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  • Kate 23:34 on 2017/09/21 Permalink | Reply  

    QMI sent a guy out to check and he says it’s hot in the metro these days. Doesn’t matter if you’re riding the Azur or the oldest trains on the green line – it’s 30°C regardless. (I ride the green, orange and blue lines almost daily, and would bet the old trains on the green are hotter inside these days than the others. They certainly feel stuffier.)

    In other metro news, the STM has banished an ad from Les Grands ballets canadiens depicting a woman with blood on her clothes and a nail through her foot. They say it could incite violence.

    This isn’t the first time the STM has blocked images featuring blood or injury. In 2008 a poster for a production of Blasted showing a bloodied Roy Dupuis was nixed, and in 2011 a World Press Photo image of a woman with a mutilated face was also disallowed. Le Devoir article from 2011 on the STM’s decisions on imagery in the metro.

  • Kate 23:24 on 2017/09/21 Permalink | Reply  

    Jeremy Searle says he won’t be running for mayor after all.

  • Kate 22:07 on 2017/09/21 Permalink | Reply  

    Montreal is now a metropolis. It’s not just a change of terminology, but involves the transfer of various powers and forms of authority from the province to the city.

    Montreal Metropolis Weblog?

    Inevitably, now Régis Labeaume wants the same status for Quebec City.

    • SteveQ 23:45 on 2017/09/21 Permalink

      So the ”real” Metropolis lost it’s name to MTelus, but Montréal got it back for the entire city!

    • Kate 23:48 on 2017/09/21 Permalink

      I was thinking that too.

    • Ephraim 10:00 on 2017/09/22 Permalink

      Does that mean that Codere can wear his superman underwear?

    • Lucas 10:23 on 2017/09/22 Permalink

      Long overdue – but I do not believe Montreal will ever get real powers, as the PQ (and I suppose the CAQ as well) would never permit a Montreal that could adopt policies appropriate to its diverse reality and escape the imposed sham of francophone monoculture. It is a pity as a Montreal free of the diktat of Quebec City would be a world-beater – perhaps this is a small step in that direction?

    • Patrick 13:53 on 2017/09/22 Permalink

      I have had the opportunity of seeing Labeaume in person manifesting his delusions of grandeur. He certainly lived up to his image, and more.

    • JaneyB 18:22 on 2017/09/22 Permalink

      This is truly fantastic news!

      I had no idea that the inertia around unsanitary bldgs and travaux-wrecked small businesses existed because of provincial inertia. I assumed it was city-level. This new legislation is a game-changer. I’m sure there will be new layers of corruption as a result but with UPAC and metropolis powers, we are moving in an excellent direction!

    • Ian 21:18 on 2017/09/22 Permalink

      Just being able to seize collapsing abandoned buildings is a huge improvement!

    • ant6n 23:57 on 2017/09/23 Permalink

      Love the new logo ;-P

  • Kate 07:17 on 2017/09/21 Permalink | Reply  

    The city is projecting a $31.4-million deficit for 2017. Valérie Plante says the money was frittered away by Denis Coderre for the 375th.

    • Ian 10:18 on 2017/09/21 Permalink

      Blaming the unions, predictable. Let’s hope we don’t get as much snow this winter as is forecast – The Farmer’s Almanac is calling for a winter much like last year’s.

    • rue david 14:30 on 2017/09/21 Permalink

      what’s coderre’s response to this? is it legal for the city to run a deficit? maybe he can just go to the police and claim that it’s a case of identity fraud.

    • Chris 17:14 on 2017/09/21 Permalink

      About exactly what they spent/wasted on Formula E. But it pales compared to what they spent/wasted on 375th crap.

  • Kate 07:10 on 2017/09/21 Permalink | Reply  

    City firefighters say they’re prepared should Montreal experience a serious earthquake. We get the occasional tremor, but none since the earthquake of 1732 has done appreciable damage.

    • Blork 10:27 on 2017/09/21 Permalink

      How can they possibly know the Richter scale magnitude of an earthquake that happened 200 years before the Richter scale was created? Although crude seismometers have existed for centuries, what are the odds of there having been one in Montreal that recorded the earthquake well enough for an accurate retro-scaling to be calculated?

      …asking for a friend.

    • thomas 12:47 on 2017/09/21 Permalink

      @Blork Of course, it is a coarse estimate. First one looks at historical records to see which towns felt the earthquake to determine the epicentre. Once that is done they can look at reports of damage or shifts in the soil. From that info they can map it to the richter scale.

  • Kate 07:07 on 2017/09/21 Permalink | Reply  

    Engineers and corruption, episode #345: guy who played a major role in designing the new Turcot was arrested this week by UPAC in the swoop on people alleged to have corrupted city hall last decade. That Gazette link is to a good Linda Gyulai piece examining the accused and the charges.

    In other news of city hall and corruption, last week’s cancellation of a contract by the BIG is being challenged by one of the engineers involved.

  • Kate 07:00 on 2017/09/21 Permalink | Reply  

    Le Devoir’s Robert Dutrisac sees in the OQLF’s recent softening of its line, permitting such phrases as grilled cheese and cocktail, the thin end of the wedge toward full anglicization. Grilled cheese got a Quebec City resto into l’eau chaude just last year.

    • Ian 10:11 on 2017/09/21 Permalink

      They’ve come a long way since pastagate.

    • rue david 14:32 on 2017/09/21 Permalink

      i think most quebecois say “grillchiez” so it’s sort of morphing into its own thing.

    • Chris 17:17 on 2017/09/21 Permalink

      Well, the English word “grill” comes from French originally, so there, it’s gone full circle. :)

    • Daisy 18:27 on 2017/09/21 Permalink

      My mother-in-law says what sounds like “grey cheese” to me. I wonder how she thinks it’s spelled.

      She also says “paparman” (peppermint).

    • ste.ph 16:19 on 2017/09/22 Permalink

      I’m 100% sure I’ve heard ‘green cheese’

  • Kate 06:46 on 2017/09/21 Permalink | Reply  

    Seeing media attention to a new miniseries in English about the Montreal mafia, with fairly big stars playing the Rizzutos and their associates.

  • Kate 06:43 on 2017/09/21 Permalink | Reply  

    A small dog was killed by a coyote in Frédéric-Back park last week.

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