Bank robbery scenes in the Mile End

Crazy scenes from the Mile End just now: A bank was robbed and a stolen taxi plunged into the Maestro Café at the corner of St-Urbain and St-Viateur. More details coming.

A friend who works in the area and witnessed the events has posted to Facebook about the lockdown around St‑Viateur as police seek the fleeing bank robber who must be hiding out somewhere in the area:

The carjacked cab sped past us on St. Viateur and we watched the whole crazy crash at St. Urbain. In the blink of an eye. I was just about to step off the curb, thank god we heard the sirens first. There’s now a gunman on the loose in Mile End. […] The suspect took off down the alley, he is armed and dangerous; true Bonnie and Clyde bank robbery. His partner was caught and cuffed immediately after the crash. I kept the store closed for 5 minutes, but it’s a busy street. I really hope he’s not hiding in someone’s apartment but I fear he might be.

(Not attributing, because said friend posts under a pseudonym.)

Update: Police left off actively seeking the fugitive later in the afternoon. They have one of the two suspects and I imagine they’ll work on her – not that she’ll necessarily know where the guy is hiding Friday evening. But I bet the fugitive will go home at some point, then they’ll pounce. TVA link plays video.

Further update: Saturday noon, the woman accomplice is appearing in court by video link, possibly because she’s in hospital. The man is still on the lam, and police say there’s no particular reason he would have lingered in the area. Hell, if I were him I’d be on my way out of town. TVA link has video.