It’s Tour de l’Île weekend

The Tour la nuit takes place tonight with 15,000 riders expected and some streets closed (PDF map) and then Sunday sees the full-on Tour with other streets closed (second PDF map). (Bravo, by the way, to Rue Frontenac, for actually including useful links.) La Presse also provides useful maps. Looks like cyclists will have excellent clear cool weather, too. CBC focuses on difficulties for drivers including the cyclists’ events but also bridge closures.

Other media have done reports on local cycling trends as reported in Vélo-Québec‘s report L’État du vélo 2010: more people are adopting the bike as a practical mode of transport and more of us are cycling generally, but the trend is for kids to cycle less.

Quebec has launched a new website section called Convivialité vélo that helps you find cycle-friendly routes; a Tumblr blog called Montréal Cycle Chic was launched yesterday, part of Mikael Colville-Andersen’s Cycle Chic network (the Montreal one is tightly locked down – none of those images can be reblogged, which is rather contrary to the Tumblr philosophy, but whatever). Metro has an interview with Colville-Andersen about what Montreal can do to make itself more cycle-friendly.