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  • Kate 22:57 on 2017/07/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Bars and restaurants on Ontario Street that have to remove their terrasses for the Formula E race will be compensated by the city for the hassle of taking down, storing and reassembling the structures but not, apparently, for their lost business. The race doesn’t even run along Ontario but the city wants to funnel extra traffic along there while the race area is blocked off.

    Update: Richard Bergeron defends the holding of the Formula E.

    • SteveQ 00:43 on 2017/07/14 Permalink

      The city goes out of it’s way to make sure the race and traffic runs smoothly but will never go out of it’s way for the sake of small businesses.

    • Kate 09:01 on 2017/07/14 Permalink

      I have to say, this city really is blasé about collateral damage done to small businesses from roadwork or projects like this. They probably figure in the bigger picture it doesn’t matter, la-di-da, if one business fails another will replace it. Heartless.

    • Bill Binns 09:14 on 2017/07/14 Permalink

      I think there are only two or three places with terrasses on Ontario between Berri and Papineau. Agree on the cities treatment of small business though. I would support compensating them but in this town that process would have to be very carefully designed and fully transparent. Not hard to imagine a flurry of brand new “businesses” opening up a month before a major construction project.

    • jeather 10:08 on 2017/07/14 Permalink

      Especially since this isn’t exactly something the restaurants should have planned for — this is a brand new event, and there was no previous announcement.

    • Ian 19:53 on 2017/07/14 Permalink

      @Bill you can’t just open a terrasse, it’s a very lengthy and uncertain permit process. Even if your fictional predatory fake businesses popped up there’s no way they would be able to benefit from terrasse removal compensation.

  • Kate 20:46 on 2017/07/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Police have arrested a man accused of three violent muggings in central Montreal. Oxlandino Noel Jeune was already facing charges connected with an earlier incident.

  • Kate 20:43 on 2017/07/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Cellular service has reached half the metro’s stations and will be extended up the orange line to Jean-Talon by the end of the year. If this seems slow, we’re reminded that workers have only a few hours in the 24-hour cycle when they can work in the tunnels.

    • Max 21:20 on 2017/07/15 Permalink

      The best part of the whole network has to be the yellow line. I’m pulling 4 bars under the St. Lawrence River. What an age we live in!

  • Kate 20:25 on 2017/07/13 Permalink | Reply  

    It’s less than three months since Denis Coderre named a traffic czar for city hall, but Pierre Lacasse has already been shown the door.

    • Bill Binns 09:15 on 2017/07/14 Permalink

      Are we going to be ok with this important position vacant? Who is going to tell us that there is nothing whatsoever that can be done about traffic and that we all have to just suck it up?

  • Kate 20:21 on 2017/07/13 Permalink | Reply  

    A Jewish hairdresser fired by his Jewish boss over working on Saturday has won in court, although I would not call $12,500 a princely sum after five years’ wait.

    • rue david 21:05 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      That’s a weird one. She prohibited him working Saturdays but not other workers on account of his being Jewish. Sounds like a bunch of bickering led to a crazy rule led to a firing led to a court case.

    • Chris 22:04 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Why does it “sound like a bunch of bickering led to a crazy rule”? Nothing in the article suggests that from my reading…

    • Kate 22:17 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      I tend to agree with rue david here, there’s an implied back story here, maybe of a client complaining at seeing a Jew working on Saturday and embarrassing the owner, or something like that. The hairdresser isn’t a young man and I hope he managed to find another position after this silly squabble.

    • rue david 23:16 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      yeah, or could even have been more petty than that, like he did something to annoy the owner and so she decided that as a jew, he shouldn’t be working there on saturdays, then he complained to customers about it because it was such a big earning day, then she got annoyed and embarrassed, etc.

    • jeather 07:37 on 2017/07/14 Permalink

      I know someone who worked for this company, and maybe the owner decided on this rule because she didn’t like the hairdresser, but she was weird about her Jewish employees religiously in general, and the story as reported rings true. I don’t think there is a backstory of a client complaining — the ones who would, would not go to a place where the Jewish owner opened the store on Saturdays.

    • ste.ph 11:45 on 2017/07/14 Permalink

      Don’t Montreal hairdressers typically rent a chair and make their own hours?

    • Blork 11:59 on 2017/07/14 Permalink

      “Typically” doesn’t mean “always.”

    • Kate 11:59 on 2017/07/14 Permalink

      ste.ph, the guy is described as having been working in a spa-type business, which may not have operated on those terms.

  • Kate 20:19 on 2017/07/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Nice Metro piece on the evolution of the Taverne Jarry, once a male-only preserve, pre‑dating the coming of the metro and the Met to the area.

  • Kate 07:07 on 2017/07/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Metro has an ambitious piece examining recent crime numbers by neighbourhood.

    • Ian 08:40 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Interesting to see the fluctuations.

      It’s also worth noting that the crime street map from the city is still being kept up-to-date: https://ville.montreal.qc.ca/vuesurlasecuritepublique/#

    • CE 13:30 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Interesting map. One of the crimes that often comes up when clicking on a blue dot is “Introduction.” Does anyone know what that means in terms of crime?

    • Viviane 13:56 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      I believe “Introduction” means unlawfully entering into a building or location, with or without breaking first.

    • CE 14:10 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Thanks Viviane.

    • Ian 11:44 on 2017/07/14 Permalink

      It’s short for “introduction par effraction” which is indeed French for B&E.

      The shorthand can be confusing if you’re not familiar with the terminology but there are more details on the à propos page –

      Introduction par effraction : introduction par effraction dans un établissement public ou une résidence privée, vol d’arme à feu dans une résidence
      Vol dans ou sur un véhicule à moteur : vol du contenu d’un véhicule à moteur (voiture, camion, motocyclette, etc.) ou d’une pièce de véhicule (roue, parechoc, etc.)
      Vol d’un véhicule à moteur : vol de voiture, camion, motocyclette, motoneige tracteur avec ou sans remorque, véhicule de construction ou de ferme, tout-terrain
      Méfait : Graffiti et dommage de biens religieux, de véhicule ou dommage général et tous autres types de méfaits
      Vol qualifié : Vol accompagné de violence de commerce, institution financière, personne, sac à main, véhicule blindé, véhicule, arme à feu, et tous autres types de vols qualifiés
      Infraction entraînant la mort : Meurtre au premier degré, meurtre au deuxième degré, homicide involontaire, infanticide, négligence criminelle, et tous autres types d’infractions entraînant la mort

      I find it most interesting that they only report crime by the nearest intersection to protect privacy. That’s clever.

  • Kate 07:06 on 2017/07/13 Permalink | Reply  

    A few years ago the city embarked on upgrading its two main water filtration plants, but it hasn’t worked out well. The new equipment isn’t operating yet at Atwater, where it sounds like nobody thought through how the new technology wouldn’t work with the existing setup, and troubles with the contractor have ended up in court.

  • Kate 07:00 on 2017/07/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Transit users may soon spot Azur trains running on the green line, but they won’t be taking passengers aboard. It’s a testing phase for the line.

    • EmilyG 16:59 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Interesting article.
      I like that it says how many Azur trains are now in service (22.)

  • Kate 06:54 on 2017/07/13 Permalink | Reply  

    A new web thing called 2000Solutions has the intention of finding homes for 2000 homeless people by 2020, a high-tech-ish way to engage the idea of providing housing first, a notion not necessarily popular with those who feel it unfair anyone should be given something for nothing.

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