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  • Kate 21:46 on 2017/08/06 Permalink | Reply  

    One of Quebec's ten most wanted suspects was nabbed in Montreal this weekend. Marc-Étienne Côté will be charged in the shooting death of a man in Saguenay last November. Someone spotted him in Rosemont and he was easily picked up.

  • Kate 21:40 on 2017/08/06 Permalink | Reply  

    An annual Greek festival in Park Ex has been cancelled but this brief account suggests layers of untold stories behind the decision.

  • Kate 21:33 on 2017/08/06 Permalink | Reply  

    Two weeks ago a man was shot, although not killed, in Côte-des-Neiges. The SPVM is intensifying its investigation with a command post and door-to-door questioning of neighbours.

    Update: Nothing new from the investigation Monday evening.

    • Ephraim 21:39 on 2017/08/06 Permalink

      It’s a real shame when actual police work is cited as a news story. When doing your job is news….

    • Kate 06:36 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      It’s not exactly a news story. It’s in the media because cops want the information out there with the contact number. It’s not so much that doing their work is news.

    • Ephraim 07:54 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      That’s “Police are asking for public’s help” not “Police going door to door”. The fact that they are going to door is the news. They always ask for the public help, solving crimes. Actually walking from door to door… is the miracle.

    • Kate 08:01 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      Ephraim, I think the rest of the story comes from the journalist’s need to pad the story out to a reasonable length and add interest. Not so much that cops doing their job is a newsworthy departure from their usual torpor, as you cast it.

  • Kate 18:19 on 2017/08/06 Permalink | Reply  

    Went for a walk in my neighbourhood and was startled to find this brand new school building looking very spiffy at the corner of Liège and Lajeunesse. I hadn’t been by that corner since spring. The old school building was demolished a little more than two years ago, although the best historical Streetview image I find goes back to 2007 – after that the trees on that side are too dense to see the building properly:

    Although I thought it a pity to lose this building because of neglected mould, I’ve got to admit the new one looks much brighter and more appealing, much closer to modern attitudes to childhood than the dark brick reformatory that was there before.

    • SMD 23:39 on 2017/08/06 Permalink

      The building certainly looks more modern, but to save a few bucks the province refused to pay for a geothermal heating system (which would have paid for itself in a few years) and a green roof. More tragically, they also forced the CSDM to remove the planned elevator, again to cut costs. I can’t believe that in 2017 you can build a brand-new school in Québec and not make it universally-accessible. And now it won’t even be ready for this September, despite five years of promises to that effect: http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/education/201706/08/01-5105557-csdm-lecole-saint-gerard-ne-sera-pas-prete-pour-la-rentree.php.

    • DavidH 00:10 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      A cynic would say the government is not really interested in energy savings since that means lower profits for Hydro.

    • Kate 07:11 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      SMD, thanks for the background, although it’s a bit depressing.

      It seems like they still intend to call the school Saint-Gérard, too. I don’t know what I’d come up with as a new name, but isn’t it time for the CSDM to start shuffling off the Catholic toponymy?

    • Kevin 08:24 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      Guffaw! Why would they? Catholicism is laïcité!

    • Ian 16:54 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      I think you mean patrimoine ;)

  • Kate 17:09 on 2017/08/06 Permalink | Reply  

    A group of people gathered at the Olympic stadium Sunday in support of the asylum seekers.

    • js 20:49 on 2017/08/06 Permalink

      I was biking along Pierre de Coubertin early this afternoon and saw what might have been an anti-refugee protest. There were about a dozen people and a sign that said something like “Retirons l’oreiller.” Lots of police around.

    • Kate 21:35 on 2017/08/06 Permalink

      I saw something about a planned anti-refugee event that was cancelled – it’s mentioned here for example. Maybe it wasn’t cancelled enough.

    • Lucas 06:17 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      I struggle to imagine what a narrow and nasty piece of work would willingly attend an anti-refugee rally. Get a life.

    • Montreal-UK 11:37 on 2017/08/08 Permalink

      Less than 1 in 10 qualify for asylum in the first world and the rest are clearly illegal economic migrants. International law states you have to claim asylum in the first safe country. Therefore those coming from the USA are clearly cherry picking the country they want and putting at risk the asylum system and those who follow the rules suffer.

    • Kate 20:34 on 2017/08/08 Permalink

      Two dozen lawyers beg to differ with you, Montreal-UK.

  • Kate 10:06 on 2017/08/06 Permalink | Reply  

    The Gazette has a nice feature on three old-time trades that still exist, and people practising them.

    • CE 10:05 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      It’s sad that the cobbler is disappearing. I work in the shoe industry and the upper of a good leather shoe can last decades if the sole is replaced once in awhile. Here in Colombia where I’m living, there’s a cobbler on nearly every corner and they fix everything (I just had a pair of sneakers repaired which probably would have had to be thrown away in a “developed” country).

    • Ian 12:05 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      There’s a good cobbler around the corner from me on Avenue du Parc that has saved many pairs of shoes for me over the years. The even fixed my leather laptop bag for me, very reasonably priced & fast work. They recently changed their name from “Cordonnerie Arthur” to Cordonnerie Eric” and did some renovations… not sure what the story is there but I’m glad to see they are still around. I would rather buy a $200 pair of shoes that can be repaired once a year over many years than have closet full of cheap broken shoes that can’t be fixed because they’re made mostly out of glue & plastic!

    • Kate 13:16 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      Yes! The old eastern European dude at Cordonnerie Arthur (Eric?) readily fixed my favourite belt, after another shoemaker had told me to “throw it away and buy a new one.”

    • Ian 16:56 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      That’s the place. They have consistently done great work on any kind of shoes for me over the years, at next-to-nothing prices. I hope the new place just means a son took over the business or something.

    • JaneyB 11:51 on 2017/08/08 Permalink

      Great tip! I had used Carinthia in the past but new management there has meant more expensive yet worse work…

  • Kate 09:58 on 2017/08/06 Permalink | Reply  

    Tennis mania has begun at Jarry Park. That means my regular bus, the 55, will pretty much give up on even pretending to keep to its schedule north of the park until the tournament ends on August 13. Foo.

    • Tee Owe 08:17 on 2017/08/07 Permalink

      Foo…? Phoo? Phooey?

  • Kate 09:32 on 2017/08/06 Permalink | Reply  

    CBC reaches hard for balance, finding people who like the granite stumps. But I still find that 3D rendering of the mountain looks like nothing on earth, and the photos of the stumps showing them from different angles suggest they look like control knobs.

  • Kate 09:20 on 2017/08/06 Permalink | Reply  

    Gilles Proulx looks back to the first animal hospital in the city, Baker Animal Hospital, which opened in 1866 and is still in operation. Being Proulx, he focuses on the difference between the anglo and franco attitudes to animal welfare – to the credit of the anglos! He never does get around to telling us who Baker was. The history is here.

    • jeather 12:54 on 2017/08/06 Permalink

      That is the vet my parents go to, and where I went until I moved. They’re a great vet.

  • Kate 09:01 on 2017/08/06 Permalink | Reply  

    Various reports are saying the real estate market is starting to heat up here as it has elsewhere in Canada.

  • Kate 08:54 on 2017/08/06 Permalink | Reply  

    A scooter accident injured the rider and blocked Pierre-Dupuy Avenue, the only road exit from Cité-du-Havre, Saturday night, causing traffic to be rerouted. TVA link plays video report.

  • Kate 08:35 on 2017/08/06 Permalink | Reply  

    This item on a fake STM Twitter account would have slightly more heft if the account had not been named “fukStminfo.” The STM surely can’t imagine we’d be taken in by that?

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