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  • Kate 19:32 on 2017/08/03 Permalink | Reply  

    Everett-Green has written a detailed obituary for Quebec composer Gilles Tremblay, of whom I have to admit I’d never heard. He says Tremblay was a “patriarch of Montreal’s contemporary music scene.”

    • EmilyG 21:50 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      Oddly, what I remember about Gilles Tremblay is when the Grove Dictionary, a giant dictionary of music, listed him as having died a while ago, while he was still alive.

      Quite a fascinating article you linked – I didn’t know Tremblay played the ondes Martenot.

      A great loss for the Montreal music scene.

  • Kate 13:10 on 2017/08/03 Permalink | Reply  

    More Quebecers live alone than other Canadians. (Let's not let Andrew Potter loose on this one!)

    TVA asked several Montreal residents why they live alone.

    Also, one out of every three young adults lives with parents.

    • Ian 13:29 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      “Montreal vs Toronto: Rental Rates
      The average price for a 1 bedroom apartment in Montreal’s city center is $955.92/month…
      In Toronto, a 1 bedroom apartment in the city rents for an average of $1,535.38”

      If I were single I would absolutely be living alone. Dealing with roommates stinks.

    • Blork 14:08 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      Agreed. I lived on my own for years and I definitely preferred that to having roommates!

    • Bill Binns 14:24 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      Although I enjoy being married, I lived alone for over a decade and often miss it. There is a particular joy that comes from every object you own remaining exactly where you put it until you yourself move it.

      I also had roommates for many years and it’s no mystery to me why people choose to live alone. I chose my roommates carefully but my problems rarely came from the roommates themselves but from the people they brought into the house. I gave my last roommate a hell of a deal on the condition that he was never allowed to bring anyone into the house for any reason. A stipulation he readily agreed to yet complained about constantly and broke when he felt like it. After that I just rented shitty studio apartments on my own.

    • Ian 16:46 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      “I gave my last roommate a hell of a deal on the condition that he was never allowed to bring anyone into the house for any reason. ” Wow. Just wow. And I thought I had it bad when I didn’t bring anyone over because my roomies were just jerks. Little did I know there was a jerk discount, you should have taken out an ad.

    • Bill Binns 08:44 on 2017/08/04 Permalink

      @Ian – I think I charged him $75.00 a week which included all utilities. This was a 3 bedroom house, on the water, with 3 acres of land surrounding it. I was the only other roommate and I traveled for weeks at a time. He was well compensated and agreed enthusiastically when he answered the ad. Of course 3 months later he was ready to go to the UN Human Rights commission over my insane draconian rules. That was my last stab at trying to make the roommate thing work. I never had another one.

    • Ian 09:31 on 2017/08/04 Permalink

      Did you have a signed joint tenancy agreement?

    • Bill Binns 15:21 on 2017/08/04 Permalink

      @Ian – Hell no. I was in my 20’s. We got to “yeah whaddaya gonna do about it?” territory around the 6 month mark after I woke up to find a stranger in my kitchen eating my food one morning. That was like, strike 9. They left for the beach and I spent my day moving all my stuff into a storage unit, having the utilities shut off and letting the landlord know I would be breaking the lease and had already moved out. Then I went out on the road for a couple of months. He had geared up for a protracted getting kicked out fight. I don’t think he anticipated me disappearing in an afternoon. I’m sure if I had a cell phone at the time it would have been ringing off the hook but it was much easier to disappear on someone in the 90’s.

    • JaneyB 19:02 on 2017/08/04 Permalink

      Roommate stories….it’s all coming back now, lol. Most of my many roommate stories were happy ones; I made some great friends but…there was ‘Pee-boy’, a 30 yo who I caught drunkenly peeing in the other roommates shoes late one night, and of course, LockGirls #1-4…sigh (refused to lock the doors). Oh, and the ‘Air Freshener Ladies’ (7 Glade plug-ins for an 800 sq ft apt…why???). There must be a website for such tales somewhere….

  • Kate 13:02 on 2017/08/03 Permalink | Reply  

    A man was stabbed overnight in Rosemont but why and by whom are yet unknown.

    • Blork 14:11 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      Stabby stabby. Stab city. Stabby McStabface. (Etc.)

  • Kate 13:00 on 2017/08/03 Permalink | Reply  

    Jacques Daoust, MNA for Verdun until stepping down last fall, has died. His career was mostly spent on the private side till Philippe Couillard recruited him into the PLQ.

  • Kate 07:33 on 2017/08/03 Permalink | Reply  

    Major renovations mean city hall will have to close from 2019 to 2021 and everyone will move next door into the old courthouse building. Not the first time these plans have been reported.

  • Kate 07:28 on 2017/08/03 Permalink | Reply  

    Bizarre story of a woman who attacked two other women with a knife in a city bus, earlier this week. The victims say they don’t know their attacker, who has been arrested and charged.

    • Ian 13:32 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      Weird, that is totally not an edgy part of town at all. I’m calling “off her meds”.

  • Kate 07:20 on 2017/08/03 Permalink | Reply  

    The World Film Festival will take place at the Imperial as originally planned, opening August 24.

  • Kate 07:19 on 2017/08/03 Permalink | Reply  

    The city plans to count the number of people walking along Ste-Catherine at three points between Bleury and Mansfield for five years.

  • Kate 07:16 on 2017/08/03 Permalink | Reply  

    The plaques on Place d’Armes that tell about de Maisonneuve killing the Iroquois chief with his own hands have to go, some Mohawks have asserted, and the Bank of Montreal, which owns the building, agrees with them.

    • John B 12:30 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      It’s a weird telling, with the “own hands” bit, but from my quick check on Wikipedia it’s not inaccurate, except that this wasn’t the first encounter between the settlers & the Iroquois.

      I understand that it’s an ugly episode, but what would it be replaced with, or are we just trying to erase the past here?

    • Bill Binns 14:36 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      Welcome to the new era of “hurtful facts” which must be scrubbed from history. Remember Queen Pauline complaining about a reenactment of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham because it depicted General Wolfe as having won decisively? So much for “History is written by the victors”. History is now edited by the losers.

      Strangely, there was another story going around last year about some little town in upstate NY that had a flag depicting one of the town founders strangling an Indian chief. The town got Internet famous for 10 minutes, put the flag to a vote and residents voted to keep it.

    • John B 15:00 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      I remember the story about the flag. I think he wasn’t actually strangling the guy, it just looked like it in the flag.

      My comment above probably comes off as tone-deaf, but I’d like to hear what the Mohawks think, and why they want the plaque removed.

    • Ian 16:50 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      Because it’s untrue.

      “On March 30, 1644, the situation came to a head. Warned by their guard dogs as to the nearby presence of their enemies, a band of 30 settlers went into the forest to face their foes. Once in the woods, the French encountered 250 Iroquois in ambush, waiting for them. Retreating in the face of such uneven odds, M. de Maisonneuve remained last so the others could make it safely back to the fort, resulting in him being set upon by an Iroquois chief. In this decisive moment, M. de Maisonneuve fired twice on the chief, thus “killing him with his bare hands” as is sometimes quoted about the event, before returning to the safety of the fort amid much fanfare.”

      His bare hands, holding a gun.

      It’s worth noting that the main reason for the Iroquois conflict with French settlers was that they didn’t want trade competition.

    • John B 17:29 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      The engraving doesn’t say “bare hands”, it says “killing the chief with his own hands,” (there’s a photo of the English engraving in the link, perhaps the French is different). It’s confusing, yes, and something like “by his own hand” would make more sense if we absolutely have to include something about hands, but it is the writer’s way of saying that de Maisonneuve who personally killed the chief.

      I imagine it was a rare and noteworthy circumstance for the leader of one “army” to kill the leader of the opposing one.

    • Kevin 17:45 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      The confusion about hands/bare hands comes from the Mohawk complainants who misquote the plaque, incorrectly stating “That Paul de Chomedey, Sieur de Maisonneuve, helped protect Ville Marie and killed an Iroquois Chief with his bare hands.”

      From the comments here http://aptnnews.ca/2017/05/17/montreal-turns-375-but-acknowledges-that-tiohtiake-is-much-older/

  • Kate 07:07 on 2017/08/03 Permalink | Reply  

    This piece on Airbnb in the Plateau has a headline about rising complaints and says it’s owners who are complaining, but doesn’t actually quote anyone. In fact it’s kind of an admiring piece about how solidly booked up Plateau Airbnbs are for Osheaga and how few inspectors Quebec has for its own rules governing the matter.

    The real problem beyond noise is the depletion of rental stock by the system. There’s also news of a 30% surge in foreign ownership of real estate.

    • Ephraim 09:45 on 2017/08/03 Permalink

      The inspections are moving from the Ministry of Tourism to Revenu Quebec. A much bigger interest in catching them, because they just estimate the income for the last 7 years and you have to prove them wrong. With Revenu Quebec, you are guilty until proven innocent when it comes to tax evasion.

    • Jake 11:58 on 2017/08/05 Permalink

      Even with the 30 per cent increase, foreign buyers still account for just 1.3 per cent of property purchases – that’s 425 purchases across the whole Montreal region in six months – it’s hard to imagine this would have any effect on the rental market, especially because most foreign buyers are going for new construction.

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