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  • Kate 21:32 on 2017/10/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Valerie Plante is daring Denis Coderre to engage in more debates.

    • Douglas 12:38 on 2017/10/02 Permalink

      Coderre is ahead of the polls and most people don’t know how Valerie Plant is. He wants to keep it that way.

    • Ian 13:50 on 2017/10/02 Permalink

      Exactly, he knows he has name recognition in the bag, why would he give free publicity to an opponent? It’s cynical and underhanded but unsurprising.

  • Kate 17:19 on 2017/10/01 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse likes the Dictionnaire historique du Plateau Mont-Royal.

    • CharlesMtl 19:02 on 2017/10/01 Permalink

      Kate, do you have it? if so, is it interesting enough?

    • Kate 21:43 on 2017/10/01 Permalink

      I do have a copy, because I participated in it, having written one of the entries. I think it’s a splendid production, and not only because I had a small part in it. Lots of good pictures, lots of well researched and interesting information. Well designed, and I say that as someone who’s done book design (not this one).

    • Patrick 12:41 on 2017/10/02 Permalink

      The La Presse story mentions Mavis Gallant, which surprised me. Is the Plateau for the setting of one of her stories?

    • Kate 02:33 on 2017/10/03 Permalink

      According to her entry in the book, Gallant spent time at the St-Louis-de-Gonzague boarding school when she was a small kid. This school was at the corner of Sherbrooke and St-Denis and she hated it so much she rejoiced when she heard it had burned down in 1968.

  • Kate 17:11 on 2017/10/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Landlords have been getting Régie rulings against tenants doing short-term sublets on Airbnb.

    • Ephraim 20:47 on 2017/10/01 Permalink

      The regie has already ruled that they violate 3 different rules. You need to let the landlord know and have them approve 14 days in advance with all the information including name, address,etc. You are legally bound to charge no more than your rent, divided daily. You can’t even recoup the AirBnB fees. So if your rent is 600 for 30 days, you can charge $20. And you inviolate the lease by renting above that rate, making it commercial instead of residential.

      This has been known for at least 2 years already. Also, if the city declares the space as commercial, you are likely liable for the increase in property tax (by 5 fold.)

  • Kate 12:46 on 2017/10/01 Permalink | Reply  

    A suspicious fire destroyed a building in Côte-des-Neiges overnight, putting 14 people into the street, mostly UdeM students. CTV’s Kelly Grieg has some photos on her twitter feed.

    Update: Eater Montreal tells about the lost pizzeria and Chinese resto.

  • Kate 12:41 on 2017/10/01 Permalink | Reply  

    A CP piece on the dwindling brown snake is in almost all media Sunday, evidence of how slow the local news has been. In Quebec, the snake is only found in the Montreal area – maybe it should be the emblem of the Montreal city state supporters.

    • rue david 16:15 on 2017/10/02 Permalink

      wonder if the large feral cat population is killing off these guys.

  • Kate 10:33 on 2017/10/01 Permalink | Reply  

    City-based stories are thin this weekend, despite the electoral campaign, which I’ve got to say hasn’t yet produced the energy or variety of the 2013 outing.

    Two other stories have been much bigger here this week, not with immediate city consequences but bringing repercussions sure to affect us politically. One is the Catalan referendum, to which the PQ has sent three representatives. The Couillard government has been criticized for not sending an observer, although that’s disingenuous because a federalist government would naturally tend to be on the side of the status quo in this story. Le Devoir reports on J-F Lisée sidekick Stéphane Bergeron rushing from the Kurdish independence referendum to Barcelona. From the PQ perspective, is ethnic independence always objectively a good thing, and are independence groups natural allies, leaving aside the particularities of each situation? Apparently. (Although I’ve noticed you’re unlikely ever to see the PQ militate for Corsican or Basque independence from France.)

    The Netflix-Mélanie Joly fracas is the other story. As soon as it was announced that Netflix would put $500M into Canadian productions over five years in return for exemption from taxes, criticism started raining down on Joly for not including a requirement for a percentage of production in French. There’s been an unusually unified voice from editorialists and Quebec politicians on this point, this week. Some see it as a capitulation of the Trudeau government following the “attack” on Bombardier recently.

    • Patrick 16:51 on 2017/10/01 Permalink

      Getting guarantees on francophone content would seem to be such an obvious political necessity that I can’t figure out why Joly didn’t get them. It makes you wonder what hidden issues about the media biz may be at play here. Or do I imagine that because the alternative–that Joly and the Liberal government is politically tone-deaf–is one I’m too reluctant to accept? Maybe Justin’s lame UN speech should have taught me more of a lesson.

    • CE 19:41 on 2017/10/01 Permalink

      I’m wondering how many of those productions will be set in Canada with Canadian characters or if they’ll just be American shows produced in Canada.

    • Patrick 20:17 on 2017/10/01 Permalink

      @CE, according to Joly today, these are t be Canadian productions, not just US shows using Canadian techs.

    • Kevin 17:17 on 2017/10/02 Permalink

      My 2 cents: the Liberals got snowed. Netflix is already making major investments in productions worldwide, and has already done so in Canada.

      The latest reboot of Anne is just one example.

  • Kate 08:44 on 2017/10/01 Permalink | Reply  

    The Centre d’histoire piece Sunday looks back at Ville Saint-Michel and its history.

    Gabriel Deschambault has some great old photos this week of the Sanctuaire Saint-Sacrement, the religious building just east of Mont-Royal metro.

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