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  • Kate 19:01 on 2017/09/10 Permalink | Reply  

    Notice something? Crickets. Sundays I usually gather a few police blotter items – stabbings, other reports of bad behaviour. Not a damn thing this fine Sunday.

    Update: Spoke too soon. A young woman was stabbed Sunday evening, CTV says in the eastern Plateau, TVA says Ville-Marie.

    Also, a man was shot Sunday afternoon and his friends flagged down an ambulance from their car. Nobody’s answering questions.

    • Ian 12:51 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      You jinxed it ;)

  • Kate 08:36 on 2017/09/10 Permalink | Reply  

    The Parti québécois returned a 92.8% confidence vote Saturday for J-F Lisée as leader.

    • Kevin 11:43 on 2017/09/10 Permalink

      I would really like to know how many abstained from voting… but we’ll never know

    • Viviane 14:05 on 2017/09/10 Permalink

      From La Presse: “Environ 1500 membres pouvaient exercer leur droit de vote. Le taux de participation a été de 96,4 %.”

    • DavidH 15:19 on 2017/09/10 Permalink

      1500 members only this close to an election?! Guess they really are on the way out.

    • Kevin 16:22 on 2017/09/10 Permalink

      I am quite surprised that was released!

    • Jack 19:42 on 2017/09/10 Permalink

    • Max 11:50 on 2017/09/11 Permalink

      I happened to be passing through the PdC when they filed out. 1500 white people in a row.

  • Kate 08:26 on 2017/09/10 Permalink | Reply  

    Lapsed Catholicism is the unofficial state religion of Quebec.

    Evan Prodromou, Twitter
    • Chris 19:19 on 2017/09/10 Permalink

      next step: atheism!

    • Ian 12:59 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      Or just secular humanism would be nice.

  • Kate 08:22 on 2017/09/10 Permalink | Reply  

    The Centre d’histoire once again evokes the Faubourg à m’lasse, demolished during the Drapeau years.

    Gabriel Deschambault shows and tells how older houses in the Plateau were constructed with lath and plaster walls in the days before gyproc.

    • Kevin 11:49 on 2017/09/10 Permalink

      One note: modern electricians still use hooks and lines to fish wires through walls and ceilings: it’s a lot faster, if more annoying, than knocking holes and cutting trenches in walls and ceilings.

    • DavidH 17:17 on 2017/09/10 Permalink

      Agree with Kevin, fishing wires or not is really about retrofitting in an already built house vs installing a new construction. It’s not really a question of epoch as the article implies. It’s not a lost art, simply setting up an alarm system or an entertainment system requires it nowadays.

      Loved the bit about horse hair and asbestos.

    • Ian 12:55 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      Asbestos used to be used for all kinds of stuff. When my Dad was a kid they made sculptures in art class out of asbestos that had been mixed to a consistency of play-doh, probably a slightly thicker version of what they used to use on walls. I still have a lot of plaster and lathe in my apartment, I now wonder if there’s any asbestos up there I should be worried about.

    • Kate 13:18 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      According to mare, who does renovation work and comments here sometimes, it should be fine if undisturbed.

  • Kate 07:50 on 2017/09/10 Permalink | Reply  

    Couple of notable deaths this week:

    Gretta Chambers, journalist and chancellor of McGill University, sister of philosopher Charles Taylor, dies at 90. Denis Coderre is lowering city hall’s flag to half mast to honour her as a Commander of the Order of Montreal.

    Tex Lecor, artist, singer and performer, dies at 84.

    Someone on reddit says Scaner has died. I have no details or confirmation. Some of his work.

    • Ian 12:58 on 2017/09/12 Permalink

      Yes, Scaner is dead. Cancer. I’ve been seeing tributes pouring in all over social media. He was a legend, not just for his work, but as an activist and organizer legitimizing street art. In later years he was mostly a muralist but for placement and execution his unauthorized work is legendary. We wouldn’t have things like the mural festival today if not for the work of people like him.

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