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  • Kate 23:38 on 2017/09/04 Permalink | Reply  

    On social media the big story of Monday is that Lady Gaga cancelled her show at the Bell Centre but bought pizza for fans clustered around the Old Montreal hotel where she’s staying.

  • Kate 23:28 on 2017/09/04 Permalink | Reply  

    A calèche horse collapsed Monday near Notre-Dame and was caught on video. The horse later recovered, according to social media reports, but people are taking this as further evidence that the calèche trade ought to be discontinued.

    Global’s headline is Calèche horse collapses in Old Port of Montreal – but Notre-Dame Street is not the old port! De la Commune and southward is the old port. However, as we’ve noted before on the blog, we’re seeing “old port” used more often to describe the whole of that part of town.

    • Alex 11:45 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      I even know born-and-raised locals who conflate the two … always found it annoying.

    • Taylor C. Noakes 11:46 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      Doesn’t Global outsource their local news to Toronto? My ma was watching them once for the weather, guy couldn’t get any of the place names right.

      Anywhotenanny: I’m no fan of mistreating horses or any other kind of animal, but the idea of banning animals (of any kind) is shortsighted. I understand that there are different motivations re: pitbulls & horses, but ultimately bans are simply unimaginative.

      Moreover, it’s not like we’ve been taking the effects of greenhouse gas emissions seriously in our city: we have almost no electric vehicle charging infrastructure to speak of, investment in public transit development is entirely based on competing political considerations, and there’s essentially no interest pushing car manufacturers to go green toute suite.

      It’ll take industry a long time to catch up, and our streets were laid out with horse & buggy in mind. So why not use horses as a means to get around? They work and they don’t pollute. Let’s build the world’s swankiest stables and hire enough vets to keep the horses happy and healthy 24 hours a day. Replace taxis with handsome cabs…

    • Blork 12:04 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      “They don’t pollute.” You’ve obviously never had to shovel horse shit. :-)

      …and yes, that “Old Montreal/Old Port” conflation is an enduring annoyance.

    • Ian 12:10 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      You can grow strawberries with horse shit, car fumes just give you cancer ;)

  • Kate 16:17 on 2017/09/04 Permalink | Reply  

    TVA is already dreading the rentrée traffic to come on Tuesday. They predict headaches. Links play video.

  • Kate 15:37 on 2017/09/04 Permalink | Reply  

    Police shot a suspect in a taxi holdup in Montreal North Monday morning. CTV says he’s in critical condition but TVA says on ne craint pas pour sa vie. TVA link plays video.

    • Ephraim 16:25 on 2017/09/04 Permalink

      And still the taxi drivers feign not accepting credit cards, in spite of the law. If they switched, they might make less money… but they would be alive.

    • Kate 16:38 on 2017/09/04 Permalink

      The report didn’t say the cabbie got hurt in this incident.

    • Ephraim 07:38 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      But if they didn’t have so much cash… they wouldn’t be targets. Frankly, makes you wonder why they don’t take the 5 minutes and go by an ATM and get rid of the cash…. (but then, their under the table money wouldn’t be so obscured.)

    • jeather 15:05 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      I don’t like the credit card bullshit cabbies pull either but blaming them for being robbed it pretty gross.

    • Ephraim 16:38 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      Excuse me… that was neither said nor implied.

      They carry a lot of cash and that makes them a target. It is up to them (and the police) to solve the problem. As we already know, in Montreal, the police aren’t going to solve the problem, they will take a report and that’s it. So the cabbies need to find a solution.

      But their interest in solving the problem is diminished by their interest in tax avoidance. I assume that no Teo taxi is a target… they have no cash, it’s all electronic payment. And of course, when robbed, you don’t lose all your CC transactions… just your cash. Which you likely can’t even fully declare as stolen because well… tax avoidance.

  • Kate 08:22 on 2017/09/04 Permalink | Reply  

    Montreal woman Valérie Maurice was found dead in an apartment in Edmonton this week. The Journal says she was being controlled by a pimp.

    According to that last piece this was the 34th murder in Edmonton this year. Montreal had its 13th homicide on August 17.

  • Kate 07:56 on 2017/09/04 Permalink | Reply  

    It was a dim, rainy summer and now it’s over, according to meteorologists, who say the cooler weather is here for good. I’ve been momentarily tempted to put on the fuzzy slippers, but that way madness, and winter, lie.

    • John B 09:13 on 2017/09/04 Permalink

      I saw someone with woollen mittens yesterday.

    • David S 15:51 on 2017/09/04 Permalink

      I saw people with their Canada Goose jacket yesterday.

    • Douglas 02:21 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      Montreal wasn’t particularly hot this summer but the constant 70% humidity + levels made me not miss the summer.

    • CE 13:55 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      I find that in Montreal the first half of September is often quite cold but the second half and partly into October is quite nice.

    • Ian 15:47 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      This is often true, stay positive and keep your fingers crossed!

  • Kate 07:30 on 2017/09/04 Permalink | Reply  

    A night nurse had a harrowing experience at the General on Saturday when a psych patient very nearly strangled her. Aaron Derfel tells us that budget cuts mean there’s no longer a security guard in emergency at the hospital – a serious lack where people can be out of their minds from drugs, drink, pain, grief or combinations thereof.

    • Uatu 11:00 on 2017/09/04 Permalink

      I can’t believe it. No security in the ER. WTF? But hey, at least the head of fundraising is the highest paid even though donations are lower. The money saved by getting rid of the guard is well spent!😜

      Re: The Gazette – at least Derfel is reporting stuff like this.
      Just wait. If this story gets traction there will be a fluff piece released by the PR department to distract attention like they always do…

    • Kate 15:31 on 2017/09/04 Permalink

      CTV says two nurses were attacked and the man has been charged. But since the suspect was at the hospital for mental problems in the first place, he may have a strong case for being not criminally responsible.

      In a further update CTV talks to other workers and the union about unsafe conditions for people working in the hospital’s psychiatric emergency department.

    • Bradley 05:43 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      If you’re running an operation that you know could very likely burden other local services, especially if you’re one yourself, you ought to be able to carry some of that burden yourself. What if say, the Bell Centre wanted to cut costs by removing their security? That’s hyperbolic of course, but I see it all the time in smaller scales. Like hotels that don’t have their own security, yet have the police on speed-dial.

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