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  • Kate 10:03 on 2017/05/15 Permalink | Reply  

    A coalition of community groups wants the new transit authority to hold discussions about fares before they create a “harmonized” fare structure for the whole urban area. The fear is that any “harmonization” is likely to result in higher fares. A socialized fare for the less privileged is one of the elements on the wish list: several other Canadian cities have them.

    I suspect it will be some time before anyone can get the municipalities of the area singing in harmony. The three major transit authorities have been in a standoff for years about what’s a reasonable fare structure for the off-island metro stations, for starters.

    • Tim 11:13 on 2017/05/15 Permalink

      Is there someone who can explain why an STL bus ticket does not act as a transfer to get me on the metro at Montmorency? It has always annoyed me that I had to pay 6 dollars (3 for a bus ticket, 3 for the metro) to get back from Laval when I possess a valid Montreal transit pass.

    • Mathieu 11:28 on 2017/05/15 Permalink

      Politics. I can’t give you the exact details on how it came to be that way, but it has to do with how the project was financed and built.

      You have to remember that the extension was built and owned by AMT while the trains were operated by the STM who, at the moment it was built, didn’t receive as much compensation from the suburbs. The metro was considered as a service provided by and for Montreal, just like any other STM bus route. The extension was declared “zone 3”, for the AMT to get its revenue as I understand, and also because Laval didn’t want to pay for it’s share. As for Longueuil, the situation was different since the STM built the line with its own money long ago, but Laval lobbyied for reciprocity.

      The ARTM is supposed to solve these issues and, from what I’ve read, single tickets for STL, STM or other agencies are to be replaced by more simple zone based tickets, on a metropolitan level.

    • ant6n 12:20 on 2017/05/15 Permalink

      Can you tell me why places like Laval, TMR, Westmount … are not part of Montreal?

      Btw, We have zone based tickets already. A Tram 3 pass works in Laval and Montreal.

    • Kate 12:34 on 2017/05/15 Permalink

      ant6n, it’s a simple fact that Laval, TMR and Westmount are not part of the city of Montreal. All these borders come from a mixture of history and geography and, as the failed forced city merger showed, can’t be swept away by simple fiat.

    • Mathieu 12:57 on 2017/05/15 Permalink

      There are no zone based single tickets usable on all services in the said zone at the moment, just monthly passes and TRAM tickets to combine train+metro.

    • Michael Black 13:53 on 2017/05/15 Permalink

      I’d point out that while getting on the metro at Longueuil costs only 3.25, I don’t think you can transfer from a bus without paying a second time, and the “usual” bus pass doesn’t work coming back, or so I’ve read. I thought that in part influenced the situation in Laval. You can pay more and get a pass that covers both.


    • MichaelJ 15:33 on 2017/05/15 Permalink

      Transit should be free! There’s a nice series on this idea here: https://thetyee.ca/Views/2007/07/13/NoFares5/

    • thomas 16:58 on 2017/05/15 Permalink

      Interestingly, Tallinn’s experiment in offering free transit as an inducement to increase ridership has been a failure.

    • Ephraim 21:17 on 2017/05/15 Permalink

      No one appreciates the value of something that is free. If you don’t attach a value to it, why would someone else. So the homeless move in, because they get shelter for free. People throw garbage and vandalism increases, which increases costs… because why would you take care of something that’s free. Costs go up because well, no one cares about the system or costs, there’s really no reason to work on a budget, because well, it’s free, so the costs have to be covered.

      I believe in heavily subsidized public transit, but free doesn’t work. You need to have skin in the game.

    • ant6n 23:50 on 2017/05/15 Permalink

      Do you have some sources for your claims?

      I don’t think it’s a “simple” fact that all these places are not part of Montreal. Some are part of the agglomeration, most are part of the CMM. It’s quite complicated, and very much related to the question why fares aren’t integrated between those places and Montreal.

    • Chris 09:37 on 2017/05/16 Permalink

      Ephraim, I guess that’s why no appreciates our free road system?! If public transit shouldn’t be free for your reasons, then we should toll all roads.

    • Ephraim 09:49 on 2017/05/16 Permalink

      @Chris – People take the roads for granted. So, we don’t have increasing costs to maintain the roads because they are free and everyone uses them without regards to their upkeep, dumping garbage, etc. And the costs keep on increasing all the time, with no budget system. We don’t have squeegies at the side of the road. I’ve driven on some of the nicest toll roads in Europe, clean, well kept, not a pothole in sight. (Incidentally, I won’t get on the 407 in Ontario because there are no posted rates. You have no way to know what it will cost in the end).

      http://www.fdot.gov/research/Completed_Proj/Summary_PTO/FDOT_BC137_38_FF_rpt.pdf to name just one resource, but there are many.

    • JaneyB 08:58 on 2017/05/17 Permalink

      I like the idea of free public transit but in reality, it would mean more homeless living in the stations, more troubled erratic people wandering in the trains. No one would say anything but women, kids and old people would use the system less and less because that’s a stressful, unpleasant experience. There’s more than a few people who don’t take transit already for that reason. After we build an actual mental health system that works, we could talk.

  • Kate 09:37 on 2017/05/15 Permalink | Reply  

    Allison Hanes writes an angry polemic about Gaétan Barrette’s choices that undermine the MUHC hospital system.

    • MtlWeb39 12:30 on 2017/05/15 Permalink

      What she says is so true. The CIUSSS approach as per Barrette is/was not needed for MUHC and the Jewish.

  • Kate 01:18 on 2017/05/15 Permalink | Reply  

    There’s a fair bit of mopping up to be done after the floods, including some demolition work and, for some, the loss of valued possessions. There’s a lot of trash in the streets as people gut their basements of waterlogged building materials.

    There are warnings against possibly fraudulent operators going door to door to offer bogus services.

    Some residents are not satisfied about proposed flood reparations, some also saying they were left to their own devices and some angry at Canada Post for failing to persist in deliveries during the crisis.

    However, all schools reopen Monday and the state of emergency is over.

    TVA links may play videos.

  • Kate 00:42 on 2017/05/15 Permalink | Reply  

    STM metro and bus rides will be free all day Wednesday, the city’s 375th birthday.

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