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  • Kate 21:32 on 2017/06/15 Permalink | Reply  

    Quebec government plans to build a complex on the Îlot Voyageur have been officially abandoned.

    • rue david 22:58 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      ah, that’s a shame. but maybe the public market idea will now come to fruition?

    • Kate 23:03 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      Is it likely to make anyone any money, rue david?

    • Ephraim 10:13 on 2017/06/16 Permalink

      It’s actually an interesting spot for an office building, plus it has about the best metro access you could possibly ask for and an interesting corner.\

    • Bill Binns 10:14 on 2017/06/16 Permalink

      Bummer. I liked the plan for building a tower for Revenue Quebec. Seemed to make sense financially too assuming the building could be built on budget. Anything would be better than what’s there now.

  • Kate 12:34 on 2017/06/15 Permalink | Reply  

    An exhibit about Leonard Cohen is coming to the MAC and more than one large wall mural is going up, as noted by Adweek.

  • Kate 12:31 on 2017/06/15 Permalink | Reply  

    CTV tells a story about the English Montreal School Board but does not name the person it accuses of mishandling funds.

    • Ephraim 08:57 on 2017/06/16 Permalink

      Can we get a smaller list, how about the one or two who aren’t?

    • Jack 07:28 on 2017/06/17 Permalink

      Tammany Hall, the EMSB and the majority faction school commissioners run the board as their own personal plaything. Mancini and Lobianco in any other institution would have had to resign years ago but not the EMSB. Like the chairs or co chairs at the other big English language school boards they are waiting for the tap on the shoulder and the final ascension, a provincial Liberal nomination.

  • Kate 11:34 on 2017/06/15 Permalink | Reply  

    Five men have pleaded guilty in the trial over the 2013 killings of Gaetan Gosselin and Vincenzo Scuderi.

  • Kate 11:07 on 2017/06/15 Permalink | Reply  

    Projet Montréal is worried about the ash trees on Mount Royal; a record 187 ash trees were taken down last year in the park.

    There’s an ash in the sidewalk outside my place. Two years ago a treatment was applied to it, it did OK last summer, and is still surviving, although it was slow to revive from winter this year. Maybe the city needs to step up the frequency of treatments?

  • Kate 10:40 on 2017/06/15 Permalink | Reply  

    The developer of the second Tour des Canadiens has had the requirement to include “affordable” condos comfortably waived by city council, which my blog memory suggests almost always happens if the developer gives a little push. In any case, “affordable” is a weasel word at best.

    • Bill Binns 11:03 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      “In any case, “affordable” is a weasel word at best.”

      That’s what I was thinking. Why bother getting the requirement removed at all? If the condos sell, that’s proof they were “affordable” to someone.

    • Ephraim 12:04 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      Why not just charge a sum of money in certain areas of the city as part of the permit process to put towards affordable housing? In fact, maybe make the requirement to getting it waved a large donation to an affordable housing system? A positive for both sides, the city gets the money to affordable housing the the builder gets his permit. If the cost of the apartments are $1M, a $1M donation should not just help the city buy or build affordable housing, but would bring the developer back money in taxes and therefore mean that a higher amount would hurt less.

    • rue david 12:49 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      did nobody read the article? in exchange for waiving the affordable requirement, montreal was able so secure that property in the south west quadrant of the mountain/saint-antoine block. they wanted social housing there but didn’t own it – expropriation was planned. instead, they got a below evaluation purchase price and didn’t have to go through the expropriation. is it a fantastic deal? no, but it’s better than an interminable court fight (and associated court costs) that ends up with montreal paying 2 million more for the site.

      hey, and if the TdC 3 wants to do without affordable housing, the city can go back to them for a contribution toward the building too.

    • denpanosekai 19:20 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      What Rue David said. That article’s headline is biased clickbait. The second to last paragraph actually has a community group applauding the move.

    • Douglas 20:27 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      Well the developer paid 6.6 million for those lots 10 years ago and sold it for 5 million. Those lots are worth closer to 10 million or more today.

    • Jonathan 09:40 on 2017/06/16 Permalink

      Just to clarify – the city bought the land for ABOVE the municipal evaluation price, but most probably below the market price.

      And developers always have the option of paying out of the social housing requirement, contributing instead to a fund for building the housing.

    • Kate 10:42 on 2017/06/16 Permalink

      Can anyone tell me what the requirements are for this nebulous social housing that’s funded instead of including it in your project? Does it have to be even in the same neighbourhood? When developers converted the massive 7400 convent building into condos they made such a deal, but to my knowledge no new social housing has gone up in Villeray since that time. Who keeps that money, or does it (as I suspect) just go into a city money pot and disappear, a semi-legal bribe?

  • Kate 10:10 on 2017/06/15 Permalink | Reply  

    Montreal is paying millions to host the Formula E race while Paris, Berlin and New York are not spending any public money on their versions of the event. Radio-Canada even has a detailed invoice showing where our public money has been spent (so far) to get the event.

    • J 10:31 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      I suppose any race would want to be in Paris, New York, Berlin and Monaco bc. prestige. It’s the other way around with Montreal.

    • Kate 10:54 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      I was wondering about that. I haven’t studied the Formula E season, but it would be worth looking at what any city comparable in scale to Montreal has had to spend.

    • Bill Binns 11:07 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      If the government would be a little more transparent with their data, we would know which of these events earn their investment back and which do not. Every restaurant and bar in the city has that little black box reporting sales minute by minute. Let’s have a look at that data.

    • Kate 11:55 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      The season: Hong Kong, Marrakesh, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Monaco, Paris, Berlin, New York, Montreal. Our city is playing out of its league, either in population or wealth levels.

    • Frederic Cardin 15:14 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      Montreal has a very good name due to Formula 1, so there is logic to be included in Formula E. Also, I don’t think Montreal is out of its league. It’s not only about population or wealth levels (even though they are factors) but also about the attractiveness of the city. Berlin is about the same size as Mtl, about same wealth level, Marrakesh is not such a wealthy city, Mexico either, but they have population of course. But Montreal is a world leader in many economic aspects or cultural ones. It is a world-class city, so why not be in this “league”? I do not share this downsizing view, not at all. That being said, I don’t really care about car races, so I am the one who is out of his league here……;-)

    • Bert 19:00 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      Nothing is mentioned of the revenue side of things. It could be possible that in the cities where Formula-e pay for everything that they get all the revenues (ticket sales, executive sponsorship, on-track advertising, merchandise and other on-site sales, etc.). Perhaps Montreal is making more money back than the others too. Though if that is the case I would have expected D-Co to have mentioned it.

    • DeWolf 22:33 on 2017/06/15 Permalink

      I can’t find how much was spent in subsidies based on some casual Google searching, but the Hong Kong government was definitely involved in a major way. The commerce minister even said the government had “worked tirelessly” to bring Formula E to the city. It was widely criticised for high ticket prices and limited public access – big screens were put up so non-paying members of the public couldn’t see the race. So don’t worry, Montreal isn’t the only city getting hoodwinked by this event.

    • Kate 01:41 on 2017/06/16 Permalink

      Thanks for that information, DeWolf! I wonder if we’ll get screens as well.

  • Kate 10:08 on 2017/06/15 Permalink | Reply  

    Police shot a man dead in Lachine early Thursday after a car chase.

    Two people also got nonfatally shot in Lachine in an unrelated incident overnight.

  • Kate 00:48 on 2017/06/15 Permalink | Reply  

    Don Matthews, who coached the Alouettes between 2002 and 2006, has died at 77.

  • Kate 00:38 on 2017/06/15 Permalink | Reply  

    So much for being a sanctuary city. Montreal police inquiries about the immigration status of suspects are on an upswing since 2014.

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