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  • Kate 20:34 on 2017/09/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Steve Faguy writes in the Gazette about the evolution of local anglo TV news.

  • Kate 19:40 on 2017/09/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Quebec is advising the use of public transit with another year of construction roadblocks to come. Some extra money for transit comes with the admonition.

    La Presse predicts a season in hell – Rimbaud in an embouteillage on the 15? – and CTV a nightmare.

    • EmilyG 23:07 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      Yes, I remember hearing people talk about it on the radio, and someone said “you’ll have to learn to love the metro.” I guess these are people who don’t take public transit often, if at all.
      I hope that if ridership increases, there will be more buses and metros in use.

    • EmilyG 23:09 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      And I say that as a daily public transit user. I have a car, but it stays in the suburbs at my family’s house. Don’t drive it much, and never downtown.

    • Kate 07:21 on 2017/09/02 Permalink

      They’re promising some improvements, EmilyG. I hope so too, and one thing I’ve emailed them about, purely because it affects me, is that in term time they need full-length trains on the blue line. I’m travelling with thousands of UdeM students in the mornings now and I’d prefer not to get their backpacks in the face quite so often.

    • EmilyG 09:10 on 2017/09/02 Permalink

      Yes, the blue line can indeed get very crowded.

    • Ian 14:29 on 2017/09/02 Permalink

      I live in the Plateau & work in Saint Anne de Bellevue. I do take the bus, mostly because they have a much better idea of where the detours are and what the best routes are as they are in constant radio contact, plus I can prepare work on my way. Even so it sometimes takes me two hours to get there, and the 211 & 405 buses are almost always full. I would take the train, but there is no bus from the train to my work and the schedule is inconvenient.

      In rush hour my hour and a half commute takes two hours. Add an extra 20-30 minutes each way waiting for the buses on top of that, and that becomes a pretty major chunk of my day wasted.

      Adding more buses and parking spots is a good first step, but Mile End to Ste-Anne is literally a 50 minute to one hour drive outside of rush hour. Compared to up to two and a half hours by public transit it’s no big surprise so many people opt to keep driving, especially if they are suburbanites who already rely on their cars.

    • dominic 08:40 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      @Ian. Have you considered moving closer to the west? Something near Lionel Groulx if you don’t want to leave the city. But even Dorval would be a good compromise (and probably save you a lot of money). I mean, the Plateau is nice, but.. not “4 hours of commuting every day” nice.

    • Ian 10:59 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      I just started this job last year, so I’m not going to uproot my family just yet… but the southwest is admittedly starting to look pretty attractive to me. Still, the 405 from Lionel Groulx to Ste Anne is an hour ride. And that’s the “express” bus.

    • Kevin 15:18 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      It is better than it used to be.
      Back in the nineties I used to drive from Kirkland to Ste. Anne’s in 8 minutes, then lost my car and spent a year taking the bus for 90 minutes each way.

      If I worked in Ste Anne’s I be strongly considering living in the West Island, or off-island

    • Ian 17:14 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      Yeah Kirkland to Ste Anne would be a real pain. To be fair, many of my colleagues live in NDG and drive to work. As long as there isn’t crazy construction work it’s actually a pretty short drive, especially outside of rush hour. We’re not 9-to-5ers so it’s not as bad as if I had an office job in Ste Anne or something, and I do still work downtown sometimes, too. If I were working at some office in Ste Anne, yeah, I’d be looking at moving – but people do it! My kid’s kindergarten teacher was coming in to downtown from Rigaud every day, for instance.

      In all honesty the commute is terrible but there is just so little out there that I’m really not tempted to move. All the flooding in spring also made me think that a lot of locations out that way might not be a great place to move to. St Henri is starting to remind me of the Plateau from 15 years ago, though.It’s certainly changed a ton since I lived there in the 90s.

      It’s just kind of nuts how poorly served the west island is by public transit and yet the STM seems to be genuinely confused why more people don’t take public transit.

    • Kate 17:19 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      Ian, that last is a fair point. Quebec can lecture us on taking public transit but when the chips are down the big money goes to car owners and drivers. This city has put up for decades with a feeble commuter train system that only caters to 9-to-5ers, and yet I can’t see the REM actually fixing most of that. It’s pathetic.

    • Ian 18:05 on 2017/09/03 Permalink

      Even the last 405 bus east from the terminus is 7:09 pm, and at that point there’s only a 211 every half hour.

      Once the circus of misery construction festival on the Turcot ends I am strongly considering getting a car, and I’ve never owned a car in my entire life.

  • Kate 12:51 on 2017/09/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Possibly useful list of what’s open and closed for the long weekend. SQ weighs in with caution on the roads.

  • Kate 06:40 on 2017/09/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Stéphane Laporte conveys a report by Michelle Bourget on a depressing visit to La Ronde.

    • EmilyG 06:56 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      Wow, that does sound pretty unappealing (though I’m not much of an amusement park person in the first place.)

    • Clément 07:32 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      The author is Michelle Bourget, not Stéphane Laporte.

      I actually haven’t been to La Ronde in years, but I thought the gyrotron had been dismantled years ago?

    • Kevin 07:43 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      The business model for La Ronde is: buy a season pass and come back again. It is not really designed for tourists showing up just for one day.

      It is also much cheaper if you pick up that season pass very early.

      For example if you buy a season pass now [and I mean in the next 4 days] you can get a season pass for next year at 70% off. That comes with coupons so that you can bring friends for free or with steep discounts for a one day ticket next year.

      Of course there’s no real way to know this when you show up at the gate hoping to buy cheap ticket for the day.

    • Ian 10:12 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      I go with my kids every year and we always have a great time. Haters gonna hate.

      And OMG the concessions are expensive, oh no! /sarcasm …Has the writer never been to an amusement park before? Even all the concessions in the Old Port are overpriced, that’s how tourist attractions work.

      The gyrotron is still running, but it’s a super old ride! It’s more of a historical experience. You want shiny and new, go on the new roller coasters. Even the ferris wheel got repainted this year if you just want new paint and a good view.

      @Kevin it’s always best to get your tickets online.

    • Blork 10:39 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      It’s normal (although not nice) that such concession food is overpriced, but $10 for a slice of pizza? Is that for real? (If so, I’m going into the pizza business!)

    • steph 11:53 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      10$ a slice sounds like easy business but what’s the rent they pay to SixFlags? What’s the rent SixFlags pays to the city? IIRC it was a 100 year lease signed in 1967.

    • Kate 12:53 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      steph, it was way more recent than 1967. I’ll look it up in the blog archive when I get home.

    • Bert 15:08 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      Per Wiki: The City of Montreal sold La Ronde to Six Flags, an American theme park chain, in a deal completed on May 4, 2001. It acquired all of the assets of the park for $20 million USD and has a long-term contract to lease the land from the city. B

    • Viviane 15:34 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      What Bert said. When it belonged to the city, the ride employees were unionized and the salary was quite decent for a summer job. I’d be curious to know how that’s changed in recent years.

    • ste.ph 07:33 on 2017/09/02 Permalink

      The company La Ronde, the business and the rides it owns, has been sold. The property still belongs to the city and they pay rent on that property. as per wiki: The park is under an emphyteutic lease with the City of Montreal, which expires in 2065″

    • Ian 14:31 on 2017/09/02 Permalink

      TIL what an emphyteutic lease is!

    • Viviane 15:04 on 2017/09/02 Permalink

      TIL what “TIL” means.

  • Kate 06:33 on 2017/09/01 Permalink | Reply  

    The STM isn’t preparing to fix up its bus garage on St-Denis, as I posted recently, but to build an entire new one a few blocks away on Bellechasse. Some reps are concerned about what might happen if that big lot on St-Denis is sold into private hands.

  • Kate 06:27 on 2017/09/01 Permalink | Reply  

    The northern half of NDG park will reopen this weekend but the southern half is still off limits as fallen and broken trees are cleared away.

    • Taylor C. Noakes 16:11 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      The best part of living in NDG is seeing the locals tear down the police tape, knock down the signs and otherwise not giving a flying Philadelphia fart about the borough’s half-assed attempt to keep them out. It’s almost cute that Russell Copeman thinks anyone in NDG is waiting for him to greenlight when they can go in the park.

    • Tim S. 21:24 on 2017/09/02 Permalink

      A friend was kicked out by police for exercising in the baseball diamond, which had no fallen trees in it. I wish they would be as diligent policing traffic.

  • Kate 06:14 on 2017/09/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Denis Coderre has constituted a committee of TV and movie people to advise him on making Montreal a more attractive place for productions. Le Devoir also asks whether Quebec should have a TV festival.

  • Kate 06:08 on 2017/09/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Bigger Bixi stations are expected next season. Text and video from TVA.

  • Kate 06:07 on 2017/09/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Weekend roadworks near the Jacques-Cartier; notes from TVA on other traffic problems expected; notes from the Gazette. Now it’s not my fault if you get stuck in traffic. Remember: you are traffic.

    Also gasoline is more expensive.

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