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  • Kate 20:17 on 2017/07/12 Permalink | Reply  

    The city is evicting squirrels from Dorchester Square because they’re apparently doing damage to its maples. They say they’re moving them to Mount Royal but I wonder if this isn’t along the lines of “sending the dog to a farm somewhere.” And Mount Royal has maple trees too.

    • Chris 08:26 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Seems to me like the city could use a squirrel cull, there seem to be more than ever.

    • Ian 08:31 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      I’ve noticed a lot more rats this year, too. Mild winters will do that.

    • Ian 08:33 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      We’ve had mild winters 2 years in a row. There’s a lot more rats this summer, too.

    • Ephraim 10:28 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      The city can spray the trees with a mixture of fox urine, rotten eggs and cayenne pepper to keep the squirrels at bay… only problem is that it attracts foxes :)

    • Bill Binns 10:35 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      My Golden Retriever would like to volunteer to help out with the squirrel cull. Weird that a breed of dog who loves everybody and everything desperately wants to KILL ALL SQUIRRELS.

      I have also been seeing rats this summer. Including one having a nice meal at my wife’s bird feeder. Birds are now on their own until I can figure out a way to make the feeder rat proof.

    • Ephraim 10:38 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      One of the most disturbing things that I have seen posted in a while is a video of a squirrel eating a mouse…. ugh!

    • rue david 11:57 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Sounds like a job for the feral cats, if they can be trapped and relocated.

    • curious 12:24 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Oh oh, Bill Binns, I think that feeding wildlife is verboten in Montreal, and that includes birdies.

    • Bill Binns 13:07 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      @curious – Seriously? Bird feeders are illegal? It actually wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the cops came into my alley and stepped over 5 sleeping junkies and ignored the graffiti vandals “expressing themselves” on my garage in order to give me a ticket for my bird feeder but I’ll take my chances.

    • EmilyG 13:53 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Just did a bit of research. The city of Montreal doesn’t allow you to feed some nuisance birds such as gulls or pigeons, but feeders for other birds are okay. Some cities such as Verdun and Kirkland prohibit all bird feeding.

    • rue david 14:18 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Bill Binns engages in flagrantly criminal behavior but hypocritically chidea the police for their indifference to criminal behavior.

    • Bill Binns 15:12 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      @rue david – What the hell are you talking about? Owning a bird feeder is “flagrantly criminal behavior”? Are you smoking something flagrantly criminal?

    • Kevin 15:58 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      I had to check out what you said because otherwise multiple family members would be in trouble.
      Kirkland allows bird feeders as long as they are not creating a nuisance. Article 23.1 of their [a href=”http://www.ville.kirkland.qc.ca/client_file/upload/document/R%C3%A8glements/By-law%20relating%20to%20animals%20-%20Administrative%20codification.pdf”]bylaw[/a]

    • EmilyG 16:56 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Oh, okay. Sorry if I posted misleading information. Thank you for the correction.

    • curious 20:37 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Me too sorry. I stand corrected and appreciate the enlightenment.

    • rue david 21:09 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Bill Binns’ clear anger management issues that somebody should do something about again blast to the surface after he reads a short note satirizing his categorical and unconsidered declarations online.

    • JaneyB 08:36 on 2017/07/14 Permalink

      @EmilyG – I just read that pdf link….and bird feeders are OK in Verdun after all. I wondered for a second since lots of people have them. The city of Verdun (and Lasalle) also has official feeders for birds along the shoreline. The crows though…man, they are the sound of death itself. Can’t imagine too many people want to feed them. Bikers of the birdworld!

  • Kate 19:45 on 2017/07/12 Permalink | Reply  

    The body of Anoshan Negaswara was fished out of the rivière des Prairies by firefighters Wednesday afternoon. The young man fell in on Sunday evening, presumably after losing his footing somewhere on the riverbank in Pierrefonds. TVA report plays video.

  • Kate 19:40 on 2017/07/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Gaétan Barrette is to meet with the riled-up workers of the MUHC. Josée Legault has been writing angrily about Barrette’s unsatisfactory management of health care in Quebec generally.

    • Ian 08:33 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Wow, she’s not pulling any punches! Nice to see a writer lacing into this goverrnment with some vigour.

    • Jack 23:17 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Legault is really good on Health Care issues, she’s a cancer survivor and hospice volunteer.

  • Kate 19:10 on 2017/07/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Julie Payette will be Canada’s next governor general. I’d been wondering when Trudeau would find a replacement for Harper’s nominee to the role. Payette, a privately educated Montreal native, has been on two spaceflights with NASA.

    • Joey 08:35 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Her elementary/secondary schooling might have been private but she did her university studies at public institutions (McGill and U of T).

    • Jack 10:16 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Joey can you name me a private university in Canada that anybody has heard of.

  • Kate 19:07 on 2017/07/12 Permalink | Reply  

    The Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste wanted access to city hall’s front balcony to re-enact the “Vive le Québec libre!” of Charles de Gaulle, fifty years ago on July 24, but Denis Coderre has put the kibosh on the plan.

    • Jack 01:16 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Oh please please let them, its almost a final wish for all these senior citizens.

    • Jack 01:53 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Sorry I cant help it but look at this http://ssjb.com/degaulle/ and ask yourself who possibly could have approved this poster. The meme potential is simply overwhelming.

    • DavidH 08:48 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      Wow. I thought the poster was terrible. Then I read the description of the event. What does De Gaulle have to do with Tesla?!?

    • Ephraim 10:32 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      I want to say something about 4 men in tan suits from the parade to help him get up there… but I won’t.

  • Kate 07:37 on 2017/07/12 Permalink | Reply  

    On the weekend, a young rookie policeman rescued a woman whose car got stuck in a Côte‑des‑Neiges underpass during a flash flood. It’s being noticed in the media.

    • dwgs 07:47 on 2017/07/12 Permalink

      Very well done on his part but why is the underpass flooding in the first place? It’s not like we don’t have a history of this sort of thing in this city. Maybe an effort should be made to ensure that the drains in these areas are a)properly designed and b) kept clear of debris.

    • Ian 11:16 on 2017/07/12 Permalink

      It’s not the first time that spot has flooded, either. Good for the cops thinking fast.

    • Bill Binns 13:56 on 2017/07/12 Permalink

      The cops wouldn’t have to think fast if certain drivers would think at all. Some people just can’t resist the attraction of a flooded intersection. I see this same situation playing out absolutely everywhere I travel. Doesn’t matter if it’s a place where it rarely rains (Phoenix) or a place that get’s torrential rains every day for months on end (Miami). If an intersection floods, someone will deliberately drive their car into gradually deepening water until the engine stalls.

      Also, anyone who watches a healthy 6-8 hours of television a day would probably know from Mythbusters that the first thing you want to do if you even think your car may get submerged in water is to roll down all the windows or open the drivers door. Do that and you can just swim out of your car and admire the mess you made rather than requiring a heroic “rescue” from the authorities.

      To be fair, the article doesn’t say how the woman ended up underwater. I suppose it’s possible she was stuck in traffic and the intersection flooded while she was in it but I have seen enough people drive into water in front of me to know it’s common

    • EmilyG 14:14 on 2017/07/12 Permalink

      I doubt that this woman did this deliberately, especially since, as both articles mention, she can’t swim.

    • ant6n 10:10 on 2017/07/13 Permalink

      The driver may have simply under-estimated the depth of the puddle she was entering with her car. Those overpasses have like 4m clearance, so it can be filled with water by 2m, and still have 2m clearance that looks like a car could pass through.

  • Kate 07:28 on 2017/07/12 Permalink | Reply  

    An acrobat was badly hurt Tuesday during a show given in a park in St-Léonard.

  • Kate 07:25 on 2017/07/12 Permalink | Reply  

    The city is suing the contractor working on converting the Bonaventure into an urban boulevard, but the contractor claims the city has not responded to its requests to clarify the situation either.

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