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  • Kate 21:31 on 2017/09/11 Permalink | Reply  

    A benevolent organization is collecting up unsold fruit and vegetables from Jean-Talon market and distributing them to the poor.

    • Jack 09:09 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      “En cinq mois, 21 tonnes de fruits et de légumes ont été récupérées.” Its a great idea but I cant get over 21 tons….that food would have been thrown away. WTF

    • Ian 12:48 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      I worked as a security guard at Atwater Market one summer and ate for free on the “waste” vegetables and fruits that got thrown out – and there were a lot of pickers after hours, I wasn’t the only one. I ate a LOT of vegetable soup that summer. If the produce isn’t perfect, it gets tossed – by the crate, sometimes.

    • Max 22:57 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      National Geographic ran a piece on food waste last year. Scandalous, when you consider how much hunger and malnutrition there is in the world.

  • Kate 20:24 on 2017/09/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Daily Hive claims the new skating rink downtown will be our very own Rockefeller Center. Ground was broken on it Monday and it will be costing us $67 million.

    Blork contributed a great comment when this subject came up a couple of years ago.

    • ant6n 21:20 on 2017/09/11 Permalink


    • Kate 22:14 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      What’s $100,000 between friends?

    • ant6n 22:21 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      I didn’t mean that as a correction for 100K, but as just writing out the sum of 67M$… it’s a lot of money

    • rue david 22:36 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      imagine that instead of doing this, they sold the land for 30 million, then poured ~100 million into something really important, like metro improvements, covering the 720, fixing the habitions-jeanne mance, or even just lowering tax increases on commercial properties. instead, the land and $67 million bones go to a park on one of the grottiests lanes in the city, in a neighborhood with an enormous amount of park land.

    • ant6n 23:40 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      They could also turn it into a simple park for 10M$, and spend the remaining 50M$ on something useful.

    • ste.ph 02:35 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      At least the project has only doubled in price since the 2013 estimate “Le coût du projet s’élevait à 32 M$” http://journalmetro.com/actualites/montreal/344380/lesplanade-clark-encore-a-letude/

    • Kate 03:19 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      Nice check back, ste.ph!

    • Blork 09:28 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      It’s not built yet. Let’s see what the actual final cost is…

    • Taylor C. Noakes 11:08 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      In that case Daily Hive and CTV Montreal both called it our ‘very own Rockefeller Centre’…

      I’d like to point out that Rockefeller Centre comprises multiple skyscrapers: it’s an office complex.

      This is a skating rink.

      Office complex & skating rink: synonyms.

    • Blork 11:16 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      Not to mention the views from the top, which are spectacular (at the Rockefeller Center).

      This is a bit like how every park that is even faintly “linear” is inevitably compared to New York’s High Line. Believe me, nothing that is compared to the High Line compares to the High Line.

      (The High Line is a lot more than just a “linear park” and its features — which include being really long, really urban, huge on the “repurpose” scale, amazingly located, and spectacularly well conceived and executed — are, in sum, pretty much impossible to match anywhere else.)

    • ant6n 12:38 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      Didn’t you hear, the Van Horne is going to become Montreal’s High Line … for a week in October: http://viaduc375.com/

    • Blork 17:05 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      Yay to the Viaduc thing. Boo to calling it Montreal’s High Line.

      It’s times like this that I regret my obscurity. In 1991 I did a photographic study of the Van Horne Viaduc (B&W, using obscure and now discontinued Kodak Panatomic-X film), and I have a series of 12 or so 16×20 mounted archival (and now vintage) prints collecting the proverbial dust in my basement. If I were “known” then somebody would have paid several thousand dollars to me to mount a showing of them as part of this Viaduct 375 thing. BUT NO!

      A few crude scans made it to my (now retired) photo blog:

  • Kate 19:54 on 2017/09/11 Permalink | Reply  

    A report on internal problems in the SPVM, of which we’ve only sensed seismic twitches, will be made public – after the municipal election.

  • Kate 14:14 on 2017/09/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Owners of pitbulls are being given a break by a judge.

    • ant6n 21:27 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      Over on reddit the issue of the expensive fines if you don’t have a dog permit came up and somebody claimed that Coderre was “the guy who brought Quebec’s animal welfare laws from decades behind the times to exemplary.”

      I’m really confused by this point of view.

    • Kevin 23:24 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      He has convinced thousands of people to register their dogs and cats.

      But I bet someone on Reddit doesn’t understand the difference between provincial and municipal legislation. Many (most?) people don’t.

    • Ian 12:50 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      Yeah, I fail to see how forcing Montreal cats to have licenses prevents puppy mills in Monteregie.

  • Kate 08:42 on 2017/09/11 Permalink | Reply  

    A multimedia extravaganza about Expo 67 will be showing at Place des Arts later this month. Spinning off the Expo idea of multiple screens and paces, the free show uses a thousand clips to convey what being at Expo 67 was like. Sounds like it might be good.

    • DavidH 09:52 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      The screens in the corridor leading to the salle des pas perdus have already been showcasing various video presentation that were shown in the pavillons. Lots of weird, groovy stuff. Some of it is from pavillons we don’t here about much anymore like the christian pavillon.

    • Kate 15:35 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      DavidH, nice to know. I’d wondered how much of the Expo 67 material has been lost to neglect or degradation of recording media.

  • Kate 06:52 on 2017/09/11 Permalink | Reply  

    A new bike-sharing system that doesn’t use docks has appeared in Westmount. Montreal isn’t happy with the model where users can leave bikes anywhere.

    • Nick D 07:33 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      This started in Manchester earlier this year. Apparently it’s a model used in China. Here is some reportage:

      I was there this summer and saw the bikes dotted around. I didn’t see any obvious bike-trashing (and remember the same stories came out about Paris’s velib scheme in the early years). I didn’t use the Mobikes, though, so I have no 1st-hand experience.

    • jeather 07:54 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      Yes, nothing better than a bike share in Westmount that differs from the one in the rest of the city, so you need to switch over.

    • DavidH 09:53 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      From what I understand the bixi stations already in Westmount will remain.

    • Blork 09:57 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      I remember seeing a photo essay about a year ago regarding the Chinese system, and how it lead to huge piles of unused bikes all over the place. Like literally piles of them. A real mess.

      [Update] Here’s a recent story about it:

      There are also stories going around about a huge problem with theft; in some cases 90% of bike share bikes being stolen.

    • Blork 09:58 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

    • John B 11:12 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      From the Metro link, it looks like they’re drawing yellow boxes on the ground that you have to leave the bikes in – so they can’t just be left anywhere.

      Somehow, opponents to the system are claiming that this model doesn’t guarantee the bikes are in good shape, or that they’re “redistributed optimally,” but I see no reason why a dock is required to move the bikes around in trucks, or to repair them. If anything it would be more efficient to re-distribute bikes or pick them up for repair if they don’t have to be unlocked from a dock.

      It will be interesting to see how many bike-share systems a city can support. I’m all for competition, but bike-share seems to be something that we should probably treat like transit – have one, preferably subsidized, operator and make it super-cheap.

    • DeWolf 03:26 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      I was in Shenzhen last week and the bike sharing situation is much better than it was earlier this year. Apparently the competing companies flooded the city with huge numbers of bikes, which were then swept into big piles by property managers/security, but now they’ve scaled back due to pressure from the government. Things seem to work pretty well. As with everything, these types of problems can be avoided with smart regulation.

  • Kate 06:49 on 2017/09/11 Permalink | Reply  

    The chamber of commerce czar glowingly endorses Denis Coderre.

    Projet wants to abolish bonuses given to senior police officers for getting a lot of tickets issued under them. Denis Coderre continues to deny that “bonis Denis” exist.

    I’ll be doing one municipal campaign catch-all entry max per day, I think. Things still haven’t hotted up much yet, though.

    • Ephraim 07:54 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      One of the most corrupt organization in Quebec…. the Montreal Chamber of Commerce… the people who got the city to sell them Stationnement Montreal, who ripped off the city on Bixi and who collect 3.5% on every hotel room in Montreal and yet never listen to the hotels. That’s who’s endorsing the Mayor?

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