Fat fine for Concordia over severance deals

The education minister is fining Concordia $2 million as punishment for handing out too many sweetheart severance deals to fired administrators, but does it actually make sense to bleed the university of even more money?

Also today, universities are scrambling for a piece of the Grand Nord pie. Is this why students need to pay higher tuitions?

And speaking of tuitions, this Gazette piece… I just have to quote Devin Alfaro on Facebook, because I don’t think I can link to it: “Just when you thought the Gazette couldn’t suck any harder Karen Seidman strikes again! A thoroughly researched article about how tuition has no effect on accessibility. The two sources cited: the Concordia provost and some consultant from Toronto who gets paid to tell universities how to run more like private sector companies.”

Worth reading on this topic today, Patrick Lagacé, who says he’s often pushed to defending the police for doing a difficult job, thinks they’re going too far in using violent tactics against student protesters: “Parce que c’est plus facile de varger sur une étudiante en philo que sur des crottés qui lancent des briques?”