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  • Kate 10:38 on 2017/06/01 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse on the history of the bagel from eastern Europe to Montreal.

    • Blork 17:45 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      I feel like that history is re-told somewhere about every six months.

    • SteveQ 00:03 on 2017/06/02 Permalink

      Oh, I would say every month or so !

  • Kate 10:33 on 2017/06/01 Permalink | Reply  

    The SPVM says it still isn’t able to keep a tally of racial profiling complaints but those targeted think it’s more likely they don’t really wanna.

    • Blork 11:21 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      …and if they can’t keep track of them, doesn’t that imply there are a hell of a lot of them?

    • ste.ph 12:52 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      …or that someone else should do the job for them.

    • Ephraim 16:09 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      Or they should be disbanded and we start again….

    • Bill Binns 17:00 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      @Ephraim – We missed the opportunity to do just that after the attack on city hall. That should have been a watershed moment leading to the complete overhaul of the Police Dept from top to bottom and the end of the police union. Instead we did nothing.

    • Ephraim 17:30 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      We can still give it over to the SQ and ask to start again. Corruption is corruption.

    • Ian Rogers 18:34 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      Asking the SQ to restructure the SPVM with the end goal of combatting racism is like turning the problem of endemic corruption at city hall over to the Coderre administration. Oh wait.

    • Ephraim 19:18 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      @Ian Unfortunately we have no choice, it would temporarily need to be put into the SQ’s receivership to reorganize.

    • dominic 20:09 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      @all : What stops Couillard from putting a non-partisan citizens committee in charge of the Police force(s)? Or at least a citizens committee with the power to review cases against the police (abuse of power, negligence, excessive force, assault, etc) ? (honestly not sure what the legal implications would be) but I think citizens review would go a long way to getting people to regain a lot of lost trust in law enforcement.

    • Ephraim 07:58 on 2017/06/02 Permalink

      We don’t have full civilian oversight in this province, just the https://deontologie-policiere.gouv.qc.ca/accueil.html It’s the dream for us, the nightmare for the police… police actually having to obey the law, actually get punished when doing things wrong and being held accountable for their actions.

  • Kate 10:32 on 2017/06/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Now that summer is here and windows are open, noises from a new terminal at the Port of Montreal have nearby residents annoyed, since they carry on around the clock.

  • Kate 10:20 on 2017/06/01 Permalink | Reply  

    It’s been in most media outlets since Wednesday that a daycare in Lachine has been closed because the owner was accused of mistreating the kids, and now the she’s been released on promise to appear in court later and not run the business any more meantime. TVA found a parent who claims she saw bruises and nail marks on her kid. TVA link plays video.

  • Kate 10:16 on 2017/06/01 Permalink | Reply  

    The city’s public consultation office has given its approval to the proposed condo development where the old Children’s Hospital is, if a few changes are made.

  • Kate 09:53 on 2017/06/01 Permalink | Reply  

    The city’s air quality apparently improved a lot in 2016, but it was probably because it closed one sampling station near a pizza place with a wood-fired oven whose readings skewed the overall percentages.

  • Kate 09:48 on 2017/06/01 Permalink | Reply  

    It’s June, and the new authorities ARTM (Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain) and RTM (Réseau de transport métropolitain) are now in charge of public transit in greater Montreal. This is supposed to streamline the system by reducing transit authorities in number from 16 to 5, and eventually make the complicated fare arrangements among the 80 municipalities more straightforward.

    I hope it’s true. Forgive me if I have my doubts this bureaucratic rearrangement will be felt in any way at the passenger level.

    Update: The AMT website is currently a hopeless mess as it’s converted to be the RTM website, on the hoof. (June 2, midday.)

    • Mathieu 10:08 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      If we take a look at what happened in the Laurentians, we should be hopeful. They merged all of their transit companies (St-Eustache, Ste-Thérèse, Boisbriand, etc.) into CITLaurentides a few years ago and they did a good job. You can now get from St-Jérôme to Laval and St-Eustache by buying one ticket and using frequent and somewhat efficient trunk lines that connect to smaller feeder bus. If this happens on the South shore, it would be really nice.

    • Kate 10:28 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      I hope you’re right, Mathieu.

    • ant6n 10:57 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      One problem is how the REM will subvert this structure, and feed of the ARTM. I just hope the users won’t notice it too much…

    • Tim F 07:20 on 2017/06/02 Permalink

      I’m skeptical. When we moved to he ‘burbs, we purposely chose Chambly because its CIT had free* buses within its territory; you only pay to go to Brossard, Longueuil, downtown or the like. The local buses are mostly feeder lines for commuters to get to the longer-distance lines, but I liked to be able to just hop on a bus to take the kids to the library, and was looking forward to raising them in such an environment. Standardizing the fares makes perfect sense, but my community will probably lose this free* service in the process.
      (*Of course it’s paid for by taxes but it’s a local decision to do so that I encouraged.)

  • Kate 00:36 on 2017/06/01 Permalink | Reply  

    The city is going to press CP for five level railway crossings as described in the item.

    • Patrick 12:24 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      Does anyone have information on the case of the Parc Ave station, which the article says is still in limbo?

    • SMD 22:56 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      @Patrick: Decision expected in the fall.

  • Kate 00:27 on 2017/06/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Work has begun on the giant ferris wheel to appear on Bonsecours Island in the Old Port.

    • Bill Binns 11:55 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      Surprised to see they are going to try to keep it open year round. It’s really hard to imagine that working out. I wonder if whoever planned this thing has ever been to the Old Port in January. That’s a lot of trekking through frozen wasteland for the opportunity to spend (I am assuming) $30-$50 for a few minutes in a glorified glass elevator.

    • Kevin 12:03 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      Bill Binns
      There is a ferris wheel operating at the Fete des Neiges for a month. It often has an hour-long lineup.

    • Ian Rogers 18:36 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      The lineup for the ferris wheel at La Ronde averages 15 minutes tops. Just saying.

  • Kate 00:25 on 2017/06/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Oh joy. Philippe Couillard wants to reopen the constitutional debate.

    Update: Trudeau says not on your nelly.

    • JaneyB 09:04 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      I too can hear the anguished response of everyone over 40 in this country – who lived through ceaseless Constitutional debates from the Victoria Charter (1971) to the Second Referendum of 1995. Weekly, daily, hourly, it went…on and on.

      Couillard “hopes to avoid the power struggles”. Well, just for starters, Eng-Canada considers the country to be ten equal provinces. Quebec thinks it’s two nations. And…the power problem is instantly back. Plus, the Meech Lake Accord defeat was basically the start of an Aboriginal Quiet Revolution – really, I was there, it was that electric. So now we have the ten and two problem plus a now robust expression of missing FN concerns including sovereignty. Let’s not do constitutional things. Lots of things in Canada are incoherent and unfixable but sort of work; let’s just accept that.

      Meech almost tore the country apart (along many lines not just Fr-Eng) and weeks of animated debates on the bus by citizens on the different elements of more palatable later Charlottetown Accord delighted my Rousseauian heart but it was kind of a weird way to live for long periods. I would rather that we act on the recs of the Truth and Reconciliation commission; we have done the declared support of Quebec as a nation by parliament. Seems goodish. Good can be excellent!

    • Jack 10:16 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      This is simpleton politics. Couillard needs the “national question” its his lifeblood. What’s he going to run on, good governance.

    • Kevin 12:05 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      The suspicious part of me believes Couillard is doing this solely to give a boost to the dying separatist movement, because without the PQ, the Liberal party will cease to exist.

    • Tee Owe 15:17 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      JaneyB +1!!

    • Ian Rogers 18:38 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      Agreed, JaneyB’s observation that the ROC sees the country as ten provinces and chez nous it’s, well, us and the ROC… is pretty much the defining factor of every constitutional debate ever.

    • Jack 20:33 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      With Kevin

  • Kate 00:24 on 2017/06/01 Permalink | Reply  

    The city has abolished its $2.50 fee for paying fines and paying for various permits online.

    • mare 02:31 on 2017/06/01 Permalink


      I guess I was too soon by paying my first (and hopefully last) parking ticket of the year yesterday…

    • JaneyB 09:12 on 2017/06/01 Permalink

      That reminds me: I actually got one annulled on the exact day of Montreal’s birthday. I was so jubilant it felt like the day’s other festivities were but a mere echo!

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