Spring filth bemoaning begins

From La Presse+, François Cardinal bemoans how filthy Montreal is.

It’s like clockwork. I posted this list of cyclic stories last year, but (cyclically) here it is again. At least we’re moving from OMG POTHOLES to OMG FILTH, which means spring has to be coming eventually (even if we’re not getting above zero on Saturday).

Very early spring: Wow! So potholes! Many deep!
Early spring: Who threw all this trash around the streets? Why is the city so filthy?
First heat wave: Why don’t we have air conditioned buses and metros?
Moving Day: How quaint, except for junk left on sidewalks and sad abandoned pets :(
Construction holiday: Gasoline is suddenly so expensive!
High summer: Please don’t feed the raccoons at the lookout.
Rentrée: The traffic, my god the traffic!
Rentrée: It’s still hot out, why are the pools closed?
Christmas season: Why are the ERs jammed with so many noncritically sick people?

Have I missed any?

We’re likely to see a particularly filthy spring, too, after such a long, unrelenting winter.