Porter: no death certificate 2 years later

The Gazette follows Radio-Canada into the murky question of Arthur Porter’s death certificate, which has still not been delivered here two years after the man’s ostensible demise.

Do I think Porter faked his illness and death and is living it up on an island somewhere with his ill-gotten gains? It would make a good screenplay dénouement – after the whole mess, one scene of a shadowy but familiar figure ordering a drink somewhere east of Suez – but it’s not really likely.

I’d still like an answer to why Stephen Harper put Porter on the Security Intelligence Review Committee in 2008, and then made him head of that committee in 2010. That was a hell of a powerful position for a non-Canadian who already had a big job to do in steering the superhospital development – but Porter was criticized later for taking on far too many jobs in different places at the same time.