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  • Kate 23:06 on 2017/08/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Mayor Coderre offered an apology to the gay community Friday, and also to the indigenous community. It’s not clear to me why he rolled the two together.

    • Ian 01:27 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      Fits with his “man of action” persona. Regardless, good for him. It’s an easy win and, well, finally.

    • ant6n 11:18 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      Coderre likes easy wins, especially those proposed by the opposition.

  • Kate 19:58 on 2017/08/11 Permalink | Reply  

    I won’t often quote from Facebook, but this struck me today.

    Taylor C. Noakes: It’s odd that people are saying “don’t worry, there aren’t more Anglos, StatsCan made a mistake…”
    Peter Wheeland: Just as strange that hardcore nationalists are upset that there aren’t as many anglos as StatsCan said there were.

    It’s such a strange narrative here sometimes. Better for political leverage if more English were being spoken in the hinterland. J-F Lisée was already demanding a stronger language law.

    • Kevin 20:41 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      I think Don Macpherson has it best: In Quebec, where every group is a minority, it seems that every one of them is suspicious of some other, resulting in the wearisome particular divisiveness of the province’s politics. Besieged minorities — and not only French-speaking Quebecers — need defenders against outside threats, real or perceived.

    • ste.ph 20:52 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      Is it actually a mistake? I can easily imagine a town with a small number of Anglos to begin with, and doubling (100% growth OMG!!) isn’t much of a feat. They went from 2 to 4 Anglos.

    • Kate 21:18 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      ste.ph, I don’t think so. Statistics Canada says as many as 61,000 people may have been misclassified.

    • ste.ph 23:07 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      Thanks! I hadn’t seen that.

    • Ian 01:31 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      Of course the ethnonationalists are upset. Encroaching Anglicism is a core narrative, and they already started rattling sabres about an enemy that turns out not to exist… this is how the PQ were gutted in the last election, this is an utter nightmare of Don Quixote proportions for them.

  • Kate 13:02 on 2017/08/11 Permalink | Reply  

    City workers mistakenly destroyed and carted away a piece of art created for the First Peoples' Festival.

  • Kate 12:59 on 2017/08/11 Permalink | Reply  

    This city is now hosting two thousand asylum seekers.

    Update: Friday evening, the Gazette is giving the figure of 2,500.

    • rue david 13:36 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      You know, for all the Haitians in Montreal, Haitian food doesn’t figure at all in the city. I think people might be more welcoming to the Haitian “refugees” if there were a greater familiarity with the cuisine.

    • Ephraim 14:16 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      Agrikol, Marché Méli-Mélo, Chez Thony, O’Rhéma and Sous Le Palmier, to mention a few.

    • Kate 14:53 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      rue david, exit from Metro Jarry on the east side sometime, and follow your nose. Marché Méli-Mélo is two short blocks eastward. A rich umami-laden scent of slow‑roasting pork drifts in the street around the shop. But it’s not a resto, it’s an ethnic grocery with a back kitchen and takeout counter.

      Unless you’re a vegetarian, of course, in which case there’s not a lot for you.

    • Ian 17:05 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      ? Agrikol has Maïs moulu et legumes as a main plate and a few vegetarian sides… I’d be awfully surprised to hear you can’t eat vegetarian at any of the other places as plantain, rice, beans, etc are staples.
      Haitian food may not be as well known as some other West Indies food, notably Jamaican, but there are a lot of places to eat in Montreal besides the obvious. There is an Indian ethnic Trinidadian place on Par that is one of my faves.

    • rue david 18:56 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      Yeah, there are restaurants, but still the cuisine isn’t so well known. Aside from agrikol which is a special place, are there any Haitian joints on the plateau, in hochelaga or in ville Marie? ,Used to be one on pine and saint dom, so good. Now, it’s all up in the north. Don’t even need ike a Haitian amir or whatever, but the cuisine would be a lot more entrenched in the montreal psyche if exited the Haitian dense neighborhoods into the mainstream.
      I tell you, if these migrants we’re Portuguese or Lebanese or Jamaican, they’d be getting better press.

    • rue david 19:00 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      Now I think of it, the joint on Pine may have been black Dominicans. Chez Rose, I believe it was.

    • Kate 20:19 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      rue david: Middle Eastern food is popular. Did this help the Syrians?

      Ian: I was thinking specifically of the Méli-Mélo, where the offerings are very non-veg. Their rice is so tasty I can’t believe it doesn’t have meat broth in it.

    • Paul 20:51 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      Aux îles des sucres on mont royal and messier is a decent Haitian resto in the Plateau
      I ate their last night!

    • SteveQ 23:44 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      BBC (Bonne bouffe créole) in Hochelaga is interesting and Steve et Anna near S-Michel has been a favorite for a lot of people for a long whil

    • DavidH 12:53 on 2017/08/12 Permalink

      I haven’t tried Kwizinn which just opened on the Plaza yet but it seems popular with families in the evening. Smells good too. They settled in a seemingly doomed place that has seen many restaurants and cafés fail but are off to a good start.

  • Kate 07:23 on 2017/08/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Le Devoir presents some maps of residents’ mother tongue based on the 2016 census, including one of Montreal and a specific one of Côte-des-Neiges Park Extension. The Montreal map is also available huge.

    • ste.ph 08:30 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      That’s not Côte-des-Neiges, that’s Park Extension!

    • Ian 09:41 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      That’s pretty neat, but the thing I don’t understand is the positioning of the dots… When I zoom all the way in to the point that I can clearly identify the individual houses on my street, there are multiple dots randomly scattered over the buildings, some in alleyways behind the buildings, and not on every building on the block (which I guess could be attributed to some people not filling out the census) …it looks like the datapoints aren’t accurately correlated with the map’s geolocation data (at a guess).

      I’m also seeing French dots on families that I know for a fact speak Yiddish as their home language… and the dot that should be on my place (I filled out the census) isn’t there.

      Given the obvious flaws in this map and the huge increase of Anglos in places like Rivière-du-Loup & Drummondville I question the accuracy of this census in its entirety.

    • Daisy 09:46 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      I’m almost positive the data is not meant to identify individual dwellings. That would be a violation of their privacy. It would be at a broader level, possibly the level of the census tract (a division consisting of a few thousand people).

    • Ephraim 09:49 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      @Ian – According to that map, hundreds of people are living in Carre St Louis :)

    • Daisy 09:52 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      From the Statistics Act: “no person who has been sworn under section 6 shall disclose or knowingly cause to be disclosed, by any means, any information obtained under this Act in such a manner that it is possible from the disclosure to relate the particulars obtained from any individual return to any identifiable individual person, business or organization.”

    • Ephraim 09:58 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      Wow… fun map. Kiryas Tosh stands out. And look, there is an Anglo in Sageunay :)

    • Blork 10:05 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      I can literally see myself on that map. Plus my one Chinese neighbour. A few other anglos around that I didn’t know about, plus it confirms that there’s a Little Little Little Italy a block or two away.

    • Ian 10:07 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      @Ephraim – in Cimetière Mont-Royal, too! Though oddly not a single datapoint in Cimietière Notre-Dame-des-neiges.

      @Daisy I suppose you’re right, but it does make the data visualization worthless as it clearly implies individual datapoints on a map. If “l’endroit approximatif où il vit” can be off by several km they should either mention that lack of accuracy in a more explicit way or restrict zoom levels.

    • Blork 10:11 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      There must be some kind of randomization going on, because this map implies several hundred people live in the park near my house (a large park, bigger than Angrignon). Unless they’re counting the deer…

    • Ian 10:18 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      …but nobody lives on Nun’s Island, Île Ste-Thérèse, Île Grosbois…

    • Kate 11:18 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      Nobody does live on Île Ste-Thérèse, at least year round, I thought.

    • Daisy 11:51 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      Under the Methodology heading it says “La représentation géographique est à des fins illustratives, chaque répondant au recensement étant positionné au hasard dans l’aire de diffusion, la plus petite unité géographique des données colligées par Statistique Canada.” Aire de diffusion (dissemination area) is a few blocks consisting of 400-700.

      Note that the visualization is not a StatCan product, so its misleading nature is not their fault.

    • Ian 11:58 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      @Kate you’re right, I mistook what I guess are former cottages for homes … I say former because apparently the owners got kicked out.

    • Kevin 16:06 on 2017/08/11 Permalink

      The map has hundreds of people living on the runways at Trudeau airport.

      I know flight delays are bad, but they’re not that bad.

  • Kate 07:12 on 2017/08/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Lots of dire headlines accompany stories about the closure of a link between autoroutes 15 and 20 for several months as Turcot work progresses. Also some notes about driving problems on the weekend.

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