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  • Kate 21:12 on 2017/06/23 Permalink | Reply  

    The city has done a U-turn on its plan for reorganizing management at Espace pour la vie, so the botanical garden will continue to have its own chief. Whether that role will continue to be filled by Michel Labrecque remains to be seen.

    • rue david 22:51 on 2017/06/23 Permalink

      So, coderre sacks him, then gets calls from important people telling him it’s a bad move, so cancels the whole thing!

    • Kate 00:51 on 2017/06/24 Permalink

      Wait a sec. I had assumed that the Michel Labrecque being mentioned in this article and others was this Michel Labrecque, made head of the Olympic Installations Board in 2014 as consolation prize for being replaced as president of the STM by Philippe Schnobb. I figured I could easily have missed any news about Labrecque moving to a new job.

      In fact, they’re talking about this Michel Labrecque, a scientist who also teaches at UdeM. A Michel Labrecque is still listed here as PDG of the RIO. Must be chronic confusion with two men of the same name heading institutions adjacent to each other in the east end.

      Also, as I googled this, i found that Radio-Canada also has a reporter called Michel Labrecque. Has he ever sat down to interview Michel Labrecque and Michel Labrecque about what it’s like being Michel Labrecque?

  • Kate 13:13 on 2017/06/23 Permalink | Reply  

    The BBC came and talked to some of Les Canadiennes about how women’s hockey is ignored here despite Canada’s team repeatedly winning gold at the winter Olympics. Video. Via reddit, where one commenter probably summed up a common attitude: “No one cares about glorified ringuette and I doubt anyone wants to subsidize it either.”

    • ste.ph 14:51 on 2017/06/23 Permalink

      People don’t really care about other Olympic gold winning athletes outside the Olympics either.

    • Kate 16:13 on 2017/06/23 Permalink

      ste.ph, agreed, but most of the other Olympic sports don’t have a vastly popular commercial equivalent that captivates the public and the media outside Olympic times. Hockey does.

    • Josh 19:03 on 2017/06/23 Permalink

      It does kind of get at the question of why body-checking is not allowed in women’s hockey. If we allow it in the men’s game, why not in the women’s too, in 2017?

    • Faiz Imam 21:00 on 2017/06/23 Permalink

      One thing I like about reddit is the upvotes. That particular comment is hidden and deeply unpopular, which is hopeful.

      Anyways, I try to catch one or two Canadiennes games a year. it’s way more entertaining that most people give them credit for, and their yearly game at the Bell center is a great cheap way to watch a game from the really nice red seats for a fraction of the cost of a habs game. So that’s worth it on its own if you’ve ever wanted to experience the building.

      Yeah. It’s not the habs. But it’s high level live hockey. Given they there are no Junior hockey teams in the area(at least till the Rockets move into Laval) the womens team is the best level of hockey normal people can afford, outside of University play.

      If they got more attention and more people gave them a shot, I think they’de develop a greater following.

    • Kate 01:00 on 2017/06/24 Permalink

      Faiz Imam, this city has seen repeated instances of attempts to get its residents interested in any other hockey team besides the Canadiens, and it never works. Over and over again somebody gets an idea that they can rustle up interest in some team like the Montreal Junior Hockey Club or the Voyageurs or some other outfit from a league other than the NHL, and within a year or two the team gets moved somewhere else. The Canadiennes suffer from that syndrome in addition to the syndrome of women’s sports being generally less interesting to the populace.

    • Faiz Imam 02:12 on 2017/06/24 Permalink

      True, though the CWHL has the advantage of being structured from the start to operate on a near zero budget.

      They pay their players almost nothing, they used to not even provide equipment or even adequate practice time. It was a glorified beer league. The key is that they largely don’t rely on attendance to survive.

      Over the past few years they’ve developed sponsorship agreements as well as deals with NHL teams to be able to fund much of their activity. As a result they’ve begun passing more money along to players and improving the league. The marketing the cannadienne get with the habs specifically is huge.

      In contrast a AHL teams has huge costs. players, equipment, much larger and better paid group of coaches, staff etc.

      They need thousands of fans per game to survive. which is why the previous incarnations failed.

      This one is in an arena that in theory is better located, and it’s on a metro line so people from the city can go and check it out. Plus habs tickets are more expensive than ever, so a cheaper product might be more viable.

      I donno, maybe the AHL team will succeed, maybe not, but the CWHL is on its own trajectory and I think has signs that it’s doing well and might be getting better.

    • dwgs 09:28 on 2017/06/24 Permalink

      That reddit commenter is ignorant. If you are a fan of hockey les Canadiennes provide some of the best bang for your buck in town. My two boys play hockey at a competitive level and they’re both happy to go see a Canadiennes game.

    • Bill Binns 13:41 on 2017/06/24 Permalink

      I have read dozens of versions of this story regarding women’s pro sports. The general idea is that young girls are just dying to be sports fans every bit as rabid as the boys if only they had some female athletes to look up to. However, when these leagues are repeatedly setup, women (for the most part) have no interest and male sports fans have even less.

      The WNBA has been playing to empty seats for 20 years. A whole generation of women has grown up with women’s pro basketball on TV, playng in stadiums etc. Where are all the fans that grew up with female athletes to look up to? They cannot get fans to the games even when the tickets are free. You will have no problem finding people who believe strongly that the WNBA should exist and is very important but you will not get 5% of those folks to spend $50 on a jersey or buy a ticket to a game or really even just sit through a game. Having never been a sports fan myself, I often ask my friends who are fans, what they get out of it. The most common answer is something like “these people are the best in the world. You are watching somebody do something that perhaps nobody on the planet can do better.” This will never be the case for women’s team sports. It’s also not true for men’s minor league sports which also get no love from the fans here.

    • Kate 13:54 on 2017/06/24 Permalink

      Somehow women’s elite tennis seems to have escaped this trap, though.

    • Bill Binns 14:10 on 2017/06/24 Permalink

      @Kate – Yep tennis (sort of) and figure skating and gymnastics. Individual sports where appearance is an important part of the popularity recipe.

    • JaneyB 22:03 on 2017/06/24 Permalink

      Well, I’m glad I saw this. I did not know we had a women’s team! At one point, I tried to figure out when McGill’s women’s team was playing, sent them an email and never heard back. So… publicity problems might be a factor in attendance.

      Some of the popularity of sports is due to betting. Like a lot. People watch because they have money at stake.

    • Kate 11:01 on 2017/06/25 Permalink

      JaneyB, the team was called the Montreal Stars for a few years and only became Les Canadiennes in 2015 when they made a deal with the NHL team to extend their name.

  • Kate 11:18 on 2017/06/23 Permalink | Reply  

    The jazz festival has announced measures to make its events safer for women and people of non-default sexuality.

  • Kate 11:14 on 2017/06/23 Permalink | Reply  

    There was a CF-18 flyover Thursday, apparently to mark the opening of the CFL season, and as usual it shook people up. Reading social media I would be prepared to estimate people’s political stance based on their response:
    a) it’s wasteful, dangerous and stupid to scare people by flying this death machine over the city for no good reason – lefties, social justice people generally
    b) it’s cool! war machines are cool! football is cool! rah rah rah! – righties, rednecks and random tough guys who slightly admire Trump

    • Blork 11:20 on 2017/06/23 Permalink

      As a committed centrist, my reaction was in between. I was sitting on the terrace of the Irish Embassy (Bishop, between Ste-C and RL) and holy mackerel was it flying low and loud! But I have a fascination with planes and machinery so I was thrilled. But at the same time I recognize that it seems pretty inappropriate and could indeed scare the bejeezus out of people, especially some of those war refugees that we’re supposed to be welcoming.

      So I’m happy to see these things fly at air shows and whatnot, but I don’t need them flying over me while I’m having a beer on a terrace.

    • Daisy 12:06 on 2017/06/23 Permalink

      Team A here. Last time I was on the balcony and was totally freaked out. I complained to both the Dept of Defense who said the Alouettes asked us to, and to the Alouettes who were dismissive.

    • Joe Mason 12:40 on 2017/06/23 Permalink

      If it was just me I wouldn’t mind it, but it scared the hell out of my cats who were on the balcony with me, so I’m against the practice. Poor little guys.

    • Jorgh 13:34 on 2017/06/23 Permalink

      Visiting my parents right now, not far from Bagotville, with the air show going on this weekend (went once ages ago, not my cup of tea). The jets roaring about are annoying, but it was not an uncommon summer occurence here. So yeah, I guess it’s scary if you’re not used to it. The birds in the backyard right now don’t seem to care at all.

    • ste.ph 14:54 on 2017/06/23 Permalink

      I think they happen regularly enough that when it does it just makes me wonder what ‘event’ is on. I was split between Formula-E and Alouettes.

    • Daniel 22:42 on 2017/06/25 Permalink

      They had them for the Ironman opening ceremony in Mont-Tremblant but today but because of extremely foggy conditions, nobody saw a damn thing. I imagine once theyr’re booked there are no cancellations, but I don’t think anyone much cared for just the horrible sound.

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