Far right notes

I’m of two minds about stories concerning the far right. On the one hand I think we’d be foolish to ignore its rise, but on the other, I think those groups crave media attention and that giving them disproportionate time may make them seem more important and powerful than they are.

So far this summer it’s Quebec City that’s grabbed the headlines after the La Meute demonstration on the weekend.

That said – an anti-immigration banner was put up on the weekend at the Olympic stadium, then taken down again.

There’s an odd park in Pointe-des-Cascades, off the western end of the island. It’s full of anchors recovered from the river. One of them has a swastika on it. Anti-hate-graffiti crusader Corey Fleischer was stopped from painting it over by the town mayor last week on the grounds it’s a relic of World War II and thus part of history.

It’s worth reading this recent piece on medium.com about how the journalistic convention to “present both sides” may have been distorting the situation in the public eye and giving too much of a voice to the would-be fascist scum among us.

Undoubtedly there will be more to come on this theme.

CBC has put all its stories on the rise of the far right here on one page.