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  • Kate 20:37 on 2017/09/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Radio-Canada looks back to the 1962 opening of Place Ville-Marie.

  • Kate 20:34 on 2017/09/13 Permalink | Reply  

    A new site indexes Montreal’s biodiversity, including 1,060 plant species, 359 birds and 88 fish species. Check out the Flickr group Montreal faune/wildlife (which I started) and its thousands of pix of local fauna. It’s a hell of an archipelago.

  • Kate 20:27 on 2017/09/13 Permalink | Reply  

    The Villanueva family has lost their case against the city of Montreal because of unreasonable delays in making their case.

  • Kate 18:53 on 2017/09/13 Permalink | Reply  

    City hall, Wednesday, 7 p.m.

    • dominic 19:35 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      Love it. Looks great.

      I guess I need a new keychain to replace the current keychain with the “old” flag on it. Hope the tourist shops update their merch quickly.

    • Kate 20:19 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      I have to admit I like it.

      Le Devoir analyzes the symbols.

    • Kevin 20:20 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      Ask Coderre and he might get on it himself in this election season http://twitter.com/DenisCoderre/status/908074183959171072

    • ProposMontréal 20:42 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      I like the idea behind it, lots of racism oth in french and english comments sections across all media. I am not certain about the look of it though. I don’t dislike it, i’m just not into it yet.

    • DeWolf 22:56 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      Huh. It works.

    • Kate 05:02 on 2017/09/14 Permalink

      It does.

      An online friend points out a similarity with the flag of the New England states, which I’d never seen – the George cross and tree, specifically, but a weaker deployment of those elements.

      The layout made me think of the flag of Ulster, which has a George cross with the red hand at the centre. But that’s just a coincidence of the limited options given a flag design dominated by a cross like that.

      I’m glad the shamrock wasn’t deleted.

    • Chris 21:58 on 2017/09/14 Permalink

      CBC says “Kahnawake Mohawk Council Chief Christine Zachary-Deom suggested it be named after Huron Chief Kondiaronk…”

      Never heard of Kondiaronk, but just read his wikipedia article. Sounds like he did some good things. But everyone is flawed, especially in retrospect and against modern standards:

      “Kondiaronk and the Hurons agreed to ally with the French as long as Denonville promised that war against the Iroquois would not stop until the Iroquois were fully defeated. … Kondiaronk formed a war party and traveled to Fort Frontenac on the way to raid Iroquois villages … When the Iroquois diplomats arrived, Kondiaronk and his war party took them by surprise with a forest ambush. One chief was killed and the remaining Iroquois taken captive.”

      So one might argue he was a murder and warmonger.

  • Kate 07:12 on 2017/09/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Denis Coderre has plans to change the name of Amherst Street to bury the memory of the British officer forever. A new flag for Montreal will be revealed Wednesday as well. Both these changes are meant as gestures of reconciliation with aboriginal peoples.

    Update: A new edit to the city flag now includes a pine tree, but the overall heraldic layout remains the same.

    • Blork 10:14 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      Do we know what the new name for Amherst will be? Personally I don’t care, because I don’t care about Amherst, but I worry that the tone-deaf bureaucrats in charge of toponymy will come up with something awkward like “rue-de-la-mémoire-des-Autochtones-qui-sont-morts-de-la-variole.”

    • Chris 10:30 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      For sure it will be French, long, and hyphenated. :)

    • ant6n 10:42 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      Coderre sure renamed a lot of streets.
      It’s a power that should be taken away from the mayor (what’s up with these Canadian ‘gentle dictatorships’).

    • Ephraim 11:03 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      Amherst has needed to be renamed for a long time, Jeffrey Amherst was an awful human being, but the problem is that it was always suggested for the wrong reasons. Do we have a “Les Iroquois” street in Montreal? Maybe that would counterbalance the previous name.

    • DavidH 12:29 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      There is a chemin des Iroquois in Lachine but only the marina has its address on it. There isn’t anything central with that name yet. It will probably be something along those lines or something general and consensual like rue de la concorde.

    • jeather 12:57 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      I have no idea what I think about the flag. It was never great, and it would have been nice to have actually made a change to it while we were doing it, but this one is going to get much less pushback.

    • Jack 13:24 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      I really like the flag , the centrality of the white pine representing the Haudenosaunee Confederacy is striking. I know it’s just a symbol but for those of us who are old we could never have imagined a day when that would be Montreal’s flag.
      I saw the film Hochelaga ( really impressive see it when it comes out!) which also speaks forcefully to the fact that the beginnings of Montreal were thousands of years before the 375th. We are hopefully at the beginning of something….but reconciliation will not be enough.

    • jeather 14:04 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      I agree that this new one is BETTER than the old, I just don’t think it’s fantastic, and I wish we could have done a wholesale redesign, though I understand why it wasn;t done.

    • Blork 14:31 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      Thank goodness the white pine is the “tree of peace” and not the ash tree.

    • CE 14:38 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      Is there a street named after Kateri Tekakwitha yet?

    • Michael 16:57 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      Is the township municipality of Amherst named after him too?

    • Kate 05:18 on 2017/09/14 Permalink

      Toponymie Québec gives 15 locations called Amherst – a canton and town, and various roads and lakes. All named for the general.

      Nothing in town is named for Kateri Tekakwitha. There’s an island off Kahnawake and a road in Chateauguay, and a lake somewhere.

      I predict “Rue des Indigènes” but we’ll see.

      Blork: Garnotte riffs on the same idea.

  • Kate 07:08 on 2017/09/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Anne-France Goldwater has abandoned her idea of running for mayor, but says she might run in the provincial election next year.

  • Kate 07:05 on 2017/09/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Denis Coderre says Formula E will be run again downtown, not on the Gilles-Villeneuve track.

  • Kate 06:47 on 2017/09/13 Permalink | Reply  

    The SPVM is being asked to review the entirety of its directives and practices in an exercise to root out social and racial profiling.

    Interesting that the force will be asked to collect data on “l’appartenance raciale et sociale perçue et présumée” of people it deals with. That’s a phrase loaded with assumptions even before they begin.

    I’m put in mind of this thread from five years ago.

    • Ephraim 11:15 on 2017/09/13 Permalink

      Do you think they are so stupid as to have actually written discriminatory directives down?

    • Kate 20:13 on 2017/09/14 Permalink

      No, Ephraim, I do not. I’ve said before here that the problem is the implicit attitudes and ideas at the SPVM, not the explicit rules and policies.

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