Electric buses and GPS, some notes

I've been working in St-Henri, and from curiosity have been taking the 36 bus a few stops in the morning because it's the route on which all-electric buses are being tested. I've caught that bus a few times now.

What's most striking is how incredibly quiet the bus is. It springs into action from a stop and the braking is smooth. As such a new bus, the interior smells of plastic, but that will wear off.

The bus is air conditioned, too.

A second observation from Tuesday morning: the new arrivals board at St-Henri metro is lying. These boards are supposed to give the real time of arrival of various buses, based on GPS data. The 36 bus it claimed would arrive in 3 minutes did not show up in 15. I can only assume they're showing data from the schedule – which anyone can get on their phone from Transit app or from the STM's own app – or from the sign on the pole or the printed schedule, for that matter – and not from live data, yet. But it's annoying to find it out when your punctuality is depending on it.