanD 13:36 on 2017/10/04 Permalink

      I don’t think that Dan Delmar is saying that “they’re quite right to stay home and not vote.” Instead, I think he’s saying that if you don’t vote, you’re still allowed to complain. That may be annoying but there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with what he’s saying. At least not in a free and open society. Did you even read the article, Kate?

    • ant6n 14:04 on 2017/10/04 Permalink

      The whole article is about how I calculated it; yes it’s only including only tickets and short passes.

      Actually I just noticed that day-passes weren’t included in the final calculation, so I added. So it’s actually 1.2M$ per weekend.

    • Blork 14:21 on 2017/10/04 Permalink

      Sorry, I didn’t notice that you had linked to the story.

    • Kate 20:41 on 2017/10/04 Permalink

      Yes Mr. Delmar, I read the article, and it was the Gazette telling its creaky readership that they’re well within their rights to stay home on November 5. Technically this is true. But the paper’s choice to run this piece supports bad citizenship and the erosion of democracy.

    • ant6n 13:38 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      Wait, did the author just come here and defend his article in the third person?

    • Kate 21:17 on 2017/10/05 Permalink

      ant6n, I’m pretty sure he did.

  • Kate 22:13 on 2017/10/03 Permalink | Reply  

    The Globe’s Everett-Green finds out how the Festival du nouveau cinéma got the coveted world premiere of Blade Runner 2049.

    Update: The CBC also covers the world premiere story.

    Le Devoir talks to Claude Chamberlan, who’s retiring from the festival completely after this year.

    • rue david 13:11 on 2017/10/04 Permalink

      oh man oh man, blade runner 2049 is finally here.

    • ant6n 22:17 on 2017/10/04 Permalink

      like, 32 years early

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