More on the bridge: tolls and troubles

Neither city hall opposition party is keen on bridge tolls, but it’s easy to make this kind of criticism when you’re not in power and not trying to pay the bills. A south shore MNA wants to have tolls for trucks only, which seems nicely judged to keep her constituents happy while driving up prices for goods on the island of Montreal. Boo, hiss!

At the same time, the discovery of a native burial ground on Nuns Island may become a factor, although the CBC puts on an unnecessarily scary headline here (“could stall construction”) while quoting a perfectly reasonable Mohawk spokesman saying there’s plenty of time to work this out before it becomes a problem. I should imagine the new construction will mean work for the Mohawks who do high steel, too.

The absence of Quebec’s transport minister at the federal announcement has been noted, as has the failure to mention any provision for public transit for the bridge.