Mysteries of the metropolis

Another question post.

When I was a kid (not wee, but still of an age to believe my mother’s occasionally fanciful factoids) she told me this. Somewhere in Montreal there was a home operated by nuns where they sent creatures that were born half human, half animal. She didn’t go into detail about how these quasi-people were conceived, but it was implied that people got up to things out in the countryside, and then monsters were born, and because they were part human they had to be looked after.

I wonder where this tale came from. I suppose there really have been homes for kids born with syndromes and deformities, kids that were abandoned, edited out of respectable families or in need of constant medical care, and maybe these places gave rise to even more lurid legends.

Mom also talked in a similarly hushed voice about secret residences for detoxing drunken priests, but I suspect in this case she may well have been on the money. She also had stories about a family in her neighbourhood that had their insides flipped left-right (this exists, it’s called situs inversus) and another family whose cat kept getting impregnated by a rabbit and giving birth to bizarre hybrids (impossible). I’m sure I’ve forgotten many more.