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  • Kate 20:36 on 2017/08/20 Permalink | Reply  

    Several fentanyl overdoses in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve on Friday alone have galvanized police to make five arrests in an attempt to stop the deadly drug from making more victims.

  • Kate 18:56 on 2017/08/20 Permalink | Reply  

    An estimated 300,000 people turned out for Sunday’s pride parade on a day of perfect weather. Photos from Metro.

  • Kate 18:54 on 2017/08/20 Permalink | Reply  

    CTV has data on the time of the partial eclipse Monday – peaking at 14:38 – and some warnings about eye protection.

    CBC says the last solar eclipse seen here was 1932. Not true.

    • Jaddle 07:52 on 2017/08/21 Permalink

      https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/canada/montreal?iso=19630720 lists several (there’s a list near the bottom where you can show all the eclipses visible here, grouped by decade). 1932 was the last total eclipse, though 1963 came very close. I don’t think you would have had to go very far out of town to be in the path of totality. There was a decent partial eclipse as recently as 2000.

    • EmilyG 09:21 on 2017/08/21 Permalink

      Hmm, I remember there was an eclipse in Montreal when I was in grade school (early 90s,) though I forget which year. It was a big news story. I think it was said it was a total eclipse, but I was pretty young then and don’t remember everything about the event.

    • Michael Black 09:49 on 2017/08/21 Permalink

      I definitely remember something in the late eighties or early nineties, early afternoon on a weekday. I don’t think it was total, but maybe was more complete than other times. It was slow, a long time from the start, but brief time when it was most eclipsed. I remember them talking about it on CBC’s midday call-in show, then going somewhere, and stopping along the way.

      There was one in 1970, I think March, I think the first eclipse I was aware of, I put a hole in a box to view it, but don’t remember if it worked.

      Everyone talks about watching the sun, but I think one time I did notice things getting much darker. How much depends on how complete it gets.


    • Viviane 10:57 on 2017/08/21 Permalink

      It will be possible to watch the eclipse live from the CTV link above, or elsewhere, like the NASA website.

    • jeather 11:25 on 2017/08/21 Permalink

      I assume the CBC means the last total solar eclipse? The next one visible here will be April 2024, though there will be several lunar eclipses beforehand.

    • Kate 20:36 on 2017/08/21 Permalink

      Michael Black, I think I remember the one you mean in the 90s. I was on the Main, standing outside Berson’s Monuments, and a man was playing a trombone. A bit surreal. It was not total but it was more than we had this time.

  • Kate 11:27 on 2017/08/20 Permalink | Reply  

    Police blotter is short on Sunday morning: a love triangle gone bad in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve resulted in a nonfatal stabbing. TVA link plays video.

    TVA also reports on what they describe as a family festival going pear-shaped in a park in eastern Villeray, where 100 youths played cat and mouse with the cops Saturday evening. A few cars got damaged and a few cops needed bandaids. More video from TVA.

    • DavidH 13:13 on 2017/08/20 Permalink

      That «family festival» was actually a few thousand people, mostly teens. They were there to see Yankee Daddy whose one of the featuring stars on this summer’s hit Despacito. Organisers were clearly not prepared for that big a crowd.

      It’s probably hard to gage. I went to see Wycleff perform on the Plaza and was surprised how few people were there (there must’ve been 200 people tops around the restaurant terrace they turned into a stage, barely more than the crowd you expect for the sidewalk sale). To people my age Wycleff is huge but Yankee Daddy is an unknown… Yet he’s one of the biggest star in the world for these teens!

    • Kate 13:15 on 2017/08/20 Permalink

      Despacito is a good tune. I don’t know anything else he’s done.

    • Ian 13:29 on 2017/08/20 Permalink

      Daddy Yankee, not Yankee Daddy.
      Wyclef Jean, not Wycleff.

      The mental image of a pile of cops chasing around a crowd of teenagers scattering into the night is worthy of one of those ridiculous “kids vs. adults” movies of the 70s. I am sure for many of them it will be a cherished memory well into adulthood :)

    • DavidH 13:52 on 2017/08/20 Permalink

      You have to forgive me for Daddy Yankee, he’s an unknown to me.
      Nobody calls Wyclef by his full name unless they are presenting his song on the radio though, not sure what you’re getting at there Ian.

    • Ian 14:08 on 2017/08/20 Permalink

      The extra f ;)

    • DavidH 14:19 on 2017/08/20 Permalink

      Guilty again! :-)

  • Kate 10:24 on 2017/08/20 Permalink | Reply  

    Details of the Pride Parade taking place Sunday afternoon along René-Lévesque.

  • Kate 01:18 on 2017/08/20 Permalink | Reply  

    An estimated 80,000 people gathered on Mount Royal Saturday evening for the free concert. CBC calls it a congregation while the Journal names it a communion musicale.

    • EmilyG 10:07 on 2017/08/20 Permalink

      I went to the concert. With the big crowds, it was a bit difficult to find a good spot to watch it, even for people who arrived early, but I ended up with a decent spot.
      I’m glad I went, because I really enjoyed the show. It was great to hear such a wide variety of music. I liked hearing the songs in their orchestral versions.

    • Kate 10:29 on 2017/08/20 Permalink

      I’m mostly just appalled that Rufus Wainwright now has a big gray beard.

    • Viviane 11:20 on 2017/08/20 Permalink

      I had a front-row seat and watched it on one of the several screens that were put up in parks for the occasion. I enjoyed it, but it would have been nice to have a host make short presentations between the pieces to link everything together.

    • EmilyG 13:25 on 2017/08/20 Permalink

      Some more musings on the concert:

      I wish the seating spaces had been a bit better organized (though how, I don’t know.) I saw a few minor disagreements break out over people not being able to see past other people, though things ended up all right in the end. Also, it’d be nice if I’d known I could bring my own chair – I seem to recall reading an article saying no chairs would be allowed, though when I got there, I saw thousands of people who had brought chairs. (I ended up standing for the concert.)

      I think Rufus Wainwright’s beard is all right. I enjoyed his performances.

      I agree, a host would’ve been good, though if there was one, they might’ve either had to cut out some of the music, or the concert would’ve gone on longer. Though I think it’d be nice to have some way to know what songs/performers there were, as I didn’t recognize them all (though articles I’m reading today about the performance do have these details.)

      The theme of the concert was “five seasons,” and I was thinking that in Montreal, we do have five seasons – spring, summer, fall, winter, and more winter. Though this isn’t quite what the organizers meant.

      Even if I don’t buy into this “375 is a special number” thing, I did greatly enjoy the concert.

    • GC 22:46 on 2017/08/20 Permalink

      The were projecting the singers names on the left side of the stage, but maybe that was not visible where you were sitting, EmilyG.

    • Viviane 02:31 on 2017/08/21 Permalink

      The names didn’t show on the screen at Baldwin Park. There was even a video glitch early on and we missed most of Daniel Bélanger’s “Les deux printemps”.

    • EmilyG 09:18 on 2017/08/21 Permalink

      I was quite far from the stage. I did have a good view of a screen, though they didn’t have the singers’ names on the screen.

    • GC 11:39 on 2017/08/23 Permalink

      Well, that was poor effort by the organizers, considering most people would be watching from a screen–especially in the other parks. It seems like silly decision to make consciously, so I wonder if there was some sort of technical difficulty. No doubt they’ll overlay some text for the TV broadcast.

    • carswell 15:37 on 2017/09/07 Permalink

      The concert will be rebroadcast on Ici Radio-Canada Télé on Sunday, September 10, at 7:30 p.m. and on ICI ARTV on Monday, September 18, at 9 p.m. It will also be viewable online on ICI Tout.TV, though I’m not clear when.

  • Kate 01:14 on 2017/08/20 Permalink | Reply  

    Gilles Proulx summarizes the birth of radio broadcasting in Montreal; the Centre d’histoire piece is back, talking about the history of swimming pools specifically in Rosemont.

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