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  • Kate 21:48 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Gaétan Barrette is holding his line on the MUHC that it isn’t well managed and should not need more money, even though workers there have blamed budget cuts for a drop in standards of patient care. Barrette is determined the hospital should stick to a ten-year-old budget plan cast during the Arthur Porter era. The issue of forcing the MUHC to merge with other health networks is also percolating under the surface of these stories.

    It crossed my mind as I pondered all this: what about the CHUM hospital and its late delivery date and its cost overruns and the mould already infesting the as-yet-unopened building? What happens when the CHUM, in turn, asks for more money to run its fancy new hospital?

  • Kate 21:10 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Lots of opinion pieces were up this week on Montreal and the anniversary celebrations. Francine Pelletier penned a love letter to the city but François Cardinal’s love letter was to its inhabitants. Allison Hanes thinks the city didn’t need a billion-dollar party to have fun. Denise Bombardier waxes gloomy about the city’s ugliness and Lise Ravary joins in, bewailing the city’s problems and how the festivities are dominated by Liberals. And Peter Wheeland generally looks on the party with a jaundiced eye. (Key quote, about the planned rodeo: “Despite promises that the animals will be well-treated between shows and vets will be on hand to treat injuries, it’s a little like saying you’ll treat your cat to kibble and cuddles before chasing it around the apartment with an air horn.”)

    In the Globe and Mail, Konrad Yakabuski has a piece characterizing Montreal as a woman and working that metaphor down to the nub.

    Le Devoir asked various people from the regions how they feel about Montreal.

    • Faiz Imam 02:03 on 2017/05/20 Permalink

      Related, with Canada’s 150 going on, our most infamous muckraker Jesse brown is in town promoting a series of shows and a book where he plays contrarian to the entire enterprise.

      The Gazette has a good interview with him: http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/unheard-stories-a-different-perspective-from-jesse-browns-canadaland

    • Jack 10:10 on 2017/05/20 Permalink

      Quebecor ( PKP) has given his columnist their marching orders, it is fascinating how easy it is to see managed “news” here. Don’t get me wrong ,it’s a world wide phenomenon, it’s just the contours at Quebecor aren’t contours their directives across multiple platforms.

  • Kate 18:41 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Advance polls opened Friday for the Gouin riding byelection.

    There’s going to be noise about this poster some people put up near Beaubien metro on Thursday, but I won’t give the group or its ideas any links. TVA link, plays video.

    Update: Police took the poster down to investigate it, but it will be put back up and others will be posted. The image is an altered version of a French Front National poster from 2015, giving the woman on the left a blue tuque with a fleurdelysé.

  • Kate 17:37 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Another man awaiting trial for a Montreal homicide has seen his charges stayed because of the Jordan ruling. Van Son Nguyen was arrested in 2013 after the machete killing of another man. I believe this is the incident as reported at the time, in January 2013, when there was little information given out. Friday’s article says Nguyen is still being held and will be deported.

    • rue david 19:41 on 2017/05/19 Permalink

      The ruling has definitely has some ultra unjust results, but the court is trying to make it clear that indefinite detention won’t be tolerated. Every Canadian should welcome that ruling. Over 5 years in pre-trial detention is for sure – for sure – a denial of due process, even if the charge is murder. The provinces are being put on notice that they need to better fund their crown prosecutors, and the crown prosecutors’ offices are being put on notice that they need to get these things to trial without delay. Note two additional things about the supreme Court decision: judges should prioritize these cases and defense delays don’t apply, only crown ones.

      It’s outrageous to see a murderer walk because of this, but the net result will be a better justice system.

    • Kate 20:39 on 2017/05/19 Permalink

      He’s not a murderer till he’s convicted.

      I agree with you, though.

    • Michael Black 20:52 on 2017/05/19 Permalink

      But the real consideration is if he’s found not guilty. Then he was waiting for five years in jail. He couldn’t get on with his life.

      That is the issue. He’s innocent until proven guilty, but he’s serving time nonetheless. The actual innocent should never suffer that way, they don’t get that time back, and they have done time anyway.

      This is a wakeup to make sure people don’t serve time without cause. People should be outraged, not because “someone guilty” walked, but that the innocent may have to wait too long. This outrageous situation may help to fix the problem.


    • Kate 21:20 on 2017/05/19 Permalink

      Well said, Michael Black.

  • Kate 17:32 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    It’s a long weekend for some: here’s an open-and-closed for the Journée nationale des patriotes and one for Victoria Day. CTV has a rundown of long weekend road construction, something that unites all cultures. Radio-Canada has a specific note on the closure of the Champlain southbound for more repairs.

  • Kate 13:54 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    The provincial government will not have time to pass the pit bull ban nor the police uniform bill before the National Assembly goes to summer recess.

    In other news of laws at higher levels affecting the city, the federal government brushed off an NDP bill meant to force railways to enable level crossings.

  • Kate 13:48 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    CBC is doing a collaborative series with Concordia J-school students. So far, one piece looks at St‑Pierre-Apôtre church in the gay village and how it has evolved into a welcoming space for the community there, and a second at the river’s surfing spots and a tradition that only began in 2002.

  • Kate 12:40 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    The official report on the snowgasm debacle on autoroute 13 two months ago is in, and it blames Transports Quebec and the SQ and their failure to communicate.

  • Kate 11:12 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Police have released a photo and descriptions of the duo who smashed up the jewelry counter in the Bay store at Fairview recently. Also the news they got away with $25K worth of pearls.

  • Kate 10:53 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Giant marionettes from France will be prowling downtown streets till Sunday.

    • John B 14:32 on 2017/05/19 Permalink

      Just got back from seeing them, they’re pretty cool. The Little Girl travels with a dog, (not a Pit Bull), that actually drools, and pees.

      The only thing is that it’s pretty quick – they move like a parade, but it’s a parade of 2-3 vehicles, so blink & you miss it, (or, like the garderie I was beside – have one old man stand in front of you for a moment and you miss it).

  • Kate 10:50 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Place d’Armes metro station never had an art piece inside, but now it does. It’s a gift from Brussels.

    • rue david 19:44 on 2017/05/19 Permalink

      Nice art but behind the plexiglass it looks like just one more thing to embarrass Montreal in front of the Europeans (beyond the open freeway trench a mere 100 meters away and, of course, the mayor).

    • GC 20:30 on 2017/05/19 Permalink

      I go through there every day. I wondered what that was. I was second-guessing whether it was there before the elevator construction. Thanks for the info.

    • Kate 21:22 on 2017/05/19 Permalink

      It looks OK but I find myself wondering if it will turn purple when the Pope dies.

  • Kate 10:42 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    The promised beach near the eastern tip of the island will not be ready for this summer. This follows last month’s news that the Verdun beach won’t be ready for the 375th either.

  • Kate 02:29 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Radio-Canada has a multi-part feature on Belmont Park, calling it the first amusement park in Montreal, but that’s not the case at all. I wrote about this for OpenFile and did some homework on the subject.

    Organized amusements in Montreal followed fashionable ideas imported from abroad. We had a Crystal Palace with an industrial exhibit in 1860, emulating London’s Great Exhibition of 1851 and Paris’s Exposition universelle of 1855; we had Guilbault’s pleasure grounds, the Botanic and Zoologic Garden (1831-1869), a privately owned park with gardens and a zoo, an attraction that echoed London’s Vauxhall Gardens and other pleasure gardens of the 18th and 19th centuries.

    In the conventional sense of a park with rides, Montreal had Sohmer Park (1889-1919, named after a brand of piano being promoted by one of its founders) and Dominion Park (1906-1937), owned by the Suburban Tramway and Power company and developed as a stimulus to its east‑end tram service – a trolley park entirely typical of its time – before four businessmen launched Belmont Park in 1923. A few years later, Charles-Émile Trudeau, grandfather of our prime minister, became one of the park’s owners. Belmont Park went through ups and downs, staving off the competition of La Ronde for more than a decade before finally closing in 1983. But it wasn’t the first.

  • Kate 01:18 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Four municipalities and a borough will be going to court to challenge the DGEQ’s new electoral map for western Montreal. Julius Grey leads the charge.

  • Kate 01:14 on 2017/05/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Yes, Thursday was a little hot and steamy for a May 18. In fact, it nearly broke a record.

    • Nick D 10:03 on 2017/05/19 Permalink

      i just clicked through to the story: it came close, if 2 degrees is close.

    • Kate 10:35 on 2017/05/19 Permalink

      Post has been amended.

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