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  • Kate 12:31 on 2017/06/04 Permalink | Reply  

    François Cardinal talks about the Caisse de dépôt building, which he lauds as an urban success despite the criticism that welcomed it when it was built.

    • rue david 01:15 on 2017/06/05 Permalink

      Would love to see an equally ambitious project over the remaining open trenches of the 720.

  • Kate 10:52 on 2017/06/04 Permalink | Reply  

    A bit of the history of cycling in Quebec from Radio-Canada Sunday, with some archival clips, noting the 50th anniversary of Vélo-Québec. Some streets are closed so the estimated 25,000 cyclists can use them for Tour de l’Île.

    Here’s a thought: given that city buses are rerouted all over, why doesn’t the AMT (or its successor) consider making an exception and running a few extra trains on Tour de l’Île Sunday, given that they would be going over the closed streets and thus not be subject to road closures?

    • ant6n 09:44 on 2017/06/05 Permalink

      Why not always do that..

    • Kate 11:59 on 2017/06/05 Permalink

      ant6n, it’s a chicken and egg problem. Train schedules are sparse or nonexistent outside conventional 9-to-5 commuting, so few people even think of taking them. But the RTM wouldn’t be able to justify beefing up the schedules and running a lot of trains nearly empty for awhile even if it meant that, over time, more people would make use of them. It would need a really good PR push at the same time, encouraging people to take trains for other reasons.

      You know what would really help is if you could take the train during non commuting hours with the normal Opus pass.

    • ant6n 15:47 on 2017/06/05 Permalink

      Well, a lot of cities have made their rail networks part of their transit network — by having more regular schedules, integrated tickets, some more urban stops. You don’t need much PR (just add it to the map), and it’s easy to justify based on ridership. It also requires fewer employees per train (1), in order to reduce costs.

      Alas our transit planning kind of follows funny politics, so the AMT was generally concerned about adding suburban service and parking lots, supposedly that’s what the people were asking for(?). So I guess the chicken and egg problem is that apparently people don’t demand that rail service should act like urban transit, so the politicians don’t give it to us.

    • mare 04:36 on 2017/06/06 Permalink

      I read somewhere the AMT has to pay several thousands of dollars to the CN/CP for the use of their tracks PER TRAIN. So having an empty or even half full train might be very straining for their already constrained budget. This comes on top of their other costs like manning the train and fuel/electricity. (unfortunately I don’t remember where I read it and the exact amount ).

    • ant6n 09:22 on 2017/06/06 Permalink

      That’s probably not true for the deux Montagnes line.

      But for example look at Ontario – they bought back a bunch of lines, and did work that gives them more ownership of rails. Montreal hasn’t done much of that. There’s been task about acquiring the line between Montreal West and Lucien Allier. If went through with that this could be very useful if the AMT realized they should be serving urban populations.

      I mean sure there are issues, but I’d say the major problem is policy orientation around commuter rail and parking lots.

  • Kate 10:43 on 2017/06/04 Permalink | Reply  

    The Gazette explains some new concrete blocks along Sherbrooke West, at least one of which is positioned to inconvenience buses.

  • Kate 10:41 on 2017/06/04 Permalink | Reply  

    A Globe & Mail op-ed, by a Montreal-based writer, risks going in the same drawer as the notorious Andrew Potter piece, as one Jessica Scott-Reid claims Quebec’s leadership fosters animal cruelty.

    • Joe Mason 15:14 on 2017/06/04 Permalink

      All of the examples she gives seem to be about the Montreal government, not the Quebec government…

    • paul 11:10 on 2017/06/05 Permalink

      Not sure how this compares to the Potter piece, no real controversial statements or linkages IMO. The facts cited are accurate and the Province should be shamed for this situation to occur; in this case change needs to come from the top-down

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