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  • Kate 19:45 on 2017/09/05 Permalink | Reply  

    The Olympic stadium is no longer being used to shelter asylum seekers.

  • Kate 19:45 on 2017/09/05 Permalink | Reply  

    Alexandre Coderre, son of you-know-who, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to fraud charges, after he had tried to claim that his identity was stolen and fraud perpetrated on him. He’s 21, and is claiming he’s got cyberaddiction. I doubt that’s even a thing.

    • EmilyG 21:35 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      What an odd story. I wonder how it’ll all turn out.

    • rue david 14:14 on 2017/09/06 Permalink

      “chat services” + “addiction” for which he has sought therapy = probably some sort of online sex thing. odd that coderre would go with the online though, instead of the tried-and-true route of the perverts: contact “danse.” would probably have been cheaper too.

    • Blork 14:43 on 2017/09/06 Permalink

      The kid is 21. At that age (these days) he would naturally gravitate to the online version.

    • rue david 14:49 on 2017/09/06 Permalink

      or maybe he had to go online to satisfy his urges because it would have been difficult to find another person locally who’d indulge him. at any rate, whatever the character of his secret proclivities, his addiction to satisfying them is quite a thing to blow up your life over. therapy is surely a good idea, but does it ever cure these things?

    • rue david 14:52 on 2017/09/06 Permalink

      like, if you have fantasies so out of the ordinary that you’re forced to live them out online, can therapy help you? at this point, the mayor should definitely consider stepping aside to help his son he’s too far gone.

    • rue david 14:53 on 2017/09/06 Permalink

      *before he’s too far gone.

    • Blork 15:47 on 2017/09/06 Permalink

      rue david, I think you might have an odd view of this kind of online activity and addiction. It’s not so much a matter of “fantasies so out of the ordinary that you’re forced to live them out online” as it is about the ease with which a person can find even regular “fulfillment” online.

      This is particularly hazardous if the person is young and socially shy or not outgoing (I’m not talking about Coderre specifically here; I know nothing about him).

      But image a 17-year-old finding lots of free sexy fun on their laptop when for whatever reason it might be hard to come by in real life. Also, online he doesn’t have to go out and risk being seen (in a strip club or massage parlour or whatever), plus there is no negotiation or anything. He doesn’t even have to say hello. No awkward personal contact, no risk of embarrassment, etc. This is perfection for a young nerdy kid who lives mostly in his own head.

      Now start extrapolating. By the time that kid is 21 he’s hooked, and paying for it.

    • rue david 17:19 on 2017/09/06 Permalink

      I’m not saying that the kid is a wild-eyed, trenchcoat-wearing degenerate, we don’t have the information for that sort of conclusion. But it seems pretty clear to me that racking up 20 thousand dollars in credit card debt (plus whatever he paid on other accounts) using online sex services is a very unusual thing for a 20 year old to do. There’s clearly something profoundly weird and unwholesome going on there.

    • Alison Cummins 10:11 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      Most 20 year olds don’t have access to $20k in credit, so that’s moot.

      I think Blork has described a version of what is called the “local peak problem” or something. You pursue your goal up a mountain and when you get to the mountaintop and look around you discover that your goal is on another, higher peak, over there. You can’t just keep climbing higher, you have to go all the way back down and start again.

      There are lots of young, nerdy men who find sexual outlets online. If their tastes are vanilla, they can usually make the switch to human beings fairly readily once their social skills have matured. If they are kinky, it’s a little harder. They can’t assume that the cutie sitting next to them in class is kinky, and just follow up on positive interactions until they get laid. They have to go where kinky people are.

      Now imagine being 18, nerdy, and needing to go to a private kink party attended by mostly people twice your age to meet potential partners. Up the ante by imagining being the son of a well-known local politician. Now imagine that you can meet exactly your type of desired partner online with exactly your type of desired relationship… if you pay ‘tribute.’

      No need to imagine the guy has a terrible sexual malfunction. He most likely just enjoys the idea of being bossed around during sex. (An extremely appealing idea to many intimidated young men who have no idea how to take sexual initiative without being a jerk — or to men of any age who would like to feel sexually desired.) Sure, he could use a therapist to help him cope with his social anxiety and get a handle on his shame — if he hasn’t already eroticized his shame to the point of making a permanent kink of it. But what’s going on is probably extremely banal.

    • rue david 12:50 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      Well, there’s three components, remember: the perverted behavior, the high volume of that behavior (ie the addiction), and the fact in addition to whatever legit funds he spent, he spent over 20k of money he didn’t have and tried to get out paying by use of fraud. He was so addicted to whatever weird “kink” that he had that he torched his life for it, it was stronger than him. Even if he just likes to be vocally abused live online while he plays with himself as you suspect (and it could be far more sinister.than that), it’s not banal to get that addicted to it.
      It’s definitely a sub-1% of the population sort of behavior. The kid’s on a dark path. Hopefully the mayor recognizes the threshold he’s at and consider stepping aside to.help his son before it’s too late.

    • Alison Jane Cummins 19:34 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      rue david, “sinister” and “on a dark path” are words I’d use to describe 12-year-old Luka Magnotta strangling cats and jerking off into their entrails. Not a teenager with an internet porn addiction and access to credit cards. What does “sinister” mean to you?

      People talk about women’s shame about their sexuality but it’s got nothing on men’s shame. It’s extremely common for men to feel like fithy perverts who can never reveal themselves and to twist themselves into horrible psychological knots with binge and purge cycles and secretiveness… for utterly banal kinks like oral sex or wearing ladies’ panties.

      His being tortured by shame (as suggested by his compulsiveness and lying) might indicate something deep and dark. It more likely doesn’t.

      Rather than positing sinister sexual appetites, if I were going to layer something on to “horny young geek with credit card” I’d add “… and a stimulant or alcohol problem” or “… and incipient bipolar disorder with mania.” If it’s substance abuse, that’s hard to address. If it’s bipolar disorder, that’s much easier.

    • Kate 19:41 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      Alison, rue david, I think you’re both arguing with no evidence. Young Coderre’s life must have been warped in various ways because his father is a big important guy. Who knows what kind of outlet he reached for.

      Nice to see you back, Alison.

  • Kate 19:40 on 2017/09/05 Permalink | Reply  

    Part of de Lorimier in the Plateau has been closed because engineers fear the road will collapse.

  • Kate 07:30 on 2017/09/05 Permalink | Reply  

    A mugging in St-Henri last week is reported here, but whether it was an isolated incident or part of a pattern is left hanging.

  • Kate 07:28 on 2017/09/05 Permalink | Reply  

    Last week La Presse suggested we were doing better at recycling glass; Le Devoir finds the numbers not so good.

  • Kate 06:35 on 2017/09/05 Permalink | Reply  

    The Montreal General has restored an overnight security guard after the attack by a patient on two nurses on the weekend.

  • Kate 06:27 on 2017/09/05 Permalink | Reply  

    Some numbers concerning the lifetime and operation of an STM bus. Most amusing: internal vandalism is way down now that everyone’s absorbed in their phone all the time.

    • Ian 12:30 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      Interesting observation, but I’d love to know how he came to that conclusion – have there been any studies? Kind of concurrent with smartphones is the improvement of Montreal’s economy, and relative prosperity is also often tied to fewer acts of vandalism. It’s easy to draw correlations but as the saying goes, correlation does not equal causation.

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