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  • Kate 22:18 on 2017/08/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Archives de Montréal has a nice Flickr set showing water main workers from 1914 to 1946.

  • Kate 21:09 on 2017/08/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Zeke has noted on Facebook that while the impending solar eclipse will be but a partial affair around here, we only have to wait for April 8, 2024 to be plunged into total darkness.

  • Kate 21:05 on 2017/08/12 Permalink | Reply  

    As readers will know, I’m not entirely pro-dog, but I think Anne-France Goldwater is onto something in the latest sally in the three-Labrador euthanasia case. If the man who brought the complaint against the owner has presented no records of the medical treatment he claims he received, including shots and stitches, his case begins to look shaky.

  • Kate 19:57 on 2017/08/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Everett-Green surveys the various museum shows looking back 50 years to Expo 67.

  • Kate 19:29 on 2017/08/12 Permalink | Reply  

    A disabled woman driving a van has been missing for five days. Eleanor Stubley is a music professor. Out of her vehicle, she can’t get around without a wheelchair or crutches. She was last seen in St-Henri. More details in the linked items.

  • Kate 11:47 on 2017/08/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Love this weather. Half an hour ago I pegged out some laundry under a clear blue sky, and came in to blog and do some housework. I suddenly hear the rush of heavy rain. Where did that come from?!

    • Viviane 11:55 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      That’s why I’m a fan of hourly forecasts. I postponed today’s outdoor plans till tomorrow.

    • Max 12:59 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      The radar in Ste-Anne’s is useful too.

    • Kate 19:31 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      The sun came back out, so I pegged the damp laundry back on the line – then, within another half hour or so, a thunderstorm!

    • Viviane 19:34 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      Please don’t put your laundry out tomorrow, Kate. I need good weather :-P.

    • Kate 19:35 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      No chance, Viviane! I’ve resorted to the dryer this time.

    • EmilyG 21:54 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      I played an outdoor concert today, that nobody knew until the last minute if it was to happen or not. It started raining right after we finished the concert.

    • jeather 12:09 on 2017/08/13 Permalink

      Yes, they kept pausing Much Ado About Nothing last night because of rain or maybe rain.

  • Kate 11:45 on 2017/08/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Beaconsfield is in a long fight against two property owners to preserve Angell Woods. The town won one ruling this week, following closely on another banning people from even setting foot on the contested part of the land.

  • Kate 11:40 on 2017/08/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Via reddit, a view of the installation of the Jaume Plensa sculpture on the Bonaventure, lent to the city for 25 years by the Desmarais clan.

    • rue david 19:04 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      Cool image, and cool to get a bit more into on the lighting (plensa said it will he inside the sculpture, I guess as opposed to exterior ground lighting). Also saw mentioned that there will be two other public art pieces installed on the green strip between the two roads – do we know what these look like? Personally, I was hoping.thw plensa statue would be a lot more massive – it’s big and it will be as or more iconic than the university street pole things, but something we could over buildings in old Montreal would have been something.

    • Kate 19:32 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      rue david, I’ve seen nothing announced yet about the two other promised art pieces. Maybe the city’s hoping some other wealthy clan will try to outdo the Desmarais?

    • Kate 23:31 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      Update: According to Huffington Post, the road will have two major pieces, the Plensa statue and a Michel de Broin piece called Dendrites.

  • Kate 11:28 on 2017/08/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Montrealers are doing curbside composting more and more, but we’re far from reaching Quebec’s goal of 60%.

    Update: Le Devoir has some map graphics showing how the boroughs are doing with the composting.

    • Kevin 10:55 on 2017/08/13 Permalink

      I haven’t started yet because my backyard composter work well

    • Blork 11:01 on 2017/08/13 Permalink

      No curbside composting here, but I have a backyard unit that I’ve been using for a few years. It works well, with little effort. One thing that overwhelms it is corn on that cob! It’s unbelievable how much *stuff* is created by husking a dozen cobs!

    • Kate 11:08 on 2017/08/13 Permalink

      Hmm. My back yard composter never seems to do its thing. All the stuff that’s stalky or stringy or fibrous just stays in one piece. I curbside food scraps now, but weeds and leaves go into the composter, where they just hang around.

    • jeather 12:10 on 2017/08/13 Permalink

      I’m not doing much because it gets too gross in the summer and the garbage vs compost schedule is stupid.

  • Kate 10:50 on 2017/08/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Shady landlords may be preying on asylum seekers who don’t know the rental rules here or may be desperate enough to agree to live in unsanitary or unsafe conditions.

  • Kate 10:48 on 2017/08/12 Permalink | Reply  

    A cyclist who came to grief under the 20 this summer warns that the barriers over which he did a serious endo are still in place as the city plays hot potato with the transport ministry.

  • Kate 10:39 on 2017/08/12 Permalink | Reply  

    The city consumed slightly less water in 2016 than the previous year. A 2% drop is not much, but is in line with an ongoing trend. City spokespeople credit water main repairs.

  • Kate 10:05 on 2017/08/12 Permalink | Reply  

    The Gazette’s Marian Scott writes a piece that does double duty: reminds us what the arrival of refugees was like in 1847, and discusses plans for the area around the Black Rock and the uncertain promise of some kind of real memorial instead of a median strip as it is now.

    • Jack 10:41 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      A really fine piece.

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