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  • Kate 18:12 on 2017/09/03 Permalink | Reply  

    Metro’s got an excellent scorecard of who the municipal candidates are to date for city mayor and in every borough. From this, I learn that Jeremy Searle is going to run for city mayor.

    The Gazette damns Valérie Plante with faint praise, saying she needs to become more of a household name. To be fair, sheer name-and-face recognition may be the fastest route to election, rather than a person’s stated views or political history: Denis Coderre was known, but his previous political achievements were nothing to toot a horn about. It’s the Ronald Reagan/Arnold Schwarzenegger/Donald Trump principle, it’s often simply enough for people to know your name.

    • Mark Côté 20:04 on 2017/09/04 Permalink

      Huh I live in Searle’s riding and didn’t hear he was running for mayor. That seems like quite the leap from Loyola city councillor… I’m always curious when I hear news like this. Can he really believe he has a shot? If not, what’s the motive?

    • dwgs 10:54 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      Because he’s cray cray.

    • Mark Côté 14:19 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      I’ve met him; while he apparently has some issues as reported in the press, he seemed relatively down to earth.

  • Kate 18:04 on 2017/09/03 Permalink | Reply  

    Why would the Gazette pay a columnist to write about the city’s festivals when he confesses in the lede that he doesn’t like to leave his Barcalounger after 6 p.m.? The paper seems intent on soothing the late-middle-aged market rather than actually informing or enlivening. That’s an editorial direction that will not end well.

    • Ian 18:08 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      That’s a younger demographic than I feel like they are usually targeting ;)

      The Gazette has turned into a complainy angryphone rag catering to suburbanites over the last few decades. Other than the articles you link to, I rarely read it. The editorial slant is way too out of touch with my notion of what living in Montreal is actually like, and I say that as a 47 year old white Anglo.

    • EmilyG 18:12 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      The columnist sounds like he could start a Grouchiness Festival.

    • Kate 18:36 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      We could have a worse elderly crank columnist, I guess – Rex Murphy, for example

    • Michael Black 19:08 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      But the column is from the west island, it won’t appear in the Gazette proper. I’m not sure if the paper is still publishing a west island section. But they clearly mark one webpage section as “off island” and another as “west island”. Kathryn Greenway, who used to write about dance and later things for children is writing for one if those sections now.

      If people only read specific articles, then that’s bound to skew their vision of the paper.

      A big consideration is that they are moving to “opinion”, not as an adjunct to news but instead of. Opinions only derive from “hard” news, but now it arrives with the news. Though of course cultmontreal does it too, with the Peter Wheeland stuff.

      But if the Gazette goes away, we are all in trouble.


    • Kate 19:17 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      Michael Black, do you think so? The Gazette wimped out of ever really standing up for principles on the whole anglo thing, satisfied with bickering and kvetching about incidents rather than challenging the bare words of the law.

      I would miss reading Linda Gyulai but not many others were it to fold.

      To be honest, as a news blogger I scan the paper’s web front daily, and I have to make an effort some days to find any virtues in it.

      Besides, if it went away, and people wanted to read local news in English…

    • Blork 21:44 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      To be fair, he’s not *reporting* on the festivals. It’s an opinion piece about festivals in general. Basically a west-island version of a Josh Freed piece.

      The real question is “why does the Gazette pay people to write opinion pieces?” Between blogs and Facebook we are drowning in people’s opinions on things, so why does this guy (and Josh Freed) get a paycheque for something that I and others have been doing for free for almost two decades?

    • Uatu 22:01 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      I agree that most of the Gazoo is negligible, but must give props to Aaron Derfel’s reporting on the MUHC. It seems to be the only critical voice in the Anglo media regarding the MUHC. Every other media outlet (CTV, cjad, CBC etc.) just run all the feel good stories fed to them by the muhc PR department. Derfel actually does some decent investigative journalism, enough to get him kicked out of the super hospital on opening day. All mega projects deserve this kind of reporting (especially with this city and province’s track record of blowing cash) and hopefully the Gazette will continue with this level of journalism!

    • Kate 23:09 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      Uatu, you are quite right. I grant you Aaron Derfel as well.

      Michael Black, later thought, re “But the column is from the west island, it won’t appear in the Gazette proper.” You’re assuming anyone really notices what’s in one paper edition vs. another. The Gazette, now, is the website.

      Still, we do need different viewpoints on the news. I’m not condemning the Gazette to oblivion, I’m mostly saying they should stop writing for the little old lady in Baie d’Urfé.

    • Kevin 09:20 on 2017/09/04 Permalink

      The Gazette is most definitely not its website; the differences between its print and web editions are pretty large.

      Part of the weirdness of media in the current age is the articles that are shared and seen online are often opinion pieces, and not news articles.

      But part of the weirdness of the Gazette is that many of its writers seem to have no interest of the lives of their core audience.

      Basem Boshra said last week he would never send his kids to an English school; Brendan Kelly spends his time telling Anglos to watch French TV and movies.

    • Kate 10:25 on 2017/09/04 Permalink

      Kevin, re opinion pieces: that’s partly why I try to link to news here and only link a column or opinion piece when I find it strongly on point, or I want to make a meta-comment like this post on a media choice.

      The tone of a media outlet is set by the people they allow to comment, be it a Bock-Côté or a Freed, so if you’re following news you need to be aware generally what those folks are saying to be alert to what the inherent bias is.

  • Kate 17:12 on 2017/09/03 Permalink | Reply  

    Plateau borough has bought a large parking lot near Mont-Royal metro as a first step to creating a cultural hub which would involve a new library and other spaces, but the plans are not yet more definite.

    • Blork 21:37 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      There’s a large parking lot near the Mont-Royal Metro?

    • Kate 23:13 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      Blork, there is. On the Berri side there’s a lot behind the Très-Saint-Sacrement, you can see it here.

    • Blork 10:59 on 2017/09/04 Permalink

      Oh right. I used to walk by there every day, and that’s where the Communauto cars I used were kept. (I guess living out here in the Great Forbidden has distorted my view of what a “large” parking lot is…)

    • Kate 15:40 on 2017/09/04 Permalink

      For the Plateau it’s huge.

    • CE 14:02 on 2017/09/05 Permalink

      I always thought that was such a terrible place for a parking lot. It’s so close to so many things to be wasted in such a way.

  • Kate 05:56 on 2017/09/03 Permalink | Reply  

    Lots of history links for a rainy Sunday:

    Radio-Canada on the historic art heist at the MMFA in 1972. Kristian wrote about the incident on Coolopolis a couple of years back. Update: CBC went on to post a version of the story with images as well.

    Gilles Proulx on two women named Marguerite who helped shape this city.

    Pamplemousse on the old neighbourhood tavern.

    The Centre d’histoire looks at the history of the McTavish reservoir and its castellar building.

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