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  • Kate 11:57 on 2017/06/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Pierre Lacasse, hired by Denis Coderre to be his traffic czar, says Il n’y a plus rien à faire for the city’s road system, and that the summer will be extra difficult.

    Lacasse recommends public transit.

    • Jack 12:02 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      Gridlock is the only answer.

    • brett 13:19 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      The quote is taken out of context, which isn’t really unusual given it’s the Journal. He says that as soon as there’s a blocked lane on a bridge, there are bottlenecks all around the island and even off island. If you can stay on the Island of Montreal this summer and ideally bike or use public transit, you’ll be fine.

    • Uatu 12:35 on 2017/06/09 Permalink

      Yeah, no sh_t Sherlock… This is why he was hired? To shrug his shoulders and say the obvious? Excellent work getting paid for that! 😜

    • Bill Binns 15:35 on 2017/06/09 Permalink

      @Uatu – In all seriousness, the answer to your question is probably yes. This “traffic czar” position exists so that somebody other than the mayor can field complaints from a city full of furious citizens who can’t get to work and respond with nothing but empty nonsense. I wonder how much it pays? This may be a better city job than the fire hydrant tester guy.

      I wonder if anyone has asked the STM if they are ready for the few hundred thousand additional daily users this guy is trying to push on them. Maybe they can install grab handles on the outside of the Metro cars and buses.

    • Kate 22:26 on 2017/06/09 Permalink

      As brett says, the quote was taken out of context, at least to an extent. Lacasse was talking about the extent of roadwork to be expected and the difficulties motorists will experience as a result. One of his main points, that public transit is the best way to reduce traffic bottlenecks, has been lost in the noise.

  • Kate 10:56 on 2017/06/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Avenues has a visit to Habitat 67. The example of a “maximalist” renovation – the kitchen with all the heavy dark wood – is not good. Article mentions public tours.

    Avenues would be more pleasing to read if the small photos they include would click up into larger sizes.

    • Blork 12:10 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      OMG, that kitchen is bad! If you have a small and dark space like that, the last thing you want is all those dark and heavy materials. I also question putting the cooktop on the island like that. Everybody wants an island in their kitchen, but cooktop islands are a bad idea if they’re small. Grease splatters will not only get all over the counter, but in this case they’ll also get onto the floor. Plus, in a small room like that it doesn’t leave much room to move around.

      (Tip: the image of the kitchen isn’t a link, but if you right-click and open in a new tab you get a high-res version… which means you’re getting the high res version anyway, just shrunk down, which is bad web design.)

    • John B 14:21 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      That kitchen could be worse. After reading Blork’s comment, but before clicking through, I half expected to see carpet on one side of the island ready to absorb all the cooking grease.

      (To continue on Blork’s bad web design discussion, that web page transfers 41 MB of data, or about 80 times as much as it should. Nice high-res photos, though).s

    • Bert 18:38 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      The kitchen is “bad” to “you”. It’s obviously a remodel and whoever chose the new materials liked it. They might not have thought ahead for re-sale , but someone chose it and you have to assume because they liked it.

      I have always liked Habitat 67, but looking at the listings (8) on realtor.ca, the monthly maintenance fees (condo fees) kinda scare me (1000$ min).

    • Kate 19:12 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      Bert, if I express an opinion here it’s because something seems a certain way to me. I figured that was implied.

      However, that dark heavy wood is so at odds with the Habitat style of open minimalist brutalism that I could make a case that it’s objectively wrong for its setting as well.

      Anyway, Blork agrees with me : )

  • Kate 10:19 on 2017/06/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Despite the fuss over the sex trade around the Grand Prix, there were hardly any arrests for sex business last year, both the city police and the RCMP saying the festive weekend doesn’t bring a spike in those activities.

  • Kate 10:04 on 2017/06/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Financial Post suggests the opening of the Saks Fifth Avenue store at the Bay, which involves getting a permit that hasn’t yet even been applied for, is delayed and, given the gloomy prospects for retail, may never happen.

    Update: And now The Bay has announced layoffs.

    • rue david 14:19 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      it’s a shame, that renovation is sorely needed.

  • Kate 01:42 on 2017/06/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Jean-Talon market has been car-free Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, in the summer, for some time. Now Thursdays, too, will see cars excluded.

  • Kate 01:06 on 2017/06/08 Permalink | Reply  

    It wouldn’t be the opening of the Grand Prix without the arrest of a topless Femen protester, would it?

    • rue david 14:22 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      who wants to bet that it was neda topalowski again?

    • Kevin 15:54 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

    • Bill Binns 16:16 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      Wait, what? I thought rue david was making a terrible pun. A woman who protests topless is actually named…. NEDA TOPalowski??

    • Blork 22:31 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      I just cannot take those Femen protesters seriously. Sorry, just can’t. Even if they’re protesting something I’d also protest I’m like, shut up and put your clothes on. Let’s protest this like civilized people.

    • Michael Black 00:39 on 2017/06/09 Permalink

      It ensure something gets traffic, though the risk is that the topless photos get reproduced and the story left behind, though they put a message on their skin (kind of like a watermark), so the brief message travels with the photo.

      But I think there’s been a garbling. Fifty years ago, everything was up for grabs, and nudity was “shocking”. Nudity wasn’t a tactic, it was part of the endgame. But it’s ancient history now for the kids, fifty years before 1967 was 1917, which always was the distant past for most of us. So I suspect the kids think it was a tactic, and also can’t grasp that culture and politics intersected. What happened back then reflects the times, it’s not a universal template for protest. So now they throw in nudity, because it was done back then, but without full understanding. Getting in the news is at best an intermediate step, the end goal is elsewhere. But “success” may be measured by getting on the news

      If nothing else, nudity has become a lot less shocking, because of the things that happened back then.


    • Mark Côté 11:56 on 2017/06/09 Permalink

      Femen started in the Ukraine. I’d be willing to bet that protest of any sort was rather different there in 1967 compared to North America, so I don’t know that the influences can be traced so easily.

    • Blork 13:39 on 2017/06/09 Permalink

      I suspect that if you surveyed 1000 random people, fewer than 20 would even know what Topalowski is protesting.

      If you surveyed 1000 people who were already aware of her protests, you might find 100 who can articulate what she’s protesting.

      So much for “raising awareness.” It’s just a circus. People laugh at it but nobody gives a f*ck because nobody takes it seriously (because of the circus aspect). FAIL.

    • Blork 13:39 on 2017/06/09 Permalink

      (And yes, I’m speculating on that data…)

  • Kate 00:56 on 2017/06/08 Permalink | Reply  

    “Some people” fear that naming the parklet at the corner of St-Antoine and the côte de la Place-d’Armes after La Presse will commercialize the public sphere. But then, this is being reported in the Journal de Montréal.

    I actually expected them to name it after Paul Desmarais.

    • Mathieu 09:44 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      I don’t really understand the issue here… That park is private land that was given for free to the city under a condition, not a public park that we changed the name to a corporation. We can’t really talk about commercialization here.

    • Kate 09:59 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      I agree. I think it’s just the Journal stirring against La Presse.

    • Blork 10:10 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      Yeah, it’s not like they’re naming it after a Starbucks. La Presse has been around for more than 130 years, and was a cornerstone of that area for decades.

    • Bill Binns 10:52 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      Hmmm, “Starbucks Park” does have a nice ring to it though

    • Ephraim 10:59 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      Bill, something like the Eaton Centre?

    • Blork 11:19 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      No it does not!

    • Bill Binns 11:25 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      I’m not crazy about corporate names on public facilities like “Bell Centre” but I would prefer “Tampax Tunnel” over “Louis-Hippolyte-LaFontaine” tunnel any day.

    • Ephraim 12:17 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      Preparation H Tunnel

    • Bill Binns 13:50 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      @Ephraim -Lol. That was my first choice but I wasn’t sure it was a product that exists in Canada.

    • Blork 14:26 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      Yeah, it’s right up there on the shelf, next to the tragically named “Anusol.”

    • Ephraim 15:54 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      Well, at least Prep H tunnel explains the bumps in the road :)

    • Blork 16:24 on 2017/06/08 Permalink

      Oh, snap!

      (This post should be a contender for the Montreal City Weblog “topic drift” award.)

    • js 22:45 on 2017/06/09 Permalink

      There’s a Montreal band called Anusol…

  • Kate 00:53 on 2017/06/08 Permalink | Reply  

    Police have made several arrests in the fatal shooting last year of Angelo d’Onofrio outside an Ahuntsic café variously called the Sinatra or the Hillside. Other charges will be laid as a result of the investigation, and major crime czar Vincent Rozon, perhaps a little unwisely, claims the arrests will put an end to violent crime in the Montreal area.

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