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  • Kate 21:12 on 2017/09/24 Permalink | Reply  

    CBC’s Sarah Leavitt breaks down the voting structure of the city and boroughs with all the exceptions. A commenter on Facebook adds a link to the official election page, which clarifies the rules about voting rights and residency, land ownership and business ownership.

    • Le Hibou 10:20 on 2017/09/25 Permalink

      Businesses can vote? Why am I not surprised? Montreal municipal elections are kooky but fun. Wish we could have election signs up all year – I love it when creative citizens add their two cents worth. https://youtu.be/qCNqHtZPmWo

    • Kate 21:27 on 2017/09/25 Permalink

      Seems to be a remnant of the old corporatist philosophy here. We used to have various classes of voter, first allowing only property and business owners to vote, and then giving their votes more weight in various ways than non-owners when eventually everyone could vote.

  • Kate 15:43 on 2017/09/24 Permalink | Reply  

    Sunday’s high has broken a record, and the heatwave is expected to last till midweek. Average high on this date: 17°C. Sunday’s high, and projected highs till Wednesday: 30°C.

    Seems it was a wise idea to cancel the full marathon. Hundreds of runners needed medical help after running the shorter distances Sunday.

    Right now the weather page shows sunny all week with a crash from 30° to 17° Wednesday into Thursday. Can we get out of this thing without a thunderstorm?

  • Kate 15:40 on 2017/09/24 Permalink | Reply  

    The green line is down for the second time this weekend, expected back around 16h.

  • Kate 11:45 on 2017/09/24 Permalink | Reply  

    Denis Coderre pulled a fast one this weekend, snaring one Jean David Prophète, presented Thursday as part of the Projet team for RDP-PAT but now trying for a borough councillor position in the Plateau with Team Coderre.

    • Jack 13:43 on 2017/09/24 Permalink

      What an idiot.

    • ant6n 14:15 on 2017/09/24 Permalink

      “Donc, depuis le 5 septembre, j’étais en intense réflexion sur ma décision initiale et j’en ai conclu qu’il était impossible pour moi, de façon éthique et morale, de poursuivre mon engagement comme candidat de Projet Montréal alors que mes valeurs étaient plus proches de celle de l’Équipe Coderre : le vivre ensemble, la collégialité, l’écoute, la politique de l’enfance et surtout, la vision de faire de Montréal une métropole des ligues majeures ou tous peuvent grandir et améliorer son sort.” – Jean David Prophete (on Facebook)

    • mare 17:26 on 2017/09/24 Permalink

      I thought councillors need to live in the borough they’re representing? Is this guy just doing a quick move when he’s elected?

    • Kate 17:33 on 2017/09/24 Permalink

      He won’t be elected, because Plateau is going to go all-Projet again.

      I don’t think they have to live in the borough, just in the city of Montreal. But I’d be interested to know otherwise.

    • Ian 18:53 on 2017/09/24 Permalink

      Projet is definitely going to sweep the Plateau again. They have played the hearts and minds game very well this term. That Plante is making a new metro line a core platform issue is going to kill her campaign, though. She needs to go after Coderre as Spendy McSpenderson and get all up in his grill about being evasive over the 375 and e-race nonsense overspending while boroughs under construction languish. Without fail, the party seen as pro-business always wins mayor, and creating controversy is the only way Plante will get her name in the public mind because it’s not there now.

    • Tim S. 22:28 on 2017/09/24 Permalink

      To be fair, her slogan is “moins d’ego” which kinda sums up those issues as well as a slogan can.

    • Chris 23:07 on 2017/09/24 Permalink

      Kate & Ian: bold predictions. I’m not so sure. It’s looking like just a 2 party race this time, so that changes things…

    • ant6n 05:51 on 2017/09/25 Permalink

      Plante made the diagonal line a big issue when running for the candidacy last year, but I haven’t seen much talk about it since. It’s in the platform, but its pretty obvious that it’s a medium-term plan at best.

      As far as transit goes, so far Projet Montreal has mostly talked about buying buses.

    • Ian 08:40 on 2017/09/25 Permalink

      I was fairly certain I sow a ligne rose poster up somewhere over the last week, but a quick google search suggests I may be mistaken. Not to be overly cynical, but the congestion problem on the bus routes has less to do with enough buses on the lines and more to do with the interminable construction. That said, it would be nice to see the STM stop running 747 buses on other lines. Standing on the bus to Saint-Anne for an hour because 1/4 of the seats are a useless luggage rack is no fun, and happens with surprising frequency. I’ve seen them on the Saint-Laurent 55 line, too.

    • ant6n 11:43 on 2017/09/25 Permalink

      Well, they do have a big poster that says “plus de stations, more de congestion”, with a metro logo in pink (photo). Yes that’s a big allusion to the pink line, but you wouldn’t understand it unless you already know it. Without knowing about it, it just says they want more transit while reducing car congestion.

    • ste.ph 14:25 on 2017/09/25 Permalink

      I’m surprised I haven’t seen an election yet where they outright promise the moon. “If I win I’ll give every voter xxx$ more dollars!”- regardless of viability my opinion on voters is low enough to think it would work.

  • Kate 10:25 on 2017/09/24 Permalink | Reply  

    The Oasis half-marathon is being run Sunday after it was decided the heatwave was too much for the full. Notes here about roads closed and so on.

    I’m sitting here listening to endless cicadas buzzing in the overcooked trees.

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