Eight candidates on the mayoral ticket

Radio-Canada looks at the eight candidates on the mayoral ticket in Montreal.

Nominations closed October 6. The Gazette has a page with a pull-down feature listing all the candidates – headed, on the page I got, by a video commercial for the Conservative Party (bleah).

Valérie Plante is pushing for a cycling expressway made safer in various ways than existing bike paths, as cycling becomes a major thing in the campaign. CBC summarizes the various proposals re cycling.

François Cardinal makes a plea for an end to the “autoroute” across the mountain.

Ironically, for all that I’m perceived as anti-car, I have to say that the occasional ride over the mountain with friends who drive has always been a pleasure. Also, the tradition of driving up to the eastern lookout would have to end. But Camillien Houde himself said that they’d build a road over the mountain over his dead body (which, essentially, they did) and maybe we’re finally realizing he was right.