Campaign update #061: 2013-10-22

Danièle Lorain promises to undo Luc Ferrandez’ changes in traffic flow and parking. With this one coup she may become the new borough mayor of the Plateau.

Projet has criticized Denis Coderre for disdaining car-sharing systems like Communauto and the new Car2Go. They just can’t get with the program of riding around in a powerful SUV, can they? This Metro piece also describes Projet’s carping and gives us an interesting figure: the city is spending $813 million on transportation costs this year, 18% of which goes to collective and active transport.

Mélanie Joly gathered up two independent candidates including an ex Projet Montréal candidate sitting as an independent, so she now has someone on council. Radio-Canada pursued its culture theme with Joly on the parterre of Place des Arts.

Marcel Côté continued his theme of reforming the city’s administration; he also promises to hire a lot of new experts.

I haven’t yet watched the McGill/CBC mayoral debate which is online at that link and summarized here.