Applebaum throws hat into ring

Michael Applebaum put up his candidacy for independent interim mayor on a day when his old party began to fall apart for real and lost its majority at city council.

Applebaum says if he wins, he won’t be a candidate in 2013, which is kind of interesting. As this CP piece also points out, should he win, he’ll be the first anglo mayor of Montreal in a century. He’d also be the first executive committee chairman to ascend to the mayoral role.

Louise Harel says Vision Montreal may put up a mayoral prospect too – I think she can see this situation as a major opportunity for Vision to grab back some of its faded glory. A lot may happen at city hall over the next two days.

Some interesting trivia drawn from this Wikipedia list:

  • Although Montreal was founded in 1642 it had its first mayor, Jacques Viger, in 1833
  • The position of executive committee chairman dates from Médéric Martin’s fourth term in 1921
  • The existence of parties at the municipal level dates from Jean Drapeau and the Civic Action League in 1954