History pieces for Sunday

The Centre d’histoire piece this Sunday compares a then-and-now photo of the corner of the Main and Marie-Anne. The article mentions the “petit bout de chemin bucolique et presque campagnard” of 1880, but the stretch of the Main shown in the “now” photo is pretty low-key, small commercial buildings stretching up to Mont-Royal.

Gilles Proulx talks about the Peace of 1701. The Wikipedia article shows some of the signatures to the treaty.

Although Gabriel Deschambault recently said he was too busy to blog, he’s had a look at a restored 1898 cornice this week. He’s right that the cornice can be seen as it was on Streetview (look up, look way up) and also that the slates should never have been painted. He also wrote about skating at Lafontaine park.