A selection of Montreal opinion pieces

Lots of opinion pieces were up this week on Montreal and the anniversary celebrations. Francine Pelletier penned a love letter to the city but François Cardinal’s love letter was to its inhabitants. Allison Hanes thinks the city didn’t need a billion-dollar party to have fun. Denise Bombardier waxes gloomy about the city’s ugliness and Lise Ravary joins in, bewailing the city’s problems and how the festivities are dominated by Liberals. And Peter Wheeland generally looks on the party with a jaundiced eye. (Key quote, about the planned rodeo: “Despite promises that the animals will be well-treated between shows and vets will be on hand to treat injuries, it’s a little like saying you’ll treat your cat to kibble and cuddles before chasing it around the apartment with an air horn.”)

In the Globe and Mail, Konrad Yakabuski has a piece characterizing Montreal as a woman and working that metaphor down to the nub.

Le Devoir asked various people from the regions how they feel about Montreal.