News of two different developments

Since it’s far from home I admit I haven’t followed this Pierrefonds story closely, but Le Devoir has a curious tale about public consultations over the proposed massive, 5500-home development that’s been a hot potato there for years given it would wipe out 180 hectares of the remaining natural wetlands in the area. A public consultation was to lead to the writing of a PPU – but it seems the PPU already exists, suggesting the consultation is a mere dog and pony show.

In other development news, a proposed grocery store enlargement project in Verdun is encountering resistance because it involves demolitions and the resulting loss of 22 affordable living spaces, but doesn’t include any social housing. Here’s an article from a few months ago showing views of how it’s meant to look – except does anyone believe there would be a green space out back instead of a parking lot and loading bay?