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  • Kate 22:49 on 2017/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    I know you can’t kvetch too much about headlines, but what’s the idea about Habitat 67 making a comeback? It’s there, it hasn’t gone anywhere and it’s always had people living in it.

    • Viviane 00:46 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      Perhaps the author just meant that it’s back in the news again because if its 50th anniversary?

    • dan 08:01 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      This may be a good time to remind people that it’s open for guided tours, apparently through October. I went on a tour in June and it was excellent. I would highly recommend seeing it from the inside.

    • J 12:42 on 2017/09/01 Permalink

      Don’t know what to say… The tour is 24.61$ per person (tax in) and “due to renovation work we cannot guarantee your visit will include a residential unit”.

  • Kate 22:46 on 2017/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    A Concordia study finds that weather in Montreal’s neighbourhoods will be more variable, a trend we saw when NDG got devastated in a microburst while St-Henri was untouched, or even when I had a downpour in Villeray and a friend in Rosemont didn’t, as happened recently.

  • Kate 21:27 on 2017/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    The SPVM police chief has suspended Costa Labos. Le Devoir briefly summarizes Labos’ history in the force.

  • Kate 21:19 on 2017/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    The Gazette says the delayed “observation wheel” in the Old Port should open Friday. Perhaps the wheel PR people understand that influential bloggers should be invited along?

    Update: the Journal has photos, mostly kyped from Instagram.

  • Kate 12:41 on 2017/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Projet has recruited a community organizer in a push to take Richard Bergeron’s council seat in November and Coderre has signed up a guy who was a councillor under Jean Doré. Every day’s going to have some story of parties picking up sides for awhile.

  • Kate 07:12 on 2017/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    The Queen Elizabeth Hotel has reopened; Metro has a photo essay. They went all-out on the fancy staircases.

    • Ephraim 09:56 on 2017/08/31 Permalink

      OMG that looks awful. Can you imagine having a meeting and sitting on those boxes all day long with no back support? It’s like someone said… make everything BIG, so we get those big photos on social media… and forget making it comfortable or functional.

    • Poutine Pundit 10:03 on 2017/08/31 Permalink

      Another example of a Fairmont hotel ditching all interior heritage elements, in this case mid-century-modern, for some generic contemporary-luxury-bling look with some new carpets that look like they belong in The Shining. The interior of the Hotel Vancouver looks roughly the same.

    • Blork 10:45 on 2017/08/31 Permalink

      I’m kinda digging the “Star Chamber” meeting room. Maybe we should invite Trump there to discuss North Korea.


    • mare 15:18 on 2017/08/31 Permalink

      “Gentlemen, don’t fight, this is the war room.”

  • Kate 07:06 on 2017/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    This has been mentioned before in the media, but high-profile, not to say notorious, lawyer Anne-France Goldwater – “célèbre et colorée” in this piece – is apparently pondering a run for the mayor’s chair. Platform: everyone will be issued a pitbull, and any couple who have dated three times will be declared married?

    • rue david 23:04 on 2017/08/31 Permalink

      Actually, this could be good, she might siphon off a portion of the low-info populist Coderre support, so that PM/Plante can slip in the same way that Coderre did 4 years ago. Though, ironically, the higher info voters were split last time, and splitting the low-info voters could lead to a giant PM win.

  • Kate 07:02 on 2017/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    The area around Champ-de-Mars metro is being entirely refashioned as the covering of the Ville-Marie progresses.

  • Kate 06:51 on 2017/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    The Domtar garden that stands behind one of the Place-des-Arts metro exits, one of the slips of green space in the heart of downtown, will soon be history as a building will be constructed on the spot.

    • Margaret Black 08:48 on 2017/08/31 Permalink

      “Une foret pour tous POUR TOUJOURS

      “En 2000, la compagnie décide d’acheter de la ville de
      Montréal un terrain de stationnement adjacent à son
      siège social dans le but d’en faire un jardin. C’est le 18
      septembre 2002 qu’avait lieu l’inauguration officielle
      du Jardin Domtar, dont le thème est «Une forêt pour
      tous pour toujours »”. http://shfq.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/jardin-forestier.pdf

      That’s a real shame. The Redpath Museum organized a lecture on the trees of Montreal a few years back, and apparently that little park shelters a couple of rare examples of what remains of the Jack Pine downtown.

    • Kate 09:01 on 2017/08/31 Permalink

      *For varying values of “toujours”…

    • CE 10:03 on 2017/08/31 Permalink

      That’s too bad, I walked by it the other day and having not been in the city for a while, I was seeing a lot of things from fresh(er) eyes and remarked on how I hadn’t really noticed the park before. It’s a nice little space. Why not develop the nearby parking lot instead and leave the park?

  • Kate 06:46 on 2017/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    A one-year-old was found alone in a burned apartment in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve early Thursday. Her babysitter may be charged with negligence.

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