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  • Kate 18:52 on 2017/09/07 Permalink | Reply  

    CTV has images of the upgrades planned for Vendôme station.

    • ant6n 22:04 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      Shameless plug: my analysis with which I participated in the public consultation, mostly complaining about the bad layout of the station and long transfers. The commission agreed with me at least on some points in their report, also suggesting to improve the transfer.

    • mare 10:59 on 2017/09/08 Permalink

      ant6n I read your analysis back then, and, even though the commission agreed I don’t see any of you recommendations in the actual plans. Are these impressions and not yet finalized studies? It seems like walk-thrus made in SketchUp, and those can be very instructional to see bottlenecks, but they’re often made from the final engineering plans. The fact that the contract is awarded seems to indicate the design is set in stone.

    • ant6n 12:20 on 2017/09/08 Permalink

      Yeah I’m not hopeful. Media is not helping, just look at ctv’s cheery fluff piece.

    • Uatu 16:22 on 2017/09/09 Permalink

      I use this station every day to get to work (MUHC) and I hate it. It’s a fucking zoo and none of these inept planners has had to walk up stairs behind a poor old man with a cane who has to go one step at a time. This is all for show and after it’s done there will be another photo op like when they finished that bit of tunnel that leads to the parking lot. I don’t know if it is a lack of compassion or just sheer ignorance, but like most of the big projects in QC it’s aesthetics> real life practicality.

  • Kate 18:50 on 2017/09/07 Permalink | Reply  

    A new École Baril has opened in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, incorporating part of the façade of the old school of the same name.

    • mare 22:58 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      La longue saga de l’école Baril aura permis d’envoyer un message clair : l’enjeu de la qualité de l’air dans les écoles ne peut plus être dissimulé sous une couche de peinture.

      Now let’s rebuild the rest of the 60% of Montreal schools with mould and moisture issues.

  • Kate 18:48 on 2017/09/07 Permalink | Reply  

    CBC’s got a nice telling vignette from the fraud trial of Frank Zampino.

  • Kate 07:11 on 2017/09/07 Permalink | Reply  

    A man has been freed from charges of murder in a fatal shooting in Ahuntsic-Cartierville last year. Nikita Hunt was present when the shooting happened, but the prosecutor has admitted there’s zero evidence he was the killer.

  • Kate 07:09 on 2017/09/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Every now and then a journalistic cliché irks the hell out of me, and today it’s the Gazette’s admonition that we use an umbrella, a phrasing they’re fond of when it’s wet. Okay, it’s going to rain, I get it, and this is just a locution, but I don’t use an umbrella, I don’t like them, please stop sounding grandmotherly and let me get on with it.

    • Bert 07:34 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      You’ve never listened to Mike Finnerty, have you?

    • Kate 07:55 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      Yes, and Finnerty does it too. I can’t recall a “sortez vos parapluies” line on the francophone side though.

    • Alison Cummins 09:15 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      The British are notorious users of umbrellas, as is the Dutchman I know best. I suspect that they make sense in maritime weather but are less appealing here, where it tends to be either heavy rain (umbrellas don’t help much, wear a raincoat or stay inside) or light drizzle (umbrellas not necessary and will probably be forgotten because the weather will have changed by the time you leave whereever you were going to).

    • dwgs 09:16 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      Down with umbrellas!! They’re also a serious health hazard for tall people, I spend most of my day avoiding having my eyes put out by the damn things.

    • Viviane 11:33 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      Francos are told to take out their umbrellas too from time to time. I haven’t owned an umbrella or a purse in more than 25 years.

    • Daisy 12:00 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      I own three umbrellas (one is an emergency umbrella I keep at work). I don’t fancy walking the 15 minutes from the metro to my workplace in the rain without an umbrella, so I just slipped my compact umbrella into my bag when I left home. Didn’t need it this morning, but maybe I’ll need it when I leave work.

    • EmilyG 07:34 on 2017/09/08 Permalink

      I’m usually fine in light rain without an umbrella, though I’ve had to use one lately even in light rain because I have stitches on my head that I’m not supposed to get wet. Though the day the linked article was posted (Thursday,) I happened to be out while it wasn’t raining.

    • Kate 07:46 on 2017/09/08 Permalink

      I don’t intend any criticisms of umbrellas as such. It’s more the form of words that I’m snarking about.

    • EmilyG 07:49 on 2017/09/08 Permalink

      Yes, it can get tiresome, I agree.

  • Kate 07:05 on 2017/09/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Équipe Coderre is fielding Cathy Wong in Ville-Marie and has revealed its slate of candidates in Rosemont-PP, which it would dearly love to seize back from Projet.

  • Kate 06:39 on 2017/09/07 Permalink | Reply  

    SPVM police want to maintain the right to wear camo pants, saying it’s one of the few gestures open to them to express job dissatisfaction. But a new law says they won’t be allowed to.

    Bill 133 also bars moonlighting by senior officers. Martin Coiteux wants to show the public what a tough guy he is before next year’s election.

    • George E. 08:16 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      Pfft…whatever…everyone wants to show they’re tough. Police included. “Maybe it is all about cocks in the end.” -Jamie Lannister

    • jeather 08:48 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      I do not care, at all, about the pants, but I am fine with restrictions on senior officers having multiple jobs.

    • Ephraim 09:55 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      I’d rather he show some backbone when it comes to discrimination, bribery and abuse of power… they can wear clown noses for all I care.

    • JaneyB 11:04 on 2017/09/08 Permalink

      +1 Ephraim In fact, it would be a special kind of delight to have a civic ethics patrol ninjas wearing clown noses. I could go for that.

    • Patrick 12:36 on 2017/09/08 Permalink

      Clown noses? Not like Pennywise, I hope… :)

  • Kate 06:35 on 2017/09/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Renovations on the Chinese garden are finished and the lantern festival has opened.

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