Man shot in Laval said to have mob connections

A man said to have mob connections was shot mid Friday morning in Laval. He wasn’t killed. This Toronto Sun piece – not the most reliable of sources, sorry – tells us Tony Callocchia is on the opposite side of the ongoing gang war from Vincenzo Scuderi, who was killed Thursday night in Saint-Léonard, but then it bogs down in uncertainty about the state of the alliance between Vito Rizzuto and Raynald Desjardins. The Gazette has more on Callocchia’s background but seems equally unable to discern how Friday’s shooting fits into the ongoing internecine drama.

In other Mob news, Tony Magi has categorically denied Radio-Canada Enquête’s suggestion he was involved in the execution of Nick Rizzuto Jr. in 2010. (What did we expect? “It’s a fair cop!”?)