Dossier on ways to live in town

On the weekend, Le Devoir had a whole dossier on living in Montreal: high design spaces, what it’s like living in TMR, a project for people whose kids have grown up and who have moved back to town (which numbers recently showed rarely happens), with the obligatory breakfast bar as shown in every new development now from the most frugal to the most lavish, a look at residential cooperatives as a way to live, and another project in Rosemont with, of course, the inevitable breakfast bar. Do people with a perfectly good dining table two feet away really want to perch and dangle on tall stools to eat breakfast and, if so, why?

Huffington Post has a dossier on abandoned sites and what people are doing about them.

In a separate non-dossier piece in Le D., Florence Sara G. Ferraris looks at how the suburbs are failing to adapt to the needs of aging residents.