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  • Kate 22:40 on 2017/09/23 Permalink | Reply  

    A demonstration in favour of a Catalan secession referendum was held here Saturday. I’ve seen a bit of simmering support for the notion around local media, with implicit parallels drawn with Quebec’s situation. Note the presence of J-F Lisée prominent in La Presse’s photo.

  • Kate 22:37 on 2017/09/23 Permalink | Reply  

    The Centre d’histoire piece this week is about the stone that built Montreal – the limestone that was sometimes cooked in kilns and sometimes used for construction. The CCA is opening a mini exhibit next month on the pierre grise familiar from many façades around town, and Radio-Canada looks at the source of the slate used for some Montreal roofs.

    • Max 00:52 on 2017/09/24 Permalink

      This place in Wales has slate! Browse the photo gallery to see what I mean.

    • Kate 07:32 on 2017/09/24 Permalink

      Max, that link hangs and goes nowhere. You meant to link to uer.ca?

    • Max 00:27 on 2017/09/25 Permalink

      Yes. That site had an outage earlier, but it’s up now. It’s a tour of a town surrounded by surreal quantities of slate waste.

    • mare 09:45 on 2017/09/25 Permalink

      From a kitchen counter contractor I understood there is little useable slate left in North-Eastern America. Of course you need larger and stronger slabs of slate for kitchen counters than for roofs and tiles, but most of the slate currently gets imported, often from China. Apparently high shipping cost for heavy things like stone doesn’t affect its final price that much.

  • Kate 13:35 on 2017/09/23 Permalink | Reply  

    Dropped by this week to see Expo 67 Live at Place des Arts. It’s being projected in the space between Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier and the Maison symphonique, using their tall walls and smaller screens placed in the area for multiple screen effects. It’s free. If you choose a good spot there are long moments of complete immersiveness: I wish the director had done more of this and less of the linear documentary stuff, showing Jean Drapeau and various event honchos talking, but it’s definitely worth stopping by to see.

    • Uatu 10:59 on 2017/09/24 Permalink

      Interesting. In the Gazoo, culture columnist Kevin Tierney complained that there was a lack of mentioning Drapeau in the current Expo 67 nostalgia

    • Kate 11:52 on 2017/09/24 Permalink

      There’s not a lot of Drapeau footage but he comes in at the beginning, as do a few other white males in charge of aspects of the fair, including a couple of men who speak English with that odd midatlantic intonation that anglos used to use for broadcasting but which has completely died out. Some of the footage of Expo 67 feels like it could be happening today but those passages feel very much like dead history.

  • Kate 12:18 on 2017/09/23 Permalink | Reply  

    The BBC covers the OQLF cocktails and grilled cheese story.

  • Kate 11:50 on 2017/09/23 Permalink | Reply  

    Le Devoir reviews the Dictionnaire historique du Plateau Mont-Royal, launched this month. I have some small part in this book: the entry about St. Michael’s on St-Viateur was written by me, although translated by someone else.

    The book is a thick, nicely illustrated tome covering all sorts of topics – buildings, people, ethnic communities, institutions, the lot. Pleased to have been part of it.

    • Ian 12:09 on 2017/09/23 Permalink

      Sounds like a great project, congratulations! Where is it available for sale?

    • Kate 12:14 on 2017/09/23 Permalink

      I bet Renaud-Bray on Park Avenue would have it. And of course Amazon.

    • Alex L 23:55 on 2017/09/23 Permalink

      Also available on leslibraires.ca, if you prefer encouraging small players.

    • Ian 11:35 on 2017/09/25 Permalink

  • Kate 11:38 on 2017/09/23 Permalink | Reply  

    The CHUM is holding an open house Saturday followed by some kind of spectacle outdoors.

  • Kate 11:17 on 2017/09/23 Permalink | Reply  

    The city’s going to build a recycling centre in Lachine.

  • Kate 11:16 on 2017/09/23 Permalink | Reply  

    Temperature records will most certainly be broken by the heat wave this weekend. CBC looks into the effect on farmers of this wrong-way-around season. CTV lists the pools and water parks still open.

    I was noticing yesterday that there were still summer smells around – cut grass and flowers – mixed with the fallen leaf scents of autumn. Associations are a little confused by this.

    • Ian 12:12 on 2017/09/23 Permalink

      It’s pretty interesting that the hot days and cool nights are better for some farmers – I for one am happy to be having a heat wave at this time of year instead of July when it stays hot all night, it’s a lot easier to enjoy a nice, hot day after a good night’s sleep.

    • CE 23:24 on 2017/09/23 Permalink

      Those mixed associations can really mess you up. I remember when I first moved to Bogotá, the weather feels like September and all the trees of course have their leaves but the sun goes down everyday at around 6pm which I associate more with the beginning and end of winter. It took a while to get used to.

  • Kate 04:06 on 2017/09/23 Permalink | Reply  

    Denis Coderre’s first few campaign posters have had to be taken down, because apparently you can’t poster in heritage areas like Place Vauquelin or indeed in Old Montreal generally. He blames a surplus of enthusiasm among his minions.

    Coderre is accusing Valérie Plante of conducting a negative campaign. Since one of the main purposes of an opposition party is to criticize the ruling party’s failings, of course her campaign will make negative statements, a nicety also lost on Denis Coderre.

    Coderre is now promising to complete the blue line extension in his next mandate.

    Analysis of the Coderre-Plante duel from Linda Gyulai.

    TVA asks what it is Montrealers want. The responses are touchingly modest. Plays video.

    The Gazette has a compilation of relevant dates and numbers.

    • ant6n 11:24 on 2017/09/23 Permalink

      A cynic may say that Coderre and his “party” have a certain disregard for rules, from top bottom.

      Re the TVA video, what those people want is pretty reasonable: better transit, and better quality of life in the city.

    • Chris 12:45 on 2017/09/23 Permalink

      Better transit?!?! But public transit has sucked in this city for over half a century, it’s practically become a symbol of the city. What did these people expect when they moved into the neighborhood? I hear the transit is better in Manhattan, maybe they should move. I don’t think these people are garnering much sympathy from the public. We’d rather have our cars. How much have the car companies already spent on trying to mitigate the effects of their exhaust? They have done a LOT to minimize it. :)

  • Kate 03:36 on 2017/09/23 Permalink | Reply  

    A report by the CMM says the Montreal area is unprepared to predict and manage floods even though climate change means we’ll see more of them.

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