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  • Kate 20:32 on 2017/08/07 Permalink | Reply  

    A new study will say that Airbnb is dominated by a few property management companies basically running hotels.

    • Ephraim 10:05 on 2017/08/08 Permalink

      Yup. Hotels evading taxes… GST, QST, Hotel Tax, Income Taxes and Property tax. And instead, we all have to pay more taxes because they evade them.

    • js 18:26 on 2017/08/09 Permalink

      Oh I’m sure the larger property managers and gentrifying landlords do properly collect and remit the applicable touristm & sales taxes, and pay income tax on the net rental revenue, along with their other rental properties.

      The people not collecting, remitting, and paying taxes are likely the ones who are the airbnb poster children, ie people renting out spare rooms, or their whole places while they’re away. They would happily comply if it wasn’t such a hassle to actually do it. You think some person whose roommate is away for a semester >ching-ching!< is going to be able to figure out how to register GST and QST numbers with the government, let alone know how to actually file the periodic reports and know how much and how to actually pay? And forget about them knowing how to report rental income and expenses in their tax returns. They'd need to hire an army of tax auditors to straighten out the inevitable mess these people will make of everything.

      To deal with this the tax agencies should set up a system to fast-track the tourism and sales tax collection and remittance, talking it out of the hosts' hands, unless they actually know what they're doing and elect to file their own reports to claim tax credits for GST & QST they might spend on their rental expenses, like bedding, towels, cleaning products, &c. Airbnb would send them a T4A for the net amount they received during the year. If they don't include it in their income tax returns the governments would reassess them, as the slip would have their SIN.

  • Kate 20:23 on 2017/08/07 Permalink | Reply  

    A fox cub was spotted on the tracks at McGill station, was captured by police and released over on St Helen’s Island.

    On Reddit’s Montreal group, someone posted a Youtube of two mice frolicking at Guy‑Concordia. I spotted a mouse at Jarry recently, more unusual I think because no food’s sold there.

  • Kate 12:53 on 2017/08/07 Permalink | Reply  

    CBC asks whether Evenko's new security measures made Osheaga safe for women. One Radio-Canada reporter got pawed on camera, but I've seen no other reports of assaults.

    Update: Radio-Canada’s Valerie-Micaela Bain has received a written apology from the unnamed man, and says the case is closed.

  • Kate 08:05 on 2017/08/07 Permalink | Reply  

    I'm seeing people out today in quilted or fur-trimmed coats, scarves and hats. What is wrong with these people?

    (Yes, I know. Maybe they're cold.)

    • EmilyG 09:36 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      I was wearing my jacket today, but it’s just a light jacket.
      I was out at an event Saturday night, and it was a bit chilly and quite windy, so I was wondering if maybe I should’ve brought a warmer hat than the visor I usually wear, though it started raining and the event moved inside, so I was all right.

    • Blork 09:50 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      I am not looking forward to winter but I do welcome this break in the heat!

    • CE 09:58 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      I’m getting on a plane to Canada in a few hours. Maybe I should pack a sweater?

  • Kate 07:16 on 2017/08/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Twelve large panels by comics author Michel Rabagliati will be unveiled shortly in the Plateau, tracing the history of this city – Paul à Montréal.

  • Kate 07:09 on 2017/08/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Spokespeople for three prominent heritage groups have published a short op-ed in Le Devoir praising the Promenade Fleuve-Montagne.

    • Bill Binns 17:42 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      The article seems to argue in favor of the idea of the promenade but other than some week defense of the route chosen says almost nothing about the implementation and especially the cost. I was in favor of the idea of the thing. I am a dedicated walker and use such features in other cities when I travel. The Boston Freedom Trail which the article mentions was a school field trip staple when I was a kid. I have walked every inch of it many times over.

      The complaints we are hearing about this project rarely say that it shouldn’t exist but question where the 50 million was spent and point out that the promenade is hard to follow for people who live here never mind the tourists who the promenade is chiefly intended for.

      In a familiar pattern, the city managed to spend Fifty Million Dollars on a project that could have been accomplished better with $100,000 in signage. Maybe get really fancy and build a million dollar rest stop at the halfway mark with the Adirondack chairs and such. As it is, this project goes right up there with the Richler gazebo, the granite stumps and the mayor’s private party tent on the roof of city hall for near criminal wasting of public money.

  • Kate 06:50 on 2017/08/07 Permalink | Reply  

    The construction holiday is over, and it was a deadly one, with at least 17 highway deaths to its account in Quebec.

  • Kate 06:49 on 2017/08/07 Permalink | Reply  

    A man was stabbed in Montreal North Sunday evening and a suspect has been arrested. The victim is in critical condition.

    Update: Alleged assailant charged with aggravated assault. The reason for the attack has not been made clear.

  • Kate 06:34 on 2017/08/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Overnight closures of part of A-20 through Lachine for repaving will start soon and continue through the fall.

  • Kate 06:32 on 2017/08/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Some property owners are wondering whether their land will be expropriated for the metro’s blue line extension, which was announced and then ground to a halt. But they can’t find out for sure either way.

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