Road to be named after Arthur Porter?

A new road to pass in front of the new MUHC hospital is supposed to be named after Dr. Arthur Porter, ex-czar of the MUHC, currently under various kinds of investigation. Peter McQueen is sputtering about this on Facebook and I have to say I hope the Commission de toponymie nixes it. If nothing else there’s a general policy for not naming things after living people at least partly because when it comes to human lives, it ain’t over till it’s over.

There are numerous medical people whose name could go on that road. Connected with McGill there’s Maude Abbott, who has a tiny street named after her in RDP, in a tiny subdivision that could be labelled “streets named after women so they can’t say we never name streets after women.” Sir William Osler, who has some connection to McGill and a few things named after him there, hasn’t got a city street named after him, nor does John McCrae, WWI medic and poet who died of infection in Belgium before that war was over.

There’s also Ralph Steinman, a 2011 Nobel laureate born in Montreal (who died days before the award, a year ago).

I’m sure there are dozens more that deserve that accolade more than Dr. Porter, and hope the MUHC can sort this out before any signs go up.