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  • Kate 22:36 on 2017/06/27 Permalink | Reply  

    Police shot a man dead Tuesday in the Village. The incident will be investigated.

    Update: Reactions and commentary, given that the man was black and police were unable to subdue a man in his late fifties, distraught but armed only with a couple of screwdrivers, without shooting him dead.

    Second update: The Journal says the man was due to be evicted from his apartment because of his erratic behaviour, disturbing other tenants and nearly causing fires on two occasions.

    The Gazette lists a number of other notorious incidents in which police killed men almost certainly at grips with serious, untreated mental illness.

    • Blork 10:00 on 2017/06/28 Permalink

      Interesting case. The report said they tried using a taser, and then tried using plastic bullets, and both failed to subdue the man. It shows that when someone is in a state of rage, less lethal methods might not be enough. (I’m thinking of the people who seem to be under the impression that a zap with a taser is all that’s ever needed.)

    • thomas 11:13 on 2017/06/28 Permalink

      There was a murder on that street a few years ago. It is a favourite haunt of drug users.

  • Kate 07:59 on 2017/06/27 Permalink | Reply  

    Media are now focusing on people unhappy about the new supervised injection sites.

    • Bill Binns 12:02 on 2017/06/27 Permalink

      Hmm, imagine that. People living in social housing across the street are leading the way in opposing this. Not rich “neoliberal” gentrifiers but good old, salt of the earth workin’ folks. Won’t somebody think of the narrative?!

    • rue david 13:17 on 2017/06/27 Permalink

      the narrative is that safe injection sites save lives and reduce the costs and refuse inflicted upon the community and society. focusing on the people that don’t like them without making clear the government’s reasoning and the data behind it does speak to a certain attitude.

    • Viviane 14:11 on 2017/06/27 Permalink

      There’s going to be an adjustment period, for sure. Not all drug users are immediately comfortable using these sites. From a CBC article about a proposed injection site in Ottawa:

      “But Noftall said there will be a period of adjustment for users. The first time he went in to use the drug injection site in Vancouver, he was so nervous he ran out, he said.

      ‘It’s going to take addicts time to get comfortable,’ he said. ‘It took me three attempts to get myself familiar with the staff and trust the nurses.'”

    • Ephraim 14:57 on 2017/06/27 Permalink

      My experience with CACTUS, the last thing they want is for you to call the cops. They want to handle it swiftly themselves. If the man had contacted them immediately, they would have been outside immediately to help the person and explain the use of the injection site and keep them from injecting around the neighbourhood.

      That’s the point… that they don’t. It will take a bit of time until they can trust that it’s a safe space inside, rather than think they can do it on the street in the area. In fact, they may need to prove that outside ISN’T a safe space and require people to come in. But you can’t really station a policeman outside, that will scare people off.

      I’m sure that CACTUS will quickly contact the residents and hand out a phone number to reach out when they see something. They want it as clean as possible.

  • Kate 01:16 on 2017/06/27 Permalink | Reply  

    Parade organizers have explained and apologized for the now notorious float. A Le Devoir op-ed writer has some relevant remarks, agreeing with me it was up to the directors to foresee a problem with the effect made by the float.

    The New York Times picks up the story.

  • Kate 00:49 on 2017/06/27 Permalink | Reply  

    Quebec and Ottawa both made big promises Monday to put millions into preserving the St. Lawrence. Curious this comes at the same time as Ottawa is proposing to open parts of soi‑disant protected areas in the “marine protected area” where the river meets the sea to oil and gas exploration.

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