Campaign update #059: Promises, promises

François Cardinal asks the main mayoral candidates the key question about their promises: where will you find the money?

Transit dominated Monday evening’s mayoral debate.

Radio-Canada also notes in that piece that Denis Coderre is in favour of the reversal of the Enbridge pipeline.

Richard Bergeron talked Monday about building a new neighbourhood, environmentally responsible and oriented to families, on the Blue Bonnets land, which belongs to the city.

From his Metro interview, I liked this: “Je ne comprends pas que tous les policiers doivent porter une chemise foncée, un gilet pare-balles, un pistolet bien en vue, et se promener en Dodge Charger, des voitures qui ont un air menaçant. […] Est-ce qu’on peut arrêter de jouer aux cowboys comme aux États-Unis?”

After publishing her list of donors, Mélanie Joly is now answering questions why some of the donations are from addresses outside Montreal, which is illegal. She also said, according to the Radio-Canada piece linked above, that she wants the city to have the right to lock out its employees in connection with retirement benefit negotiations.

The Téléjournal talked to Marcel Côté about culture (video). This is the first of a series meant to continue all week.