History pieces for a hot Sunday

Radio-Canada looks into what the first white colonizers of Montreal island would have had to eat.

Gilles Proulx goes back to 1968 and the premiere of Michel Tremblay’s Les Belles-Sœurs. Proulx is not a fan, seeing in Tremblay’s elevation of joual to art a capitulation to the anglicized slang adopted by Quebecers under the oppression of English power.

The Centre d’histoire looks back at a Saint-Jean festival celebrated in the 19th century. Neighbourhoods used to put up those elaborate arches for big events, but after one big blowout in 1910 for the Eucharistic Congress, which included a massive arch-fest all over town, the tradition seems to have fizzled.

(Minutes after I posted that last, I spotted this tweet about a run Sunday in Pointe-Claire…)